Can You Bake In A Cuisinart Air Fryer? (Fast & Delicious Results)

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The Cuisinart Airfryer, Convection Toaster Oven is a very versatile appliance and most certainly can bake extremely well…

The Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven has the ability to bake a 12-inch pizza, bake bread, bake cookies, bake cakes, bake chicken, and bake potatos just like a conventional oven but without the heat or even having to turn on your regular oven. This is an excellent appliance for smaller households or for anyone who wants to save on energy costs with one unit.

Can you bake in a Cuisinart air fryer?

Over 325 reviewers specifically mentioned how they were baking a variety of things in this appliance with excellent results…

How Do You Bake Bread In The Cuisinart?

In less time than an oven, you can enjoy great-tasting homemade breads, pastries, and donuts in the Cuisinart Compact Air Fryer & Toaster Oven!

It is unique and exclusive from other traditional cooking appliances because it uses hot air to fry, bake, roast, and broil.

Here is our first video showing you how easy it is to bake bread in the Cuisinart Air Fryer…

What Do Customers Say About The Cuisinart Air Fryers Baking Capabilities?

You know this appliance can bake exceptionally well just by the sheer number of customers leaving feedback about how they are baking all sorts of things with this unit.

They are using Cuisinart to bake bread, potatoes, pizza, vegetables, egg cups, casseroles, cornbread, chicken, muffins, meat, fish, lasagna, biscuits, cookies, apple slices, meatloaf, and more…


Cuisinart AirFryer, Convection Toaster Oven


Cuisinart AirFryer, Convection Toaster Oven, Silver
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We have used our air fryer from reheating cold quesadillas and pizza slices to baking muffins with the “Air Bake” setting and it has worked flawlessly. Our reheated food came out heated-through and perfectly golden brown and the baked items were perfect, as if we had used our big convection oven.

  • So far I have made the best-baked potatoes just by uncovering the last few minutes to get the skins really crispy.
  • Friday night pizza night is even better using this, Convection baked a frozen self-rising crust pizza–best ever!
  • I can now convect bake or air fry root vegetables without turning my regular oven on to 450 degrees when it’s 98° outside.
  • We eat Whole Food Plant-Based for the last 9 months and use this as much or more since we bake our own bread daily in it as well now.
  • I can bake those little egg cups from the freezer in 10 minutes, so much better than in the microwave!
  • The casserole also baked perfectly.
  • I roast sweet potatoes, bake cornbread, chicken parm, you name it.
  • I’ve used it for baking grain-free bread (one of my kids can’t have grains or legumes), personal-sized pizzas, a small pan of brownies, etc.
  • This oven has great temperature control. I bake with it regularly.
  • I even baked mini cornbread muffins in there!

I have baked eggs, meat, chicken, fish, air-fried a few items and roasted vegetables (delicious.) The results are always consistently of high quality.

  • I have made Brussel sprouts with onion and garlic cloves in the convection bake mode and they were to die for.
  • Everything cooked, toasted, baked MUCH faster than a regular toaster oven or convection oven.
  • Had baked chicken tonight, it was fantastic!
  • I used this oven to bake chicken, cook muffins, and heat toast. It’s easy to use and has enough headroom to bake a small roast in it.
  • We have made homemade pizzas, chicken patties and cinnamon baked apple slices, using the air fryer and all have turned out delicious.
  • I have baked two different kinds of muffins (in 15mins start to finish).
  • For the Bake setting, I’ve made a whole lasagna (in an 8×8 pan) and have baked a whole frozen pizza in there.
  • It’s very nice if I want to make a small batch of biscuits and bake them.
  • I’ve done everything in it. Baked bread, cookies, and cakes, made pre-packaged stuff, homemade pizzas, and air-fried chicken.
  • Takes little space on the countertop and does so much. I love the convection bake. Does not get the kitchen hot at all.

If you want to bake in the summer and not turn on your big oven, this is perfect! You can cook in half the time of a traditional oven and not heat up your home. This would also be a must for that RV when you want a compact go-to cooker!

  • Fries crisp beautifully with the air fry option, and a sizable meatloaf is baked in no time at all.
  • I bake apple slices in the convection oven. I love the pull-out tray on the bottom–so easy to clean.
  • Great for baking small batches like fresh cookies.
  • I baked a chicken that came out great. Very juicy and tender. I thought I would need a rotisserie to get such good results. Not so.
  • The convection oven works well for baking, esp for smaller batches without heating a big regular oven.
  • I can air-bake very quickly and most times not even have to use my big oven anymore.
  • We are empty nesters and that has replaced our oven for almost all baking, frying.
  • We have cooked french fries, baked brownies, wings, breaded vegetables and are amazed at the speed and crispness of the items we made.
  • You can bake a whole frozen pizza in half the time!
  • We live in a small basement apartment. It has no large appliances except a refrigerator. We purchased the oven and have loved it. We can bake almost anything.

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In summary, you most certainly can bake with the Cuisinart Air Fryer Convection Toaster Oven and you are only limited by your own imagination because this great appliance can bake just about anything you want it to.

It is not huge so you won’t be baking huge batches at a time however it is perfect for empty nesters, young married couples, single people, RVers, people living in small apartments, etc.

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