Does Lands End Run True to Size? (Big, Small? What About Each Clothing Item?)

Does Lands End Run True to Size?

Lands’ End is known for its classic, timeless styles and quality craftsmanship, but do their clothes run true to size? Do they fit well? Are they sized right in the chest and waist? Can you trust Lands’ End sizes or are they just a guessing game?

Well, the bad news is that it depends on the specific product because some of them run small while others run big. However, the good news is Lands End is consistent with sizing within each product range.

For example:

  1. Lands End pants, for instance, run large.
  2. But their shoes and boots typically run small.
  3. Generally, most of the brand’s offerings tend to run to the larger end of the spectrum.
  4. According to many consumers, their female clothing products usually run large.

So, the trick is to look at each individual item and see what the trend is and that is exactly what we are going to do. Let’s delve into each of Lands End’s clothing range and see if they run big and small. This is very handy information, especially if you’re going to purchase online without the opportunity to try them on…

Do Lands End Pants Run Small?

No. It’s actually the opposite. Many consumer reviews suggest that Lands End pants run large however they do have adjustable waists so it’s not much of a problem. Not to mention Lands End have several offerings when it comes to pants fittings.


Lands' End Womens Starfish Straight Pants Charcoal Heather Plus 1x


  1. Their traditional fit pants offer the best comfort for most people.
  2. The tailored fit option is classic yet roomy. It’s made to be fitted but it’s not too tight.
  3. The straight fit option is looser than the slim fit and usually runs true to size.
  4. The slim-fit pants are the most flattering fits available on the market and their fit works well on anyone.

Do Lands End Shirts Run Big?

Yes. Many of the traditional shirt size offerings from Lands End, e.g. small, medium, large, etc. run big. They run quite big as compared to other brands.

This means, if you wear an L from other brands, you are likely to feel comfortable wearing an M from Lands End.

However, this is only the case with their traditional size offerings.

Their other options such as Canvas, Slim, Tailored, etc. usually run true to size and they are closer to what you see in other brands.

Do Lands End Jeans Run Small?

Yes. Lands End intentionally makes jeans a bit smaller in terms of sizing in order to accommodate for the shorter rise. Still, there are consumers who prefer to size down with Lands End jeans as they find them to be running a bit larger.

A key thing to note is that the brand uses two elastic side tabs on both sides of the waist so that they are comfortable to wear even if you fluctuate a few pounds.

They also have garment measurements for their jeans. It’s a good idea to measure jeans that fit you well and then compare them to the garment measurement.

Do Lands End Jackets Run Small?

No. Lands End jackets actually run large and some consumers even find them to be running too big. The brand makes them be a relaxed fit and their jackets are supposed to run a little big so you can wear bulkier items, such as sweaters, underneath.


Lands' End Womens Plush Insulated Coat Black Regular Large


The jackets are warm and cozy. Female consumer reviews suggest that the fit is good across the bust but loose across the hips and stomach. Lands End has a True Fit tool on their website and it is highly recommended that you use it to determine the perfect fit for you.

Do Lands End Coats Run Big?

Yes. Lands End coats do run a little bit big. The reason for this is the same as with their jackets; to allow you to wear sweaters or some other bulkier items underneath.

However, the fit varies from one product to another. So, if you plan to buy a particular item, be sure to double-check the sizing before proceeding.

How Do Lands End Women Sizes Run?

Lands End female clothing products usually run large. No matter whether you buy a jacket, pants, shirt, or other clothing items, you can expect it to run a size or two bigger.

  • The outwear items for women particularly run large.
  • And even if you buy a petite size of a product, it may still run a bit large. So, keep that in mind when making a purchase.
  • When it comes to coats, such fitting is actually beneficial as it makes room for other items to wear underneath.

How Do Lands End Dresses Fit?

Lands End dresses tend to be a bigger fit as compared to most other brands. They do offer true slim fit options for certain items. Those are actually true to their size and their fitting is on par with other renowned brands. The same is the case with their tailored fit options.


Lands' End Womens Cap Sleeve Knit Surplice Twist Maxi Dress Bordeaux Red Fun Leaf Print Plus 1x


Lands End has garment measurements available for most of their items, so be sure to take advantage of them as they make it easy to find your size by comparing it to other clothing that you own.

As a rule of thumb when it comes to Lands End clothing, if you are between two size chart options, always size down to a smaller one.

Do Lands End Swimsuits Run Small?

Yes. That’s why many consumers order one size up when buying Lands End swimsuits. Their one-pieces particularly run short in the torso.

That said, there are certain swimsuits from the brand that is true to size and the brand’s size charts are also pretty accurate.


Lands' End Womens Chlorine Resistant Tugless Tank Soft Cup One Piece Swimsuit Deep Sea Navy Plus 18w


If you are still unsure about the sizing, don’t hesitate to contact their customer service as they might be able to make recommendations and also tell you whether the swimsuit runs small or big.

How Do Lands End Boots Fit?

Some models run true to size but generally, Lands End boots run narrow, similar to their shoes.

That said, there are some consumer reviews about their snow boots that suggest that those particular boots run true to a little big. But they are very easy to get on and off because of their excellent build.

Do Lands End Shoes Run True to Size?

There are mixed reviews when it comes to the fitting of Lands End shoes. Some consumers have found them to be running small, both in length and width, while others find them to be running large and wide.


Lands' End Women's Suede Moccasin Slippers Washed Pink


But one thing is for certain, once you have determined your size and tested a pair, you can confidently buy it in that size and have peace of mind that it will serve you well.

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