[Update April 2020] – I thought I would give a little update about the direction of our website. We are moving away from just restricting products that are under $250 and writing about all products that have very high demand and great ratings.

So Richard will be writing content based on why those products are so popular and what it is about them that customers are raving about.

You can see our original goals below. Some of them we may return to in the future however, for now, we will primarily focus on what we have said above and Richard will be creating most of the content…


Welcome to our little corner of the world wide web. Our humble little website is all about affordable furniture, appliances, and home & garden related products you can purchase online for under $250 – hence our name best under 250.

We are slowly gathering a team of gifted writers and researchers to provide useful how-to articles, facts & history of different furniture styles, answers to commonly asked questions about the furniture, and more. We are sure you will find these articles very helpful and we don’t mind mixing a bit of humor in especially with some of the images.


Our current writers include:


Sandra Alekis

Sandra is our number 1 expert researcher and writer who handles all of our more complex topics. She loves to dive into the history of how certain products and styles originated and evolved over time. She presents all of the different types and styles available for that product including what they are, various ways you can use them, and plenty of helpful tips.


Lisa Sellex

Lisa is a writer who covers home and furniture-related topics including interior design, home improvement, and outdoor design. Lisa is following in Sandra’s footsteps and is quickly making a name for herself in researching & writing tips about furniture.


Naffan is one of our questions and answers guys. To be more precise he is the answer guy and we ask him the questions. If it’s a furniture related question Naffan will find the answer.


Richard Allen

Richard is our product researcher. For the most part, Richard piggybacks from the excellent articles written by our other writers. He waits until they write their content and then creates reviews or product lists to compliment their articles.

So for example, if those guys create an article about different types of coffee tables and they include glass coffee tables, wood coffee tables, etc. Richard will then support that article by creating a post about products related to glass coffee tables and another post about wood coffee tables.

Poor Richard will never keep up with all of the different furniture styles these guys find but we have to start somewhere.

Hopefully, you will find our site a valuable resource that will help you immensely with your furniture and home decor decision making.


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