21 Items You Can Put in a Mini Fridge

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What to Put in a Mini Fridge?

Mini fridges are handy for many reasons…. They keep your drinks cold, they’re easier to transport than a full-size refrigerator, and they’re small enough to fit in compact spaces, like a dorm room or smaller homes.

Although most mini-fridges look similar, they vary in the amount of space they offer…. Some can hold only a few cans of soda, while others can accommodate an entire gallon of milk and other large items…. You’ll want to know the capacity of your fridge before buying food or drinks to ensure everything fits.

A mini-fridge can give you a convenient spot for cold drinks and snacks…. But there’s more to it than just beer and soda…. Here are some ideas for things you can put in your mini-fridge…

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21 Things You Can Put in a Mini Fridge

You’ve probably seen a mini-fridge in someone’s dorm room or office…. These pint-sized appliances are perfect for keeping your drinks cool, but there are other things you can put in them too.


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Here are some items that you may have never thought to keep in your mini-fridge:

1…. Beverages

What mini fridge would be complete without some ice-cold drinks? Your beverage selection is entirely up to personal preference, but the most popular choices are soft drinks, beer, and bottled water…. Some people also like to store juices in their mini-fridges.

These types of beverages typically don’t need refrigeration until they’re opened, but if you like them cold, putting them into your mini-fridge should do the trick…. Just remember not to overstock your mini fridge because it can cause circulation issues that make the beverages warm instead of cold.

2…. Milk

Milk is a common beverage choice for both children and adults alike that can be stored in a mini-fridge…. You may also want to consider storing other dairy products such as cheese, butter, and yogurt…. This can also be used to prepare foods such as cereal or oatmeal as well.

3…. Beer and Wine

It’s always nice to have a beer (or wine) on hand, especially if you’re having friends over…. Cold beer is also much tastier than warm beer!

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4…. Water Bottles

If you want to stay hydrated, it’s a good idea to keep some water bottles in the fridge so you don’t have to go out and buy some every time you need a drink…. You can also use bottled water for cooking if you don’t think the tap water is safe enough.


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5…. Pop-Tarts and Other Breakfast Foods

The best thing about Pop-Tarts is that they don’t require any cooking or preparation, so they’re really convenient for people who don’t like to cook or those who are always in a hurry…. If you keep some of these treats in your mini-fridge along with some milk or juice, then breakfast will be ready and waiting when you wake up!

6…. Snacks

Snacks such as chips, crackers, cookies, and fruits are easy to store in a mini-fridge…. They are perfect for giving you an energy boost when you need one…. It can also be used to store snacks for guests if you’re entertaining.

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7…. Eggs

Eggs can be used in a variety of dishes and should be kept refrigerated…. If you don’t have room for eggs in your large refrigerator, you can put them in your mini-fridge instead.

8…. Condiments

Condiments can take up valuable space in your large refrigerator, but they can often fit nicely in a mini-fridge…. Keep condiments such as ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, soy sauce, hot sauce, relish, barbecue sauce, olives, and salad dressings on hand without taking up too much space.

9…. Medicine

In addition to storing beverages and food, some medications must be kept cool to maintain effectiveness, according to the Mayo Clinic: “Certain medicines need to be refrigerated or frozen.” Examples of medications that require refrigeration include insulin, liquid antibiotics, vaccines, and liquid vitamins with iron.

If you have one of these drugs, you may want to store it in your mini-fridge so it doesn’t get lost among the other items in your larger refrigerator.

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10…. Ice Cream

Ice cream is commonly stored in mini-fridges that have a freezer compartment…. If there is no freezer compartment, it can still be stored in the main part of the fridge if you do not want it to melt immediately or it is still partially frozen from when you bought it at the grocery store.

It will melt into a liquid mess if left out on the countertop for too long and must be refrigerated if you want to eat it at another time after letting it thaw out for a while on the countertop.


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11…. Lunch

The most common reason for buying a mini-fridge is to keep it in the bedroom or office so you can have food and drinks available whenever you need them…. If you don’t want to leave your dorm room or office for lunch, putting a mini-fridge in there lets you store food and snacks within easy reach.

12…. Skincare Products

Beauty products can be expensive, so you don’t want to throw them out when they spoil…. You can store them in a mini-fridge for months without worrying about expiration dates…. If you want to travel with your skincare products, you can use a small cooler instead of a mini-fridge.

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13…. Makeup

Beauty brands are coming up with new makeup every day…. A mini-fridge will help you keep your cosmetics cool, which also helps you preserve their shelf life…. Some brands even recommend storing products in a cool place for better results.

14…. Insulin

For those who need to keep insulin cool for health reasons, a mini-fridge is a perfect way to store your medication without taking up too much space.

15…. Juice Pouches

Kids love juice pouches…. Keep them cool in a mini-fridge, especially during the summer months…. Whether you’re filling up a glass of iced tea or pouring a cup of soda, keep these beverages chilled in a mini-fridge that doesn’t take up much space in your kitchen.

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16…. Cheese

Most people keep cheese in the fridge, but if you’re looking for a more controlled environment, store it in a mini-fridge instead…. The ideal temperature for cheese is between 46°F to 50°F…. So if you want to avoid the excess moisture and drying out of cheese, then it’s best kept in a separate climate-controlled space…. Mini fridges make this easier because they’re smaller than regular refrigerators.

17…. Fruits and vegetables

Items like apples, oranges, and carrots go bad quickly if they’re left out at room temperature or exposed to sunlight for long periods of time…. Putting them in the fridge will keep them fresher for longer periods of time and will allow you to eat healthier snacks during late nights watching TV or Netflix.


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18…. Salad Dressing

Another one of my office favorites! I eat salad almost every day for lunch and don’t want to buy dressing from the vending machine all the time — I like to bring my own…. Bring the dressing in a Ziploc bag and squeeze out as much air as possible before sealing it…. Then just place it in the fridge for a nice, cold dressing to accompany your salad.

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19…. Butter and Condiments

If your office has some sort of kitchenette area, you may want to consider keeping butter and condiments in a cooler or mini-fridge…. If you use these often, as I do, they’re great to have on hand! Some people even keep their coffee creamer in there if they don’t have a refrigerator (yes, that’s right).

20…. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are great snacks that are high in protein and filling…. They will last for about one week in a mini-fridge because of their shell…. If you’re looking for a healthy snack, hard-boiled eggs are the way to go!

21…. Yogurt

Yogurt is a versatile food that can be used in a variety of ways…. It’s great to eat by itself as a snack, but it can also be used as a substitute for sour cream…. If you’re grilling or having tacos, you can use yogurt as a healthy alternative to sour cream…. Yogurt is also great for smoothies, which we’ll talk about later on this list.

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In summary, the mini-fridge is an all-around great household appliance…. It’s compact, portable, and can hold a lot more than you think.

Whether you’re moving into your first apartment and need a place to keep food, or you want to add some convenience and extra storage space to your dorm room, a mini-fridge is a smart purchase that can serve multiple purposes around the house.

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