Welcome to bestunder250.com where we take a no-nonsense approach in researching what products/brands can do and how they work.

We do things a little differently by researching the most commonly asked questions people ask about the product/brand and find how people who actually use the product address those issues.

We are not so much into the specs but more interested in does it do what I want to do type stuff.

For example: If researching an air purifier we want to know if customers can verify important aspects such as how good is it at removing smoke, or is it good for allergies, etc…. And if it is a company or brand are they good or not!

Hopefully, you will find our approach helpful when you are researching a product to purchase.

Let’s introduce you to our team:

First off is Richard who in the offline world has an extensive background in research, analyzing statistics, improving work processes, team leading, and implementing training to improve results.


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Now here is the rest of the team:

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Yes…… all those guys look alike…. They could be clones!

But alas it is only me…. Excuse my humor…. This site is a one-man show but it’s my baby so it gets a lot of attention.

Sorry to frighten you with that head (especially more than once)…. If you have scrolled down this far I hope you haven’t been too traumatized.

Nonetheless…… I’m sure my articles will prove very valuable to you.

All the best

Richard Allen (Aka: The Bestunder250 Team)