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Welcome to bestunder250.com where we take a no-nonsense approach to researching what brands have going for them. We try to write our articles in such a way that you will be able to determine whether or not that brand is for you.

Let’s face it there are a myriad of brands selling the same things, so we try to address questions such as: What makes this brand different? Are the products reliable? What about the brand’s values do they align with yours? Who is the brand best suited for? And so on.

Hopefully, you will find our approach helpful when you are researching a brand to purchase from.

Let’s introduce you to our team:

First off is Allan Wilson who in the offline world has an extensive background working in research, analyzing statistics, improving work processes, team leading, and implementing training to improve results and now thanks to more than 3 years dedicated to this site is now also a highly regarded brand expert.

Allan has a long history of developing brands online way back before blogging existed creating websites using HTML code in Notepad.

Allan established his own brands in the Info Product Marketing arena such as infoproductmarketing, ebookresellerkit, reprintrightsmarketing, along with many other successful websites (and a few failures along the way).

Allan has also authored numerous ebooks, owned and operated membership sites, created eLearning courses, and more.

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Our excellent customer support team:

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Yes… all those guys look alike. They could be clones!

But alas it is only me. Excuse my humor. This site is a one-man show but it’s my baby so it gets a lot of attention.

Sorry to frighten you with that head (especially more than once). If you have scrolled down this far I hope you haven’t been too traumatized.

Nonetheless… I’m sure my articles will prove very valuable to you.

All the best

Allan Wilson (Aka: The bestunder250 Team)