Shirts Like Comfort Colors (5 Shirts Similar To Comfort Colors)

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5 Shirts Similar To Comfort Colors

Comfort Colors is a brand of soft, comfortable garments that are often used for screen-printing and embroidery. Their popularity among sororities and other college groups has skyrocketed in recent years, but the brand’s t-shirts are also popular with children, families, businesses, and more.

The brand is known for its vibrant color palette and quality products, but it’s also known for being a bit pricey. While some people don’t mind paying a little more for a comfortable shirt they can wear time and time again, others are looking for Comfort Colors alternatives that won’t break the bank.

However, I understand that some of you may be looking for a different style or need a bit more variety in your life so here are 5 alternatives to Comfort Colors (Available on Amazon) shirts you should check out.

1. Port &Company Shirts

People are always looking for a good Comfort Colors shirt alternative. Most people aren’t looking to get away from the quality of this popular brand, but they just want to find cheaper prices.

Fortunately, there’s a way to enjoy high-quality Comfort Colors shirts without paying the premium price on these shirts. The secret is getting your hands on Port & Company clothing (Available on Amazon).

The two brands share many of the same features.

Port & Company and Comfort Colors have more in common than you might think at first glance. You’ll notice the similarities once you start looking at the details and comparing them against each other.

For example, one thing that makes both brands so comfortable is the preshrunk fabric. When you put on one of these T-shirts for the first time, you don’t have to worry about it shrinking and becoming uncomfortable later on.


Port & Company Men's Essential T Shirt XL Lavender


The preshrunk nature of these T-shirts ensures that they will remain comfortable no matter how many times you wash them or what type of detergent you use on them.

More Color Options

One advantage Port &Company has over comfort colors is that they offer many more options for color variations on their clothing. For example, you can get the PC55 Tee in 40 different colors! This gives you a lot more options when purchasing your clothing and allows you to mix and match different colored garments together to create a unique look for your business or organization.

Same Level Of Quality & Comfort

They offer the same level of quality and comfort as Comfort Colors shirts but at a much better price point. While Comfort Colors shirts are known for their quality, they are also known for being one of the most expensive brands out there.

2. Gildan Softstyle Adult T-Shirt

The Gildan SoftStyle t-shirt (Available on Amazon) is one of the popular options for those looking for an alternative to Comfort Colors. It comes in a wide range of colors and sizes from extra small to 5X.

The Gildan Softstyle Adult T-Shirt is nearly identical to the Comfort Colors brand and shirts made by both brands have similar features. From the same color palette to the same quality fabric, these two products are virtually indistinguishable from one another.

Here are three reasons why the Gildan SoftStyle t-shirt makes a good Comfort Colors shirt alternative:

Soft and comfortable fabric.

The Gildan SoftStyle collection uses ring-spun cotton which is softer than regular cotton fabrics. It also uses jersey knit which makes it more breathable and lighter. All these things contribute to a pleasant, comfortable feel on your skin.

Stylish fit.

This t-shirt has a feminine tapered fit and side seams which make it look stylish when worn on its own or as part of an outfit.


Gildan Adult Softstyle T-Shirt 64000 - Indigo Blue_XL


Affordable price point.

Like most Gildan products, the SoftStyle collection is made affordable to suit various budget constraints while still providing high-quality materials and workmanship.

100% Cotton.

Both brands have a 100% cotton material, but Comfort Colors shirts are much heavier than Gildan Softstyle Apparel. Oftentimes, customers like to wear something that is light and soft at all times of the day, especially in warmer weather. With Gildan Softstyle Adult T-Shirt, consumers get the best of both worlds for an overall great comfort feeling.

Color Options.

There are over 20 different color options on Gildan Softstyle Adult T-Shirt versus Comfort Colors 16 color choices. The reason behind this is that consumers want more options to choose from when it comes to their go-to shirt for comfort and style purposes.

Color options allow for greater diversity within a clothing line and provide an opportunity to grow in various markets based on the demographics of those areas of interest.

3. Hanes Men’s ComfortSoft Short Sleeve T-Shirt

It’s a well-known fact that Comfort Colors is one of the best clothing brands when it comes to comfortable, durable, and stylish t-shirts. However, sometimes their shirts are just too expensive. This is where Hanes Men’s ComfortSoft Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Available on Amazon) comes into play.

It’s a great alternative for Comfort Colors t-shirts because it has all of the same characteristics of comfort and durability but at a much lower price point.

Here are 3 reasons why Hanes Men’s ComfortSoft Short Sleeve T-Shirt is a good alternative for Comfort Colors:

They’re both super soft.

The Hanes t-shirt is made from 100% preshrunk cotton and it has a soft, jersey-like feel to it – similar to Comfort Colors shirts. So, if you’re looking for the same softness that you get with a comfort colors shirt but at a lower price point then this is the shirt for you!

They’re both durable.

The Hanes t-shirt also features double stitching on all seams which makes them very durable and long-lasting – just like Comfort Colors shirts!


Hanes Men's Essentials Short Sleeve T-shirt Value Pack (6-pack), Black, X-Large



Hanes Men’s ComfortSoft Short Sleeve T-Shirt comes in several different colors, including white, black, gray, red, and blue. Some of these colors are not available on the comfort colors shirts. Hanes Men’s ComfortSoft Short Sleeve T-Shirt also comes in sizes from small to XL. The comfort colors shirts only come in sizes medium and large.

The Hanes Men’s ComfortSoft Short Sleeve T-Shirt is made from 100 percent cotton for a soft feel against the skin. It has been pre-shrunk to ensure that it will not shrink when washed or dried. It also has a tagless collar to prevent irritation around the neckline. This shirt is machine washable and can be tumble dried on low heat settings.

The quality of the Hanes Men’s ComfortSoft Short Sleeve T-Shirt is very good because it is durable and will not fade easily over time as some other brands do.

4. Bella + Canvas Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee

If you are looking for a Comfort Colors shirt alternative, then look no further than the Bella + Canvas Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee (Available on Amazon).

The first reason why the Bella + Canvas Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee is a good Comfort Colors shirt alternative is because it has a similar feel and looks to the Comfort Colors tee.

It is similar in that it possesses the same ribbed collar and shoulders, tubular construction and double-needle sleeves, and bottom hems. The Bella + Canvas Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee comes in many different colors that are similar to the colors offered by Comfort Colors.


Bella+Canvas Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee, Heather Blue, Large


The second reason why the Bella + Canvas Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee is a good Comfort Colors shirt alternative is because its fabric is softer than most other tees out there.

The fabric of this tee contains 100% combed ringspun cotton which means that this tee will feel soft to the touch and will also be comfortable to wear all day long.

It’s made from 100% combed ringspun cotton which means that the fabric feels soft and comfortable against your skin when worn next to other fabrics like polyester or spandex.

5. Jerzees Men’s Spot Shield Short Sleeve Polo Sport Shirt

The Jerzees Men’s Spot Shield Short Sleeve Polo Sport Shirt (Available on Amazon) is a great alternative to Comfort Colors. It is lightweight, comfortable, and soft like the comfort colors shirts. It comes with stain shield technology that helps repel liquids, making it easier to clean.

When you look at the Comfort Colors Men’s Adult Long Sleeve T-Shirt and see its hefty price tag, you may be thinking to yourself that there has to be another shirt out there that offers the same quality for less money. And if so, you’re right. The Jerzees Men’s Spot Shield Short Sleeve Polo Sport Shirt is a good replacement for the Comfort Colors shirt.


When it comes to comfort and softness, the two shirts are pretty much in dead heat. Both are 100 percent cotton and preshrunk, which means they’ll stay true to their original size.


Jerzees Men's SpotShield Stain Resistant Polo Shirts (Short & Long, Short Sleeve-Black, Large


Both also feature double-needle stitching at the neck and a seamless collar, which adds strength and keeps the collar from stretching out of shape after multiple washings. The only difference between the two is that Comfort Colors’ fabric is ring-spun and Jerzees’ is not; however, this does not impact softness or comfort one way or another.

Jerzees Men’s Spot Shield Polo Sport Shirt Features

The Jerzees Men’s spot shield short sleeve polo sport shirt comes in many different colors and sizes to give you many options to choose from. It features a spot shield finish that protects against oil and water-based spills, stains, and splashes.

This feature makes it ideal for those who work in industries or professions where they are likely to encounter such spills. Moreover, it comes with wickability that helps to keep you dry even when you sweat a lot during exercise or physical activities.

In summary, A Comfort Colors T-Shirt is a wardrobe staple for all seasons. Made of 100% ring-spun cotton and garment-dyed to create a weathered look, this shirt is as comfortable as it is classic. The pigment wash adds interest to the fabric while giving each one its own unique character.

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