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Clothes Like Johnny Was (10 Clothes Brands Similar To Johnny Was)

Here are 10 clothes brands similar to Johnny Was: Free People, Anthropologie, Spell & The Gypsy Collective, For Love & Lemons, Desigual, Mango, Zara, Sundance, and more. Each brand offers its unique take on bohemian, vintage, and artistic aesthetics, providing a wide range of options for those who love the detailed, luxurious feel of Johnny Was.

10 Clothes Brands Similar To Johnny Was

Clothes like Johnny Was are more than just pieces of fabric you t ow on; they’re an artistic statement. Combining bohemian vibes with vintage flair, this brand knows how to make you stand out in a crowd. Imagine clothes that are so unique and detailed, you feel like you’re wearing a canvas painted by a modern-day Picasso.

The first thing that strikes you is the colorful palette, enough to make any grey day feel like a summer afternoon. It’s like a boost of serotonin you can wear. Yet, these clothes are as versatile as they are eye-catching.

You can wear ’em to a beach party or dress ’em up for a more formal affair. And let’s talk about the flowy and feminine designs. They don’t just look good; they make you feel good. They sway with you, almost like they’re dancing to the same rhythm as your heart.

But don’t be fooled by their carefree vibe; Johnny Was screams luxury. The fabrics, the craftsmanship, it’s all top-notch. These clothes aren’t your run-of-the-mill, wear-once-and-forget kinda deal.

They’re investment pieces that show off your personality in the richest way possible. So, if you’re looking to add a splash of artistic flair to your wardrobe, clothes like Johnny Was should be on your radar. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Checklist: What to Look for in Brands Like Johnny Was

Style and Aesthetics

Bohemian Look
Embroidery Details

Fabric and Material

Soft, Comfortable Fabric
Ethically Sourced Materials


Day to Night Pieces
Seasonal Flexibility


Inclusive Sizing
True to Size


Matching Accessories
Layering Options


Value for Money
Sales and Discounts

Reviews and Ratings

High Customer Reviews
Credible Ratings

Free People vs. Johnny Was: The Boho Showdown of the Century

When it comes to boho chic, Johnny Was and Free People are the brands that come to mind. Both t ive on bohemian and artistic aesthetics, giving you that free-spirited vibe that’s too irresistible to pass up. But even though they share a similar fashion philosophy, they’re not cut from the same cloth—pun intended!

Shared T eads

  1. Bohemian Influence: Both brands lean heavily into bohemian styles, letting you express your inner free spirit.
  2. Artistic Flair: Expect intricate patterns, embroidery, and prints from both Johnny Was and Free People. They both love to serve up artistic masterpieces you can wear.
  3. Unique Designs: Let’s be real, you’re not going to fade into the background with either brand. They both offer unique pieces that make you feel like a one-of-a-kind gem.
  4. Comfort Is Key: Ah, yes, the feeling of comfy clothes that are also stylish. Both brands excel here.

Free People Womens Sunny Days Turtleneck Sweater, Multi Combo, Size X-Small

What Sets Free People Apart

But here’s where Free People kicks things up a notch:

  1. The Shoe Game: Unlike Johnny Was, Free People has a robust line of shoes that are just as unique and comfy as their clothes. From boots to sandals, they’ve got your feet covered in style.
  2. Price Points: While Johnny Was is all about luxury, Free People offers a wider range of price options. This makes it easier for you to join the boho club without breaking the bank.
  3. Athleisure: Free People has an athleisure line called “FP Movement.” Now, you can be bohemian and artistic even when you’re sweating it out! Johnny Was, as of my last update, hasn’t ventured into athleisure yet.
  4. Men’s Line: Yup, Free People thinks about the guys too. They offer a range of men’s clothing, which is something Johnny Was doesn’t provide.
  5. More Casual Options: While Johnny Was leans more towards luxury and formal wear, Free People offers a broader spectrum of casual wear. Perfect for those laid-back days.

So, should you go for Johnny Was or Free People? Honestly, why not both? Each brings something unique to the table. Johnny Was offers that high-end luxury and detailed craftsmanship, while Free People gives you more variety and flexibility. One thing’s for sure: your closet will thank you!

Ant opologie vs. Johnny Was: A Tale of Two Chic Cities

Ah, Johnny Was and Ant opologie, the powerhouses of versatility and femininity in fashion. These brands both make you feel like you’re wrapped in a hug, but each with its own unique embrace. If you’re having a hard time choosing between the two, trust me, you’re not alone. Here’s the lowdown on how they’re similar, and what sets Ant opologie apart.

Ant opologie vs. Johnny Was

Common T eads

  1. Versatility: Both brands have this magical knack for creating pieces that you can dress up or down. They’re your go-to for outfits that work from nine-to-wine.
  2. Feminine Aesthetics: You won’t find any plain Janes here. Both Johnny Was and Ant opologie make you feel like the leading lady of your life, with designs that scream femininity.
  3. Detailed Craftsmanship: Both brands are serious about details. We’re talking embroidery, patterns, and fabrics that make you want to twirl around in front of a mirror.

What Makes Ant opologie Special

And now, the extra bits that make Ant opologie shine:

  1. Footwear Galore: Ant opologie does a stellar job with its shoe lineup. From pumps to loafers, their footwear often comes with the same detailed craftsmanship you see in Johnny Was’ clothing.
  2. Home Goods: Here’s where Ant opologie goes the extra mile. They offer a home collection. Imagine having your home decked out to match your boho-chic wardrobe!
  3. Beauty Products: Love a good perfume or skincare product? Ant opologie has a beauty section that Johnny Was doesn’t.
  4. Wider Age Appeal: While Johnny Was tends to cater to a more mature audience, Ant opologie’s styles appeal to a broader age range, from teens to adults.J
  5. Seasonal Collections: Ant opologie is big on seasonal collections. They keep things fresh and exciting, regularly adding new themes and vibes to their lineup.

Why Spell & The Gypsy Collective Is Your Next Go-To After Johnny Was

If you’re smitten with Johnny Was, let me introduce you to its Aussie cousin: Spell & The Gypsy Collective. Trust me, this is like stumbling upon a hidden treasure chest in the fashion world.

This brand gives Johnny Was a run for its money in more ways than one. Both brands share that irresistible boho-chic vibe, but Spell brings something extra to the table that’ll make you do a double-take.

Why Spell & The Gypsy Collective Is Your Next Go-To After Johnny Was

How They’re Similar:

  1. Colorful: Both brands are your go-to if you want to add vibrant hues to your wardrobe.
  2. Vintage: You get that nostalgic, timeless feel whether you pick Johnny Was or Spell.
  3. Bohemian: It’s like they both read the same how-to manual on nailing boho chic.
  4. Detailed: Embroidery, prints, you name it. These brands don’t skimp on the intricacies.

What Makes Spell Special:

Unique Australian Influence

One word: Aussie. Spell brings in that Australian coolness that Johnny Was just doesn’t have. Think coastal vibes, a love for the great outdoors, and a bit of that surfer’s laid-back attitude. It’s a fresh take on boho that’s unlike anything else.

Ethical Fashion

If you’re conscious about where your clothes come from, Spell’s got your back. They’re committed to ethical manufacturing, making you feel good inside and out.

The Spell Bride

Johnny Was might give you luxury, but Spell gives you a fairytale. They’ve got an entire line devoted to bohemian bridal wear. So if you’re a bride-to-be who wants to stray from the traditional, you know where to look.

Extensive Range of Accessories

And let’s not forget the accessories. While Johnny Was has a solid lineup, Spell goes above and beyond with a wider variety of boho-inspired jewelry, bags, and even home décor.

Johnny WasSpell & The Gypsy Collective
American BohoAustralian Boho
Primarily ClothingClothing + Accessories + Bridal
Colorful & DetailedColorful & Ethical
Classic VintageCoastal Vintage

So if you’ve been living in Johnny Was-land and want to venture out, Spell & The Gypsy Collective is like the cool next-door neighbor you never knew you needed. It’s not just a brand; it’s a lifestyle. And it might just be the breath of fresh air your closet has been craving.

Why For Love & Lemons Is The Flavorful Twist Your Closet Needs After Johnny Was

So, you’re a Johnny Was fan, huh? That means you’ve got a taste for the detailed, luxury stuff. But let me give you a hot tip: if you’re looking for something that combines the best of Johnny Was with a dose of romantic allure, you’ve gotta check out For Love & Lemons.

Seriously, this brand is like the spicy margarita to Johnny Was’s classic tequila—both hit the spot, but For Love & Lemons brings an unexpected kick.

Why For Love & Lemons Is The Flavorful Twist Your Closet Needs After Johnny Was

How They’re Similar:

  1. Detailed: Both brands make you look twice. The intricate embroidery and prints are total eye-candy.
  2. Luxury-ish: Quality is king for both Johnny Was and For Love & Lemons, and you can feel it in the fabrics and craftsmanship.
  3. Unique: Each piece from both brands tells a story. You’re not just wearing clothes; you’re wearing art.

What Sets For Love & Lemons Apart:

Lacy Extravaganza

For Love & Lemons is basically the queen of lace. If you’re all about that feminine, delicate aesthetic, this brand takes it to the next level.

Sensual & Flirty

Johnny Was is fab for that bohemian and vintage feel, but For Love & Lemons turns up the heat with sensual, flirty designs. It’s the brand you reach for when you want to feel like the main character in a romance novel.

Versatile Collections

From swimwear to lingerie to daywear, For Love & Lemons offers a wide range of options. Johnny Was is versatile, sure, but this brand lets you live out your lace fantasies from head to toe.

Evening Wear Focus

While Johnny Was gives you that day-to-day luxury, For Love & Lemons specializes in pieces that are ready for a night on the town. They’ve got you covered for those special occasions.

Johnny WasFor Love & Lemons
Bohemian & VintageRomantic & Flirty
Daywear FocusEvening & Special Occasion
Detailed & UniqueDetailed & Lacy
American ClassicContemporary Edge

So, to sum it up, if Johnny Was is your everyday jam, think of For Love & Lemons as your “treat yourself” splurge. It’s perfect for when you want to dial up the drama and feel like the showstopper you are. After all, who says you can’t have a little extra sparkle in your life?

Why Desigual is the Wild Card Your Johnny Was-Loving Heart Needs

Alright, so you’re vibing with Johnny Was. You love the colorful tapestries and the unique patterns that make each piece a wearable work of art. But let’s say you’re itching for something a tad more adventurous—something that says, “Hey world, look at me!” Enter Desigual, the brand that takes the predictability out of fashion.

How They’re Similar:

  1. Colorful: Desigual and Johnny Was are both a rainbow lover’s dream. Say goodbye to dull, drab colors!
  2. Unique: Each brand is big on designs that make you stand out. It’s not just clothing; it’s a statement.

Desigual Women's Woman Woven Shirt Long Sleeve, Black, L

What Makes Desigual a Must-Check-Out:

Playfulness Overload

Desigual is like the class clown of fashion. Their designs are not just unique; they’re downright playful. Expect unexpected color combos and whimsical prints that you won’t find in Johnny Was’s more traditional boho line-up.

Global Influences

Where Johnny Was leans more towards a bohemian and vintage aesthetic, Desigual pulls from a variety of global influences. It’s like taking a trip around the world without leaving your closet.

The Art Factor

Desigual doesn’t just make clothes; they make wearable art. Each piece looks like it jumped out of an abstract painting. Johnny Was gives you artistic, but Desigual gives you avant-garde.

All-Age Appeal

While Johnny Was targets a more mature audience, Desigual has something for everyone—from kids to adults. It’s a brand for the young and young-at-heart.

Johnny WasDesigual
Bohemian & VintagePlayful & Global
Artistic & DetailedAbstract & Artistic
Mature AudienceAll-Age Appeal
American FocusGlobal Influence

So if you’re a Johnny Was fan but want to kick it up a notch with something totally unpredictable, Desigual could be your next fashion fling. It’s the wardrobe wildcard you didn’t know you were missing, but once you get a taste, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Why Mango is the Versatile Upgrade Your Johnny Was Collection Deserves

Hey, Johnny Was enthusiasts, I get it—those colorful, unique pieces have a special place in your heart. But let’s be real, sometimes you need a look that can switch gears from office to after-party without a hitch. Meet Mango, your new best friend for versatile boho-chic. This brand is all about stylish pieces that work as hard as you do.

Why Mango is the Versatile Upgrade Your Johnny Was Collection Deserves

How They’re Similar:

  1. Boho-Chic: Both brands have that laid-back, free-spirited vibe that we all adore.
  2. Stylish: Whether it’s Johnny Was or Mango, you’re not just wearing clothes, you’re wearing a look.

What Sets Mango Apart:

Dress Up or Down

Mango gives you the power to decide how dressy or casual you want to go. Its pieces can effortlessly go from a day at the office to a night out with friends.

Minimalist Edge

Johnny Was excels in detailed, intricate designs. Mango, on the other hand, takes a minimalist approach. Think fewer patterns, cleaner lines, and a palette that’s easier to mix and match.


Let’s face it, Johnny Was can be a bit on the pricier side. Mango offers that stylish flair without breaking the bank. Your wallet will thank you.

Global Trendsetter

While Johnny Was captures that classic American boho, Mango gives you a more global, contemporary feel. It’s the kind of brand you’d see making waves from New York to Barcelona.

Johnny WasMango
American BohoGlobal Contemporary
Intricate & ColorfulMinimalist & Versatile
Higher Price PointBudget-Friendly
Day-to-Day LuxuryEveryday Versatility

So there you have it. If you love Johnny Was but are on the hunt for something more versatile and budget-friendly, Mango is your go-to. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of fashion—practical, stylish, and ready for anything. Trust me, this is one style switch-up you won’t regret.

Why Zara Is the Fast Track to Refresh Your Johnny Was Style

Alright, Johnny Was aficionados, let’s get real. You love the artistic, detailed vibe Johnny Was delivers. But sometimes you’re looking for a quick style fix without emptying your savings, am I right? Enter Zara, the fast-fashion powerhouse that serves up artistic flair at turbo speed.

How They’re Similar:

  1. Artistic: Both Zara and Johnny Was are about making a statement. Whether it’s a unique cut or an eye-catching print, you won’t blend into the crowd.
  2. Detailed: These brands know the devil’s in the details. Expect intricate embroidery, special stitching, and more.
Why Zara Should Be Your Next Shopping Stop:

Why Zara Should Be Your Next Shopping Stop:

Fast Fashion, Fast Updates

Zara keeps their collections fresh and frequently updated. You’re not waiting for the next season; you’re getting new styles, like, yesterday.

Limited-Edition Collections

Zara’s limited editions are the real MVPs. They bring the artistic and detailed elements you love in Johnny Was but make it accessible for those ‘treat yourself’ moments that won’t haunt your bank account.


While Johnny Was has that timeless bohemian charm, Zara is all about what’s hot now. It’s your shortcut to keeping up with the latest trends.


Let’s be honest, not everyone lives near a boutique that carries Johnny Was. Zara, however, is pretty much everywhere. No more excuses for not having a chic wardrobe, okay?

Johnny WasZara
Timeless BohemianTrend-Forward
High-end & DetailedFast & Detailed
Seasonal CollectionsFrequent Updates
Less AccessibleHigh Street Availability

So, if you’re looking to spice up your Johnny Was collection with some quick, trendy additions, Zara has got your back. It’s like the espresso shot to your regular coffee—sometimes, you just need that extra kick to keep things exciting.

Why Sundance Is the Classy Cousin Your Johnny Was Wardrobe Needs

Okay, so you’re all about Johnny Was for its vintage, luxury feel. But what if you could amp up those vibes while also investing in quality that’s built to last? Folks, let me introduce you to Sundance, the brand that’s like the older, wiser cousin in your fashion family.

How They’re Similar:

  1. Vintage: Both Johnny Was and Sundance serve major nostalgia with styles that feel timeless.
  2. Luxury: If you’re into clothes that scream “top shelf,” these brands have got you covered.
Why Sundance Is the Classy Cousin Your Johnny Was Wardrobe Needs

Why Sundance is the Upgrade You Deserve:

Quality, Quality, Quality

Sundance isn’t playing around when it comes to materials. Think natural fibers that not only look good but also last a long time.

Sophisticated Styles

While Johnny Was rocks that bohemian, laid-back look, Sundance adds a layer of sophistication. Picture yourself at a vineyard or an art gallery opening—that’s the Sundance vibe.


Sundance takes detail to a whole new level. We’re talking hand-stitched embroidery, artisanal touches, and unique finishes that make each piece a standout.

The Investment Factor

With Johnny Was, you’re buying for the style and the name. With Sundance, you’re investing in a piece that could very well become a family heirloom.

Johnny WasSundance
Bohemian & VintageSophisticated & Vintage
Trendy LuxuryTimeless Quality
Artistic & DetailedCraftsmanship
Seasonal ChicHeirloom Potential

So if you’re feeling like your Johnny Was collection needs a touch of class and a focus on long-lasting quality, Sundance is where it’s at. It’s like going from sparkling water to champagne—both are great, but sometimes you gotta opt for the real bubbles.

Why Boho Chic Is the Groovy Sibling to Your Johnny Was Collection

Johnny Was fans, listen up! You dig the bohemian, flowy vibes, right? But what if you could hop into a time machine and take that style back to its roots? Say hello to Boho Chic, the brand that’s all 70s, all the time, and all kinds of awesome.

Why Boho Chic Is the Groovy Sibling to Your Johnny Was Collection

How They’re Similar:

  1. Bohemian: Both Johnny Was and Boho Chic live and breathe the boho life. We’re talking flowy fabrics, vibrant prints, and all that good stuff.
  2. Flowy Designs: Whether it’s a Johnny Was kimono or a Boho Chic maxi dress, these brands nail the relaxed, easygoing fit.

What Makes Boho Chic the Retro Queen:

70s T owback

Boho Chic isn’t just bohemian; it’s like a blast from the past. Think flower power, peace signs, and bell-bottoms. Johnny Was is boho, but Boho Chic is boho with a retro twist.

Festival Ready

Johnny Was is a bit more luxury, a bit more “let’s go to a fancy brunch.” Boho Chic is more “let’s go to Woodstock.” It’s casual, comfy, and festival-friendly.

The Price Tag

Let’s keep it real; Johnny Was can be a bit of a splurge. Boho Chic, however, is more wallet-friendly while still delivering on style and quality.

A Vintage Love Affair

Boho Chic doesn’t just give you clothes; it gives you nostalgia. Every piece feels like a treasure you just unearthed from your cool aunt’s attic.

Johnny WasBoho Chic
Modern Bohemian70s Bohemian
Luxury & DetailedCasual & Authentic
Contemporary ChicVintage Vibes
Brunch ReadyFestival Ready

So if your Johnny Was collection is begging for some retro flair, Boho Chic has got you covered. It’s like adding a vinyl record to your Spotify playlist—sometimes, you just gotta go old school to keep things fresh.

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Why Raga Is the Edgy Wingman Your Johnny Was Closet Needs

So you’re a Johnny Was devotee, huh? You’re into the bohemian, feminine vibes and you’re not afraid to show it. But what if you could inject a little more edge into that floral-and-fringe universe? Say hello to Raga, your go-to for mixing traditional boho with a modern twist.

Why Raga Is the Edgy Wingman Your Johnny Was Closet Needs

How They’re Similar:

  1. Bohemian: Johnny Was and Raga both worship at the altar of boho style. You’re guaranteed to turn heads.
  2. Feminine: Both brands lean into feminine designs, so you can feel like a goddess all day, every day.

Reasons Raga Deserves Closet Space:

Feminine With a Twist

Johnny Was is super feminine, but Raga takes it up a notch with an edgy flair. Think lace but with leather, or florals paired with metallics.

Conversation Starters

Every Raga piece has a story to tell, blending modern styles with traditional elements. You won’t just look good; you’ll have something interesting to talk about.

Mix and Match Magic

Raga’s pieces are super versatile. You can layer them, mix them, match them, and basically make every outfit an Instagram-worthy look.

Adventurous Spirit

Johnny Was gives you that comfort-zone chic, but Raga pushes the envelope. It’s for those days when you’re feeling a bit daring and want to shake things up.

Johnny WasRaga
Classic BohemianEdgy Bohemian
Feminine & FlowyFeminine with a Twist
Comfort-Zone ChicAdventurous & Unique
Detailed & ArtisticVersatile & Modern

So, if you’re looking to spice up your Johnny Was collection with pieces that are not just beautiful but bold, Raga’s the way to go. It’s like swapping your herbal tea for a spicy chai—sometimes you just need that extra zing.

Wrap It Up: The Perfect Companions to Your Johnny Was Wardrobe

The Perfect Companions to Your Johnny Was Wardrobe

Look, Johnny Was is great—no one’s disputing that. But even your favorite playlist needs a new track now and then, right? Whether you’re craving a touch of class from Sundance, a retro rewind with Boho Chic, or that edgy pop from Raga, there’s a brand out there to complement your go-to Johnny Was looks.

Each brings its own unique flair to the table, offering you the chance to diversify your closet without straying too far from what you love. So go ahead, step out of your comfort zone and let these brands add a little spice to your style life.