[Update April 2020] – I thought I would give a little update about the direction of our website. I am moving away from just restricting products that are under $250 and writing about all products that have very high demand and great ratings.

So I will be writing content based on why those products are so popular and what it is about them that customers are raving about.

I will also be concentrating on writing more articles about what different brands are like. I will avoid any brands that don’t have decent ratings so I guess if the brand shows on my site it is a good brand.

What I do is find products or the companies of those products who are doing well on Amazon (I am an Amazon affiliate and along with ads that are how this site is monetized).

I then dive deep into the reviewer’s comments and see what they have to say about important aspects of the brand or the product. I like to answer questions commonly asked about the products and get the opinions of those who handed over their hard-earned cash about those questions.

I am not so much into the specs but more interested in does it do what I want to do type stuff. For example: If researching an air purifier I want to know if customers can verify important aspects such as how good is it at removing smoke, or is it good for allergies, etc.

Hopefully, you will find my approach helpful when you are researching a product to purchase.

I must say after reading so many reviews every day since Sep 2019 I have a pretty good feel for a product and a brand by now.

I prefer products with a lot of 5-star reviews and an overall rating above 4. Even if it is just sitting on 4 I’m not overly happy as I prefer it to be above 4.

Not all 5-star reviews are the same either. Some give a good rating without really saying anything very complimentary and some products could have lots of reviews like that.

But then you find the gems where you can almost feel the enthusiasm of the customer as they give glowing praise and when you see hundreds of such reviews for a single product you know it’s a good one.

When looking at companies I like to see consistency with the ratings over most of their product range.

I am currently writing most of the content myself and as you can appreciate it takes a ton of time, at least 8 hours every day, and usually more (a good deal of that is researching customer comments) and I also write on weekends.

I would love to get a lot more done however as a one-man show it is what it is.

One thing I would like to encourage you to do is if for some reason you get a defective or damaged product is to make sure you contact the company. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen customers delighted with the companies response with many times the company sending them a brand new replacement.

I mention this because I also see other people complain (usually with the very same company) about getting a damaged product (in a lot of cases they never let the company know).

Things happen… most of the time things go smoothly but sometimes delivery companies and so forth can lead to the occasional problem.


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Hopefully, you will find my site a helpful resource.

All the best

Richard Allen






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