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What Is Tommy Hilfiger Sizing Like? (Clothes & Shoes)

What Is Tommy Hilfiger Sizing Like?

What Is Tommy Hilfiger Sizing Like? Finding the right size can be challenging, especially when shopping for clothes online or buying from a new brand. If it’s your first time buying anything from the Tommy Hilfiger brand, then you may be wondering about its sizing. Tommy Hilfiger’s clothing and shoes are generally true to size. …

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Is It Dungarees or Overalls? (Is Dungarees the Same as Overalls?)

Is It Dungarees or Overalls?

Is It Dungarees or Overalls? Dungaree—also sometimes called overalls or coveralls—is a type of garment with two straps (one at the waist and one at the neck) that attach to pants with buttons. Overalls are loose-fitting garments worn over other clothes. Dungarees have been around for centuries, but they have always been associated with farm …

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What Are Wedgie Jeans? (Are Wedgie Fit Jeans Comfortable?)

What Are Wedgie Jeans?

What Are Wedgie Jeans? Wedgie jeans are a thing. They’re most popular among preteens, tweens, and teens, but women of all ages are sporting wedgies now. Of course, not everyone’s a fan. Wedgie enthusiasts will say they love how the jeans give them an “instant butt lift.” Wedgies snugly hug your booty from the top-down, …

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Do You Iron Chinos? (Do You Iron a Crease in Chinos?)

Do You Iron Chinos?

Do You Iron Chinos? The first thing to remember is that there are different types of pant fabrics and each has its own set of guidelines for cleaning and stains. The best way to know what works best for your pants is to check the tag (or at least read the instructions on the label). …

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Are Chinos Business Casual? (Can You Wear Chinos to Office?)

Are Chinos Business Casual?

Are Chinos Business Casual? Chinos were originally created as a casual alternative to khaki pants, but they’ve become an important part of the business casual wardrobe over the years. Chinos, unlike khakis, are purely cotton garments, which means they’re particularly appropriate for spring and summer wear. Chino pants fit into the business casual dress code …

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What Are Chinos Pants? (How Are Chinos Different from Trousers?)

What Are Chinos Pants?

What Are Chinos Pants? Men love chinos. They look great and they are comfortable to wear. Chinos pants are a wardrobe staple for many men out there, especially young men who like to wear fashionable clothes that are comfortable to their skin. Chinos are comfortable and practical at the same time. When people talk about …

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What Are Sweatpants Good For? (What Do Sweatpants Do?)

What Are Sweatpants Good For?

What Are Sweatpants Good For? Sweatpants are good for many things, especially if you are looking for an article of clothing that you can use throughout the year. In fact, the best thing about sweatpants is that they might be the only clothing item that can be worn in every season. There is a reason …

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Are Sweatpants and Joggers the Same? (Is There A Difference?)

Are Sweatpants and Joggers the Same?

Are Sweatpants and Joggers the Same? Sweatpants. Joggers. Exercise pants. Track pants. There’s a myriad of names for the stretchy, comfy bottoms you wear around the house or on a run, but they’re all pretty similar — loose and comfy. The difference between joggers and sweatpants is subtle, but it matters when you’re shopping for …

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When Were Overalls Invented? (What Style Are Overalls?)

When Were Overalls Invented?

When Were Overalls Invented? While overalls became popular in the West during the gold rush when Levi Strauss made work trousers for miners for improved durability and longevity, overalls have been around since the 18th century. In the old days, people used to wear protective clothing over their nicer/more expensive clothing. A form of trouser …

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