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What Is Tommy Hilfiger Sizing Like? (Clothes & Shoes)

Tommy Hilfiger’s clothing and shoes are generally true to size, with regular fit being a bit looser, slim-fit being smaller and tighter, and oversized fit being baggier.

What Is Tommy Hilfiger Sizing Like?

Finding the right size can be challenging, especially when shopping for clothes online or buying from a new brand. If it’s your first time buying anything from the Tommy Hilfiger brand, then you may be wondering about its sizing.

Tommy Hilfiger’s clothing and shoes are generally true to size. However, the fit may vary according to the style. Regular fit clothes offer the traditional sizing, which means it’s a bit looser on the chest and waist. Slim-fit clothes are smaller and tighter, while oversized clothes are baggier. 

Let’s delve more into these sizing differences below.

Tommy Hilfiger Clothing

Tommy Hilfiger first burst into the 1980s fashion scene with his modernized button-down shirts and chinos.

By the 1990s, the designer made baggier, looser apparel – a style that made it famous amongst preppy and hip-hop-inspired fashionistas.

Currently, the brand offers a wide array of men’s and women’s clothing, including:

  • Shirts and t-shirts
  • Polos
  • Jackets and coats
  • Hoodies, sweaters, and sweatshirts
  • Suits and blazers
  • Jeans and pants
  • Shorts
  • Activewear
  • Swimwear
  • Loungewear

Are Tommy Hilfiger Shirts True to Size?

Generally, Tommy Hilfiger shirts are true-to-size. They don’t skimp on materials, and the brand offers shirts from sizes extra small to 3XL. However, the fit will depend on the cut you’ve chosen.

Tommy Hilfiger Women's Short Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt (Standard and Plus Size), White, 2X

  1. A regular fit shirt, for example, is a little loose but fits nicely around the body. It offers some room at the waist and sleeves, making it comfy to wear.
  2. A classic or traditional fit shirt, on the other hand, has a broader cut on the sides and shoulders. It’s precisely cut over the waist and chest, making for a cleaner appearance.
  3. Tommy Hilfiger also has custom-fit shirts made with a shorter hem. This type of shirt is meant to be worn untucked, and they are a bit longer than crop tops but not much longer.
  4. As the name suggests, a slim-fit shirt comes with a narrow cut that makes it tight-fitting. It’s a modern style that snugly hugs areas around the body.
  5. On the opposite end is the oversized fit, which makes for a roomy, slouchy shirt design.
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Do Tommy Hilfiger Sweaters Run Small?

Like most clothes from the Tommy Hilfiger line, its sweaters are true to size. Again, the fit will vary according to the style you’ve chosen.

  • Most of the brand’s sweaters come in a regular fit, looser in the chest and waist area.
  • Some relaxed fit styles are looser than regular – but not as baggy as oversized sweaters.
  • Speaking of oversized, Tommy Hilfiger also carries this loose and slouchy style – which is perfect for some layering.
  • There are also ‘Big and Tall’ variants available, ranging from 2XL to 5XL.
Tommy Hilfiger Men's Cotton V Neck Sweater, Masters Navy, Large

Do Tommy Hilfiger Coats Run Small?

Most Tommy Hilfiger coats do not run small, and they almost always come in a regular fit. That means it comes with a classic cut – so the fabric is situated close to the body.

That said, the coat is only slightly fitted – with mid-size length. The shoulder portion is also broader in size than a slim-fit coat.

So, when buying a coat from this brand, go for your normal size if you want the waist to fit around your body a bit snugly, giving you a cinched look. However, if you want something bulkier to wear oversized shirts underneath, you may want to go up a size.

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How Do Tommy Hilfiger Hoodies Fit?

Tommy Hilfiger hoodies fit comfortably, whether you have an average, wide, or muscular body fit. After all, this often comes in a regular style and cut.

Tommy Hilfiger Women's Casual Zip Hoodie, Black, Medium

This comfy fit is made possible by the following features:

  • Straight cut along the chest
  • Larger, lower armholes
  • Looser, relaxed, and ‘boxier’ sleeves
  • Little to no waist structure
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Do Tommy Hilfiger Jeans Run Small?

Tommy Hilfiger jeans don’t run small, and they are true to size, whether for men or women.

So if you are a size 30 men’s – or a US 8 in women’s – you need to follow your current size.

For reference, here are the sizes for Tommy Hilfiger jeans for men:

2728 in (71 cm)34.5 in  (87.6 cm)
2829 in  (73.7 cm)35.5 in  (90 cm)
2930 in  (76.2 cm)36.5 in  (92.7 cm)
3031 in  (78.7 cm)37.5 in  (95.25 cm)
3132 in  (81.3 cm)38.5 in  (97.8 cm)
3233 in  (97.9 cm)39.5 in  (100.3 cm)
3334 in  (86.4 cm)40.5 in  (102.9 cm)
3435 in  (89 cm)41.5 in  (105.4 cm)
3637 in  (94 cm)43.5 in  (110.5 cm)
3839 in  (99 cm)45.5 in  (115.6 cm)
4041 in  (104.1 cm)47.5 in  (120.7 cm)

The size guide for women’s jeans is as follows:

24 / US 0 / EU 3223.6-25.3 in

(60-64.3 cm)

33.5-35 in

(85-88.9 cm)

25-26 / US 2 / EU 3425.4-26 / 26-26.8 in

(64.5-66 / 66-68 cm)

35-35.8 / 35.8-36.6 in

(88.9-91 / 91-93 cm)

27-28 / US 4 / EU 3626.8-27.6 / 27.6-28.3 in

(68-70 / 70-72 cm)

36.6-37.4 / 37.4-38.2 in

(93-95 / 95-97 cm)

29-30 / US 6 / EU 3828.3-29.1 / 29.1-30 in

(72-74 / 74-76.2 cm)

38.2-39 / 39-39.8 in

(97-99 / 99-101.1 cm)

31-32 / US 8 / EU 4030-30.7 / 30.7-31.9 in

(76.2-78 / 78-81 cm)

39.8-40.6 / 40.6-41.3 in

(101.1-103.1 / 103.1-105 cm)

32-33 / US 10 / EU 4232.3-33.9 / 34.3-35.8 in

(82-86.1 / 87.1-91 cm)

41.8-43.3 / 43.7-45.3 in

(106.2-110 / 111-115.1 cm)

34 / US 12 / EU 4434.3-35.8 in

(87.1-91 cm)

43.7-45.3 in

(111-115.1 cm)

36 / US 14 / EU 4636.2-37.8 in

(92-96 cm)

45.6-47.3 in

(115.8-120.1 cm)

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Does Tommy Hilfiger Dresses Run Small?

Like the men’s apparel, Tommy Hilfiger dresses (and other women’s clothing) are true to size.

That said, the fit will again depend on the dress cut.

Tommy Hilfiger Women's Classic Scuba Crepe Two Pocket Dress, Sunshine/Ivory, 10

  • Slim-fit dresses, as expected, showcase the woman’s hourglass figure because of its body-hugging proportions.
  • A comfier option is the regular cut dress, which comes with a roomy design.
  • Another good choice is the relaxed fit dress, which is bigger by 2-4 inches (5-10 cm) in some places like the waist and chest area.
  • Regular and relaxed styles are ideal for women with broad shoulders or wide hips.
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Tommy Hilfiger Shoes

As with most American fashion brands, Tommy Hilfiger offers shoes along with their high-quality clothing. And like its clothing predecessors, it’s imbued with the cool, preppy style that the brand embodies.

To date, Tommy Hilfiger’s shoe offerings include:

  • Sneakers
  • Boots
  • Tennis shoes
  • Sandals
  • Derby shoes
Tommy Hilfiger Men's Pandora Sneaker, White Canvas, 11

Do Tommy Hilfiger Shoes Run Big?

Tommy Hilfiger shoes don’t run big, and they are generally true to size.

For example, if your shoe size in Adidas or Nike is men’s US 9, you should get the same size at Tommy Hilfiger.

The same goes for women’s shoes. If you’re, say, a 7.5 in the brands mentioned above, then you should get the same size for your Tommy Hilfiger shoes.

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Final Thoughts

Like other brands, Tommy Hilfiger apparel and shoes are true to size. That said, you need to pay attention to the fit.

Regular fit and relaxed fit clothes offer a comfy style, while a slim cut product is ‘tighter’ because of its body-hugging style.

As always, baggy oversized clothes are sure to give you a lot of wriggle room for layering and whatnot.


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