34 Brands With a Dog Logo (Listed By Industry)

Many companies use a dog in their logo to symbolize loyalty, friendship, and playfulness. The dog logo is popular among dog-related businesses and other industries, such as clothing and food. Some well-known brands with a dog logo include Pet Play, Eco Dogs, and Big Dog Craft Brewing

Dog Brands With a Dog Logo

Pet Play The Pet Play logo looks like a playful dog, which is the brand’s signature aesthetic. The playful dog represents Pet Play’s premium dog products, such as beds, toys, or accessories.

Dundies Dundies is a company that makes dog undies, or reusable nappies for all animals. They make life easier for pet owners and their pets because they can be reused over and over again. No need to buy disposable nappies anymore! Their logo is a dog in a nappy which is exactly what the business is about.

Eco Dogs Eco Dogs is a brand that has made its mark in the dog bed industry by creating eco-friendly products that are stylish, comfortable, and affordable. Their beds are made from 100% recycled materials and are designed to help keep your pup healthy and happy. The logo features a basic outline of a dog.

Cider & Basil Cider and Basil is an Australian pet lifestyle brand that makes dog treats, food, and grooming products. The logo is a simple one with a black dog over the name.

Lucy & Co Lucy & Co is a brand that sells premium dog gear, apparel and gifts. Their logo has a very clever dog drawing where the ampersand ( & ) symbol is in Lucy & Co.

BrilliantK9 The company is known for its BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harnesses, which are designed to make walking with your dog more comfortable for both of you. The harnesses are adjustable so that they can be worn by dogs of any size.

The BrilliantK9 logo is a beautiful illustration of a dog jumping over the company name, and it’s a perfect representation of what this company is all about.

The Foggy Dog The Foggy Dog is a small company that makes premium dog beds, leashes, bandanas, toys, and accessories. They have a clever logo with a dog drawn from the word “Foggy”.

Dog Crazy Designs Dog Crazy Designs is a clever logo design with a dog standing beside the company name with the first letter D forming the nose of the dog. This company is known for its dog and cat beds that are Nestable and also provide excellent orthopedic support.

2 Hounds Design 2 Hounds Design is another clever logo with 2 dogs appearing at either end of the number 2 in the company name. The company makes dog collars, leashes, and harnesses.

All Star Dogs All Star Dogs is the leader in USA-made pet apparel, and they’ve been able to stay on top by staying true to themselves. Their logo—a dog’s face in place of the letter O in Dogs—has become synonymous with quality and comfort for dogs everywhere.

Earthdog Earthdog is a company that manufactures all-natural hemp products for your dog. Their logo features a simple design of a dog running along the top of the company name.

Up Country Up Country is one of those companies that has a logo that doesn’t need to be explained. The simple drawing of a dog in front of the company name says it all: Up Country makes high-quality collars, leads, harnesses, leash sets, and other pet products with style.

Foggy Mountain Dog Coats Foggy Mountain Dog Coats is a premium dog coat company based in the United States. Their logo is a beautiful dog within a circle surrounded by the company name.

MountainMuttDogCoatsBuilder The MountainMuttDogCoats Boulder company is known for making top-rated, highly weather-resistant winter dog coats and sweaters for dogs. Their logo features a dog wearing a coat, so you know that this company is serious about keeping your pup warm and cozy during the cold months.

Zeus + Blu Zeus + Blu is a company that is known for making earth-friendly and plant-based grooming products for dogs. Their logo is an outline drawing of a dog above the company name.

Orijen Orijen is a high-protein dog and cat food that’s made with natural ingredients and no artificial additives or preservatives. The Orijen logo features a dog and a cat running above the company name. This is meant to convey the idea of “freedom” to dogs, as well as represent the company’s commitment to quality ingredients and nutrition.

Greenies Greenies logo is a dog with one of the products in its mouth. It is known for its dental treats and dental chews for dogs and cats. The company makes sure that you can keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy by providing optimal teeth cleaning and oral care.

PetQwerks PetQwerks is a brand that’s known for providing unique and interactive toys that hold the pet’s attention for hours on end. Their logo features a dog looking over the company name, which is an interesting choice and it looks quite good for a simple idea.

Teddy Maximus – Teddy Maximus is a luxury dog accessories brand, creators of the world’s most stylish cozy dog carrier. They’re all about creating products that your dog will love and that you’ll want to show off.

Their logo is an inquisitive-looking dog to the right of the company name, which is a great representation of the company’s mission: creating high-quality products that are designed for our pets’ comfort and happiness.

Bauhound Bauhound makes raw & natural nutrition for dogs, including treats, biscuits, and more. They also have a line of grooming products that are made from all-natural ingredients, designed to make your pup smell good and feel soft without disturbing their sensitive skin. Bauhound has a dog logo that features a dog inside a circle.

Fashion Brands With a Dog Logo

Harmont & Blaine Harmont & Blaine is an Italian brand that sells upper-casual clothing, which means they’re perfect for those days when you want to dress up but not too much. Harmont & Blaine has a sausage dog placed above the company name.

Big Dogs – The Big Dogs logo features a big but cute dog to the left of the company name, and they’re known for their high-quality, reasonably priced active wear and accessories for men, women, and children of all ages.

Proud 90 Proud 90 is a golf apparel brand, so you’ll find golf shirts, pants, and jackets. The company’s logo features a dog standing on the green over the golf ball next to the flag.

Rhoback Rhoback’s logo features a dog to the left of the brand name, and it’s not just cute—it’s representative of what makes Rhoback such a great brand.

Rhoback is known for game-changing activewear that keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable in any situation. It’s moisture-wicking polos, q-zips, tees, performance hats, and dog bandanas—and they’re made with love by people who care about animals!

The Black Dog Tavern Company The Black Dog Tavern Company logo features a black dog to the left of the brand name. The company is known for their Robert Douglas collection, which was inspired by Robert Douglas’ love for sailing. Robert Douglas would sail and he would get a dog that would sail with him, no matter the weather.

Red Dog Leather Goods This brand is known for its leather handbags, but the logo is what really stands out. The logo features a jumping dog above the brand name. The jumping dog represents the energy of the brand and its products.

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More Red Dog Brands

Plank Road Brewery – Plank Road Brewery is a local brewery, and their Red Dog beer is a full-flavored lager. The logo features the head of a large red dog, who is said to represent loyalty, bravery, and strength.

Red Dog Mobile Blast & Paint Red Dog Mobile Blast & Paint is a company that provides an extensive range of painting and sandblasting services. The logo features the head of a large dog between the name Red Dog.

Team Red Dog Team Red Dog focuses on creating custom staffing solutions for companies and organizations who need specialized talent. Their logo features a red dog to the left looking towards the company name, which is meant to symbolize that they are always looking out for their clients.

Red Dog Transport – Red Dog Transport is a logistics company that can be trusted to provide a quality service for any transport needs. They offer a range of services, including delivery, freight forwarding, and transportation. The logo features an outline of a red dog above the company name.

Red Dog Grill If you’re looking for a place to eat in the Starved Rock area, you have to try Red Dog Grill. Red Dog Grill features an outline of a red dog at the end of the company symbolizing fun. The restaurant is known for Starved Rock’s best waterfront dining venue and serves up delicious food and drinks with a great view.

Are there any belt brands with a dog logo?

Yes, there are top belt brands worldwide that use a dog logo as their signature emblem. These brands are known for their high-quality and stylish belts, making them a popular choice for fashion-conscious individuals. The dog logo adds a unique and recognizable touch to their products.

Other Brands With a Dog Logo

Zynga – Zynga is a global leader in interactive entertainment with a mission to connect the world through games. The company’s mission has been carried out by creating social, mobile, and online games that provide fun, entertainment and value for millions of people across web and mobile platforms. The company’s logo features a dog to the left of the company name.

HMV HMV (for His Master’s Voice), is a British music and entertainment retailer, that was founded in 1921. It’s famous logo of a dog looking into the phonograph became one of the most iconic logos of all time.

The name HMV was chosen because it represents the phrase “His Master’s Voice” which is an idiom that refers to a dog responding to its master’s voice. It also represents the idea of loyalty and faithfulness, which are values that HMV stands for.

Big Dog Craft Brewing Big Dog Craft Brewing is Lancaster’s premiere destination where friends and family can meet to enjoy great beer, food and fellowship. The logo features the head of a bulldog wearing a bowler hat in between the words Big and Dog. It kinda reminds me of Winston Churchill.

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