37 Brands With a Crown Logo (Listed By Industry)

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A crown is associated with Kings and Queens who rule and have a sense of grandeur. The crown in a logo is usually a symbol of luxury and of course, it is associated with power, dominance, strength, and a brand that is a leader in the industry.

There are many brands that have adopted a crown as their logo or as a part of their logo and surprisingly for me the industry that has the most brands using the crown logo are the makers of alcohol and liqueurs.

Clothing, car, and travel brands also have a large number of brands using the crown in their logos. There are also other industries with brands using the crown in the logo with two very famous ones being Rolex and Hallmark.

So let’s take look at what companies have a crown as part of their logo…

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Drink Crown Logo Brands

Bombay Sapphire  – Bombay Sapphire is a brand of gin that is distilled by the Bombay Spirits Company, which is owned by Bacardi Limited. The crown is a symbol of excellence and achievement, which is what Bombay Sapphire’s gin has been recognized for.

Canada Dry The Canada Dry logo is one of the oldest in the soft drink industry. The brand’s crown logo is meant to convey the idea that it makes quality products, which are designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages. The crown also represents royalty, which shows that Canada Dry is proud of its long history.

Chambord Liqueur – Chambord is one of the most popular and versatile liquor brands on the market, with a crown logo that lends it a regal air and a taste to match.

The Chambord crown logo is as luxurious as it sounds. With a deep purple color that evokes images of royalty, Chambord’s liqueur is made from blackberries, raspberries, and honey steeped in vodka—a combination that gives any cocktail a taste of the Magnifique.

The Chambord crown logo tells you that this brand has been around for centuries, but it also tells you it can give any cocktail a taste of history and elegance.

Corona Beer Corona beer is one of the most popular beers in the world. It’s an authentic, easy-to-enjoy beer that comes in a variety of flavors and styles. The Corona logo is one of the most recognizable logos in the beer industry, and it’s a classic example of how simple design can be effective.

Crown Royal The Crown Royal logo is a crown that was originally created to commemorate the Royal visit to Canada by Britain’s King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1939. The designers of the brand were looking for something that would represent royalty, so they decided on a crown.

They also wanted to make sure that it was something that would look good on the label, so they picked out a red color for the inner part of the crown and blue for the outer part. These colors are still used today in their logo along with gold lettering.

Krusovice Krusovice is a Czech beer internationally known as The Royal Brewery of Krušovice, it’s one of the oldest breweries in the world, and its crown logo is steeped in history. Krusovice has always been associated with royalty, so it makes sense that they would choose to use a crown on their logo.

Moet Chandon Moet Chandon is one of the world’s most-loved Champagnes. The company’s crown logo means that you can trust what you’re getting in your glass—it’s a guarantee that you’re getting a product that comes from a company that knows how to make great Champagne.

Ruinart Ruinart, a French champagne brand, has a crown logo that represents its unique status as the first established House of Champagne.

The crown logo that appears on all Ruinart bottles represents this history and heritage. The crown is also an indication of quality and refinement, which is important because Ruinart is known for being one of the finest Champagnes on the market.

Tuborg Tuborg is a Danish brand of beer that has grown to produce beer in more than 80 countries across the globe. They are one of the most popular beers in Europe and have been featured in numerous films and television shows.

The Danish crown logo is a symbol of quality and excellence. It represents royalty, nobility, and luxury—all things that Tuborg aims to deliver with every bottle they make.

Warsteiner Warsteiner is Germany’s largest privately owned brewery. It’s also one of the most popular in the country, with a wide range of premium beers.

They are known for their use of high-quality ingredients, which give their beers a distinct taste and character. Their crown logo symbolizes that they are the queen among beers.

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Clothing Crown Logo Brands

Dolce & Gabbana When you see a crown logo on clothing, it’s usually a sign that the brand has something to say. And that’s especially true of Dolce & Gabbana, whose crown logo is one of the most iconic in the world.

The crown logo represents exclusivity—Dolce & Gabbana clothes aren’t for everyone—and also represents royalty and power. As a result, Dolce & Gabbana clothes are often worn by celebrities and socialites around the world who want to make a statement about themselves through their clothing choices.

Emilio Pucci This Italian company specializes in creating clothing that has a sense of whimsy and fun, while also making sure it’s high-quality and elegant. The crown logo was designed by Pucci himself to represent this idea: It’s an homage to his home country and its rich history, but it also communicates how he wanted his designs to feel—like royalty.

Henri Lloyd Henri Lloyd is a brand of sailing clothing and waterproof jackets that has a crown logo. Their crown logo has become synonymous with the brand’s rich history of quality products, and it’s an instantly recognizable symbol that lets people know they’re getting a top-notch product.

Louis Philippe Louis Philippe is a luxury clothing brand that offers menswear, accessories, and footwear. The company name bears the name of King Louis Philippe of France and has been a staple for French fashion.

Louis Philippe’s crown logo is a symbol of luxury. It’s inspired by royalty, so it’s no wonder that Louis Philippe has become such a popular brand among the upper classes. In addition to its iconic crown logo, Louis Philippe is also known for offering timeless and classic pieces that will never go out of style.

Wardrobe B – Wardrobe B is a clothing brand that features a crown logo. The phrase “wardrobe” is used to describe the fact that this clothing line has a variety of styles, both in terms of garments and colors. The use of the word “b” is simply short for the word brand. So it is the wardrobe brand.

The crown logo itself symbolizes Wardrobe B’s intersection of style and technology. It represents the brand’s commitment to delivering high-quality clothing with innovative design elements, while also providing an aesthetically pleasing product that customers will love.

Legit Crown Legit Crown Clothing is all about keeping it real. The designers behind this up-and-coming brand are committed to creating high-quality products that reflect their own personal style—and they want their customers to feel like they’re getting something genuine and authentic when they shop with Legit Crown Clothing!

A brand that incorporates the best of function and fashion. They’re not just about making sure you look good, but about making sure you feel good too. The Legit Crown symbolizes the idea that you can be yourself no matter what, because, at the end of the day, you’re still a king or queen in your own right.

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Travel Crown Logo Brands

KLM KLM is a Dutch airline and is the oldest airline in the Netherlands The crown logo that KLM uses comes from its original name, Koninklijke Luchtvaartmaatschappij NV (Royal Dutch Airlines).

Ritz Carlton Ritz Carlton is a luxury hotel and resort chain, and its crown logo is a symbol of excellence. Ritz Carlton is known for its high standards, which are reflected in its logo. The crown logo represents royalty, which is why it’s so fitting for Ritz Carlton’s brand.

It also represents wealth, because the company has been able to grow into such a prominent name in the hotel industry despite being founded relatively recently compared to other brands such as Hilton or Marriott.

Royal Air Maroc Royal Air Maroc is the national flag carrier of Morocco, and it’s also the largest airline in the country. The airline started out as a small operation, but it soon grew into one of the most important airlines in Morocco and across the Mediterranean region.

The crown logo was designed to represent this expansion: it features five stars representing each of the regions where Royal Air Maroc flies (Morocco, Europe, Americas, Asia, and Africa). This symbolizes how Royal Air Maroc has expanded beyond its original borders and grown into a global company—just like its home country!

Royal Caribbean International Royal Caribbean International, or RCI, is a cruise line that offers cruises to the world’s most amazing destinations. The Royal Caribbean International crown logo means that you’re traveling with a company that is committed to excellence.

Royal Jordanian Airlines Royal Jordanian Airlines is the flag carrier airline of Jordan, and it is known for its crown logo. The crown, which only appears on the tail of the plane, represents the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

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Car Crown Logo Brands

Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo is an Italian luxury car manufacturer. The logo is an adaptation of the coat of arms of Milan, where Alfa Romeo was founded, and it has remained unchanged since then.

The crown represents Italian luxury car manufacturer Alfa Romeo’s royal heritage, while the two red quadrants represent the two parts of Italy—Milan, and Turin, where Alfa Romeo’s headquarters are located.

Pininfarina The Pininfarina crown logo is one of the most iconic logos in the auto industry. It’s been used by the Italian car design firm and coachbuilder since its founding, and it’s even appeared on some Ferraris.

The crown symbolizes the company’s focus on regal luxury and high-end vehicles. Pininfarina has worked with many famous brands including Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Nissan, BMW, and Peugeot. The company also designs buses and trains as well as other transportation products.

Toyota Crown The Toyota Crown logo is a crown that has been used by the brand since 1955. It’s primarily a line of mid-size luxury cars, though it has also been used on other vehicles such as trucks and vans.

The Toyota Crown was primarily produced as an upscale vehicle for the Japanese market, although it was also sold outside Japan in markets such as Australia and New Zealand.

Maserati Maserati is known for its beautiful range of luxury car models, but the company is also recognized for its sports cars and supercars. The Maserati brand has an impressive history of racing success, including wins at Le Mans and other prestigious races.

The company’s logo is a laurel wreath, which is often used to signify victory and success. The crown on top of it represents royalty and high society.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills – Anastasia Beverly Hills has one of the most recognizable logos in the beauty industry. It’s a crown, and it’s everywhere—on every single product they sell, from their brow pencils to their lipsticks to their highlighters. But what does it mean?

Well, it means that Anastasia Beverly Hills is the queen of all things beauty. And they’re not just saying that—they’ve earned that title through an unmatched selection of beauty products and makeup.

Rimmel Rimmel London has been making makeup for over 150 years, and its crown logo reflects the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. While many beauty brands are focused on trends like contouring or airbrushing, Rimmel focuses on helping you feel like the best version of yourself.

Their products are designed with normal skin in mind, so you can get the coverage you want without sacrificing your natural look.

Rimmel’s crown logo is a symbol of empowerment, femininity, and luxury. It stands for their commitment to women’s empowerment and their dedication to creating makeup that helps you feel your most beautiful self.

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Krone – Krone is one of the world leaders in manufacturing modern hay & silage equipment. If you need something to help you get your crops grown and ready for harvest, or if you’re looking for ways to protect the environment by reducing your carbon footprint (or both!), Krone can help.

They offer everything from complete systems for automated baling to high-quality parts for older machines that need a little extra love.

The Krone crown logo represents the company’s focus on quality and innovation. Krone strives to be the best in their industry, and they are committed to making products that are designed to last longer and perform better than any other product on the market.

Terex Terex is a global manufacturer of lifting and material processing products. They’re one of the largest suppliers of equipment for the construction industry, and they also make cranes, loaders, forklifts, and other industrial vehicles.

The crown represents the authority of the brand and its commitment to safety and quality. It also symbolizes the strength of Terex as a manufacturer, as well as its ability to produce durable goods that are built to last.

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Royal Canin Royal Canin is a pet food brand. It has a royal crown logo, which makes it easy to identify. Royal Canin is dedicated to helping pets live healthy lives. They want to help them live long and happy lives with their owners—for as long as possible.

That’s why they focus on nutrition and the well-being of your pet. They want to help you keep your furry friend safe and healthy so that you can spend more time together enjoying each other’s company.

Royal & Paw The Royal & Paw brand is focused on making sure that your pet’s personality shines through in their portraits.

Every photo is taken by a professional photographer and then digitally enhanced to make your pet look their best (no matter whether they’re already a diva or not). Their crown logo represents the royal treatment your pet will receive when you purchase from them.

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RoyalMail RoyalMail is the official postal service of the United Kingdom. They have been delivering mail in the UK for over 500 years, and they have a crown logo that represents their history and authority as a postal service.

CorreosCorreos is the national postal service of Spain, providing both digital and parcel communications throughout the country.

A crown is a symbol of power, and Correos was established by the Spanish government to help provide postal services for the people of Spain. The crown logo on their stamps and vehicles signifies this important role, as well as their dedication to providing excellent customer service.

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Card Crown Logo Brand

Hallmark If you’ve ever seen a greeting card with a gold crown on it, that’s probably because it was made by Hallmark. Hallmark is one of the largest greeting card companies in America, and they produce cards with their famous crown logo on them.

The company began making Christmas cards. Today, they offer a wide selection of different types of greeting cards—including ones for birthdays and other holidays, thank-you notes, get well soon messages, and more.

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Entertainment Crown Logo Brand

Clash Royale Clash Royale is a free-to-play real-time strategy video game developed and published by Supercell. It was released worldwide for the iOS and Google Play platforms in 2016. The game is based on Clash of Clans, but with a greater emphasis on player-versus-player combat.

The crown logo in Clash Royale is a symbol that represents the king of the game. The king is the highest rank in the game, and it’s reserved for those who have accrued the most trophies.

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Jewelry Crown Logo Brand

Konplott Konplott is a jewelry company that makes sustainable, luxurious, and handmade jewelry. The company’s crown logo symbolizes the “crown” of its brand. They want to show their customers that they are striving for perfection in all aspects of their work, from the materials they use to the way they interact with their clients.

Watch Crown Logo Brand

Rolex Rolex watches are among the most popular and expensive watches in the world. Rolex watches are crafted from the finest raw materials and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail. The company is known for its crown logo, which is an instantly recognizable symbol of quality and craftsmanship.

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