Jon Boat Storage Ideas (11 Jon Boat Storage Ideas)

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Jon Boat Storage

People buy Jon boats because they are simplistic, inexpensive, and easy to maintain. Most Jon boats are made from aluminum, which makes them durable and lightweight. Some may be made from fiberglass or polyethylene plastic, but these materials are not as common as aluminum.

As you can probably imagine, Jon boats do not have a lot of storage space for gear. But this is where you can get creative and add on ways to store gear so that it does not get lost when you are out on the water.

Let’s look at some storage ideas for your Jon boat…

11 Jon Boat Storage Ideas

Your Jon boat is a versatile watercraft that can be used for a variety of activities. However, if you want to get the most out of your vessel, you will need to ensure that it is properly equipped. Here are 11 Jon boat storage ideas:

Before we start if you are into DIY then this is an excellent video showing you how to add storage …



1. Add a Storage Box

A storage box can be placed at the front of the boat or in-between the two bench seats at the center of the boat. A storage box will provide easy access to small items like your fishing license or tackle box. It’s also possible to find a few spare parts that fit within your storage box, including spark plugs, extra screws, and clamps.

2. Install a Rear Deck

A rear deck can be attached to your boat. This can be done by adding a metal frame around the perimeter of the boat and then attaching the deck on top of it. A rear deck is a handy place to store items that you do not need immediate access to, like spare fuel or an extra battery. Many boat owners even use their rear deck as a small workstation.

3. Add a Floor Console

A floor console is similar to a storage box except it has an opening at the top where you can sit while piloting your boat. In addition, some floor consoles have compartments underneath them where you can add small items like your wallet or cellphone. You may also be able to find floor consoles with integrated seat cushions.

4. Install Vertical Rod Holders

Vertical rod holders are designed to keep fishing rods safe from damage when they are not being used. These rod holders can be screwed onto the sides of your boat or attached to the front/rear decks. A vertical rod holder is constructed out of metal and has foam padding on the inside so it won’t scratch your boat’s finish or damage your rod’s handle.

5. Attach a Tackle Bag

The only thing better than having lots of tackle on hand is having all of your tackle in one place. By attaching a tackle bag to your boat, you will be able to keep all of your favorite lures and baits organized and easily accessible at all times.

If you are interested in installing storage bins as a DIY project this video shows you how…


6. Add Storage Compartments

A Jon boat is designed to hold a few people and some equipment, but it doesn’t offer much in the way of storage space. The best way to create more storage is by installing a wooden deck over the top of the Jon boat’s aluminum hull and then adding multiple storage compartments in the bow and stern sections. You can build these compartments using wood so they match your deck or use plastic bins that are designed for marine use.

7. Build Bow Deck Storage Boxes

If you don’t want to build a full-length deck, you can still add pockets of storage space throughout your boat by creating small boxes out of plywood. These boxes can be attached to the front and rear decks and built so they will fit snugly into your boat’s form.

If you have a small Jon boat, building these boxes will also make it easier to get in and out of your vessel as they provide an extra step that you can use when getting into or out of the boat from shore.

8. Install Under-Seat Storage Containers

One type of gear that’s often difficult to store is a tackle box with lures and other fishing equipment inside. Another option is to invest in an under-seat storage container that’s designed for boats. You simply slide these containers underneath each seat and then seal them so they are completely waterproof. Under-seat storage containers are typically made from molded plastic that resists damage from water, heat, and ultraviolet rays so they won’t fade or become brittle.

9. Use a seat box

Seat boxes are storage containers that are mounted to the deck of your boat. They are usually constructed out of aluminum or plastic and they can be attached to the front, rear, or sides of your deck. Seat boxes have a hinged lid on top and they can be used to store everything from fishing gear to food and drinks.

10. Use a gear bag

Gear bags are designed to hold all kinds of items, including tools, tackle, life jackets, and personal belongings. They can be attached to the front or rear of your boat using bungee cords or rope. Another option is to place them underneath your seat cushions so they’re out of sight and out of the way.

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11. Use a cooler

A cooler is one of the most versatile storage options you’ll find for a Jon boat. Coolers can be used to keep food and drinks cold when you’re on the water, but they also provide plenty of room for storing other items like tools, maps, and paperwork. You can use a wheeled cooler or a soft-sided version depending on what it’ll be used for and how much weight you want to carry around with you while boating.

In summary, a Jon boat is a type of small flat-bottomed boat, with a square bow and flat bottom. Jon boats are used on rivers and lakes during fishing, as they are best suited for these calm waters with no rapids. The boats are designed to be sturdy enough to be used in shallow waters and not tip over easily. They are lightweight and easy to use by one person.

Storage Ideas

Jon boats are usually very light and can be stored anywhere the owner prefers, such as the back of a truck or in a backyard shed. Some people may choose to store them in the water if they have access to a dock or other secure location to tie up their boat.

The boat can also be stored on a trailer or some other vehicle if it is not too large. Any options for storing a Jon boat should have proper space for it so that it does not get damaged from being exposed to the elements or from getting hit or scratched from being stored next to other items.

Any storage area should be clean and dry since moisture will cause the boat to rot over time and damage its exterior.

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