Does Anne Klein Run True To Size? (True, Big or Small?)

For The Most Part Anne Klein Runs True To Size

Anyone who has ever purchased Anne Klein clothing knows that how exactly it runs true to size depends on the specific style. Some of the lines are more flexible than others, and knowing what each set entails will make shopping for them much easier.

However, if I was, to sum up overall how Anne Klein's clothes fit I would have to say they are for the most part true to size.

How does Anne Klein run?

Most of her clothing runs true to size. However, if you are looking for something that is more on the sexy side or something that is more fitted, then you will want to consider sizing down.

Some of her dresses tend to run a little bit bigger, so be sure to pay attention to the size chart so you know exactly what size you are getting.

So let’s look at individual styles and see if they run true to size. We will see if Anne Klein dresses run small or not, if the coats are true to size if Anne Klein’s pants run big or small, and even how the shoes from this brand fit.

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Do Anne Klein Dresses Run Small?

If you are looking for something more relaxed and comfy, Anne Klein offers several styles of dresses that are easy to wear and perfect for lounging around the house.

Do Anne Klein Dresses Run Small?

Anne Klein dresses run true to size however this is a brand designed for average body types (and no one is average) . If you have larger breasts for example, then their dresses will fit much better if you go up one size.

Most Anne Klein dresses are true to size, but because all of us have different body shapes no two individuals are alike. If you have a pear-shaped body, Anne Klein dresses usually run small.

If you have an hourglass figure, Anne Klein dresses usually run big. They may not fit well in the bust or waist. It is recommended that you measure yourself before ordering a dress from the Anne Klein line because this will ensure that you will receive the best fit possible.

That being said, as a rule of thumb, Anne Klein’s dresses fit true to size as highlighted by what customers have to say about the following dress for example…

Anne Klein Women’s Classic Faux Wrap Dress

Anne Klein Women's Classic Faux Wrap Dress, Cadet/Orchid Combo, 6

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Anne Klein’s Dresses are designed to fit the average woman. Anne Klein Dresses come in several different sizes, but each is designed to be not too snug or too loose. You can tell that an Anne Klein Dress is designed for the average woman because it fits many different types of women.

For example, some women are short and others are tall. Some women have large breasts and others have small breasts. Some women carry their weight in their stomachs while others carry it in their hips or thighs.

“Sizing” refers to how closely a specific garment matches up with the measurements of the woman who will wear it.

Customer comments concerning the size of this dress:

  • Just love the dress. I am a size 12 and it fits well.
  • I bought size 10 first and it fit perfectly, but too perfect so I order size 12 and it has just a little more room but enough to relax a bit.
  • Fits true to size. I am 5’5″ and 172 lbs.
  • I’m a big fan of Anne Klein dresses. I find they are flattering for curvy women such as myself.

Anne Klein dresses are designed to have a fluid fit. They are meant to have a little wrinkle after sitting or being worn all day, which lends to the casual nature of Anne Klein’s designs.

The brand has excellent sizing charts that show how this style is meant to fit. It’s designed to flatter and hug your curves. But it’s not tight, so you can easily move around in it and feel safe during your favorite events.

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Do Anne Klein Coats Run Small?

Anne Klein coats run true to size. True, there are many people who say it runs small and give advice to size down however if you see some of the customer comments I have included below many people are upset at that advice. They have found it runs true to size.

Do Anne Klein Coats Run Small?

The thing to remember is you are actually ordering a coat -right? Yes, I know that is a mind-boggling revelation. But why do you wear a coat? Because it’s cold outside -right? Yes – I’m full of great revelations.

Now think about what else you wear when it’s cold. You are more layered up than normal- aren’t you. So your coat has to not only fit you, it has to fit over all the layers you are wearing as well. So many people actually order a size larger so the coat fits well over all of your clothes.

Anyway… you will see what I mean when we take a look at what people say about the following coat for example:

Anne Klein Women’s Classic Double Breasted Coat

Anne Klein Women's Classic Double-Breasted Coat, Charcoal, SM

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As you will see the comments generally say the coat is true to size. But, many say it runs too big and you should size down. Again, are they taking into consideration what else you wear with it as mentioned above?

Perhaps if you have a smaller frame you could consider sizing down but if you feel the cold and tend to layer up I don’t think I would and if you are built a little bit curvy or larger I definitely would consider sizing up and most certainly wouldn’t size down.

Customer comments concerning the size of this coat:

  • I buy coats a size bigger to accommodate sweaters, the size is perfect!
  • This jacket was true to size. Love how it fits and is super comfortable.
  • I ordered the size Large. And it’s perfect. It has room for me to wear a sweater or sweatshirt underneath.
  • I read a bunch of and bought a size smaller than I normally would! I bought a size small and it fits great.,I’m 5’9, 160 lbs, and wear a size D bra. I would recommend getting a size smaller for a snug fit!
  • I followed the majority of the that said it ran large and sized down. That was a mistake as I had to exchange it for my normal size.
  • The size is just what they say it is. The Xl fits a size 18 well.
  • True to size!
  • Go down a size fits bigger.

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Do Anne Klein Pants Run True To Size?

Yes, Anne Klein pants run true to size. They even make a clear statement about it on the product descriptions and advise people when ordering to order true to size. As demonstrated by the following pants for example…

Anne Klein Women's Flare Leg Compression Pant, Black, 8

If you’re looking for a pair of pants that are suitable for business, but also stylish enough to wear casually, then the Anne Klein brand may be just right for you.

The pants are high quality and made out of quality fabrics that have a good amount of stretch to them. They are very comfortable to wear and the price is affordable and most important run true to size.

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Do Anne Klein Shoes Run True To Size?

How Do Anne Klein Shoes Fit? They fit true to size. When you order the right size, comfort is one hundred percent guaranteed. The brand Anne Klein has been around for more than sixty years and they have always had a great reputation for making comfortable shoes.

Yes, Anne Klein shoes do run true to size. Their shoes were very popular with professional women who wanted to look stylish but also be able to walk comfortably while wearing them.

As an example, the following Anne Klein product even clearly states before you order that it runs true to size. The Anne Klein Sport Women’s Wisher Fabric Wedge Pump is a classic-looking boot with a modern twist and an athletic attitude.

Anne Klein Sport Women’s Wisher Fabric Wedge Pump

Anne Klein Sport Women's Wisher Fabric Wedge Pump, Black, 8 M US

There are many customers who vouch that the shoes run true to size however there are also some who say they run a half size too big and others who complain that they run a half size too small. So obviously foot shape is an issue. But as a rule of thumb, the Anne Klein shoes run true to size. 

Customer comments concerning the size of these shoes:

  • Buy your true size because if you even go slightly up, it will slide off your heel. Very comfortable shoes
  • Bought half size up and they fit great.
  • I normally wear a size 6.5-7.5 in shoes. I purchased these in a size 7. They fit great, and they are very comfortable.
  • Love the style, well-made, beautiful shoe. True to size.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Anne Klein Run Big or Small?
Does Anne Klein Run Big or Small?Anne Klein typically runs true to size, but it’s always recommended to check specific product reviews for variations.
Does Anne Klein Run Small?Generally, Anne Klein fits true to size, but some items may have a slightly snug fit depending on the design.
Do Anne Klein Shoes Run Small?Most Anne Klein shoes fit true to size, but it can vary based on the shoe style. It’s best to refer to the size guide.
Does Anne Klein Run True to Size?Yes, Anne Klein usually runs true to size. However, always consider the material and design when choosing a size.
Do Anne Klein Dresses Run True to Size?For the most part, Anne Klein dresses fit as expected. But, as with any brand, it’s good to check reviews.
Do Anne Klein Shoes Run True to Size?Typically, Anne Klein shoes are consistent with standard sizing, but it can differ by style. Always check the size guide.
Do Anne Klein Shoes Run Big or Small?Anne Klein shoes generally fit true to size, but it’s advised to read product reviews for any specific style insights.
Does Anne Klein Clothes Run Small?Not usually. Most Anne Klein clothing items fit true to size, but some designs might be more fitted than others.
How Do Anne Klein Dresses Fit?Anne Klein dresses tend to have a flattering fit that’s true to size, but the fit can vary depending on the dress style.
Are Anne Klein Shoes Comfortable?Many users find Anne Klein shoes to be comfortable, especially due to their iFlex technology which offers flexibility.
Are Anne Klein Shoes Good?Yes, Anne Klein shoes are known for their quality and style, making them a popular choice for many.
What Are the Latest Anne Klein Dress Styles?The latest styles include A-line dresses, sheath dresses, and maxi dresses with modern prints and patterns.
Are Popsy Dresses True to Size?Popsy dresses are a different brand and may have their own sizing. It’s best to check their specific sizing chart.
Is Anne Klein Expensive?Anne Klein offers a range of prices. While it’s a reputable brand, there are both affordable and high-end options.

In summary, Anne Klein apparel is designed to fit the way women truly want to dress, offering the stylish fit they’ve been seeking without paying high prices or dealing with limited selections

In the world of fashion, sizing is less regulated than you might think. Different designers use different systems, and following a specific conversion chart from designer to brand can be tricky.

Anne Klein sizing charts

In most cases, the most accurate way to determine your correct size is by measuring yourself or trying something on. Anne Klein has easy-to-follow sizing charts so you can ensure the product fits you before buying.

Anne Klein sportswear offers figure-flattering sportswear that can be worn during workouts, in your free time, or for a day out. Most Anne Klein tops are loose-fitting and made of stretchy material.

Some tank tops are snug-fitting but many are cut loose to give you more flexibility when exercising. Most bottoms run on the generous side to allow you enough room.