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Clothes Like Boston Proper (5 Clothe Brands Similar To Boston Proper)

5 Clothe Brands Similar To Boston Proper

Boston Proper has evolved into a nationally recognized brand synonymous with unique, distinctive, and versatile fashion for today’s modern woman.

Boston Proper describes its unique style as “fiercely feminine” and use a variety of materials to give you that feel. Whether you want something casual to wear on the weekends or something more elegant for a night out, they have it all.

Their original concept of dressing one woman in many ways continues to inspire their design team, which creates exclusive prints and fabrics with an emphasis on distinctive details that provide an element of surprise. Boston Proper also offers a full line of knit tops, bottoms, jackets, and accessories

So if you’re looking for something similar to Boston Proper (Available on Amazon) but want to branch out a bit, I’ve rounded up 5 brands like Boston Proper below.

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1. Eileen Fisher

Boston Proper is a well-known brand name among women who are looking for stylish and fashionable clothing. This company offers women a wide range of top-quality clothing in traditional designs that are both elegant and casual.

For some people, however, the prices of Boston Proper clothes are simply too high to be reasonable. If you are one of these people, you may want to consider an Eileen Fisher (Available on Amazon) alternative instead.

Eileen Fisher is another well-known brand that offers similar styles to those offered by Boston Proper but at a lower price. If you have never heard of this brand before, here are t ee reasons why Eileen Fisher clothes might be just what you need:


Eileen Fisher Womens Walking Shorts Tencel Blend High Rise Cropped Pants Gray XL


Like Boston Proper, Eileen Fisher offers clothing in a number of different styles.

It does not matter whether you prefer elegant dresses or casual tops—you will be able to find something for every occasion. This makes it easy to pick out clothes that match your own personal tastes and preferences without spending too much money on brand names.

Eileen Fisher’s clothes are made using quality materials that hold up well over time.

In fact, many women find that their Eileen Fisher clothing lasts just as long as the clothing from more expensive brands like Boston Proper

Boston Proper has Extremely Similar Styles to Eileen Fisher

The styles offered by Boston Proper are very similar to those found at Eileen Fisher. Boston Proper focuses on clean lines, easy-to-wear pieces, and lots of color options. For example, both brands offer lots of knit tops, tunics, and cardigans in almost every color imaginable.

Both brands also carry magnificent dresses perfect for any occasion from work to weekend trips or dinner with friends. Boston Proper even carries items with similar details such as asymmetrical hems or unique necklines that make them stand out from other retailers’ offerings.

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2. J. Jill

J. Jill is a clothing line that features stylish and comfortable clothes for women of all ages. They offer a wide selection of casual dresses, tops, pants, and outerwear pieces that are perfect for busy individuals who need practical yet fashionable items in their closets. This brand also offers accessories such as scarves, jewelry, and shoes.

They Have A Wide Variety of Styles

One thing that made Boston Proper such a popular choice was its wide variety of styles and patterns. You won’t be disappointed with J. Jill’s catalog either! From sweaters to polos, slacks, and accessories, there’s something for everyone at J. Jill.

One of the best things about J. Jill is that it offers its own unique take on fashion trends.

The brand isn’t trying to be an exact replica of any other store out there; instead, it takes inspiration from what’s hot in the fashion world and puts its own twist on things.

This gives shoppers something different to choose from, especially if they’re tired of the same old thing at their local mall.

Soft, Comfortable Fabrics

Both Boston Proper and J. Jill clothing items are made from soft and comfortable fabrics. They are both known for delivering high-quality materials that stand up to repeated washing without losing their shape or comfort level. This makes it easy for customers to enjoy their new clothes every day without worrying about them wearing out too soon.

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3. Coldwater Creek

Like Boston Proper, Coldwater Creek (Available on Amazon) carries items that are sophisticated and versatile. Their lines include dresses and dressy separates that can be worn during the day or in the evening.

They also offer knits, sweaters, coats, and jackets that are made from high-quality materials such as wool and cashmere. In addition to apparel items, this company also carries footwear in various silhouettes such as pumps and boots as well as beautiful home goods like bedding sets and decorative t ow pillows.

Here are t ee reasons why Coldwater Creek clothes make a good Boston Proper alternative:


Coldwater Creek 3/4-Sleeve Satin Trim Silk/Cotton Blend Cardigan, Burnt Umber, Extra Small (4)


Coldwater Creek sizes are more inclusive than Boston Proper’s

Boston Proper only offers their clothes in regular sizes (XS-XL) but Coldwater Creek offers all of their clothes in regular, petite, and plus sizes (1X-4X). This makes Coldwater Creek a better choice for women who need to find petite or plus-size clothing because they will have more options available at Coldwater Creek than they would at Boston Proper.

Warm Weather Fashion

One reason why Coldwater Creek clothes are a good alternative to Boston Proper is that they provide more fashion-forward warm-weather options. If you live in a place like Florida, where the weather is warm on a regular basis, you need to have clothing items that can keep you cool without sacrificing style.

Luckily, you will be able to find many different kinds of casual wear from Coldwater Creek that will help you beat the heat while also looking your best. You can find plenty of cute tops as well as skirts and dresses and more by this company.

Cozy Items

If you want to snuggle up during the winter season or just stay comfortable around the house on a regular basis, Coldwater Creek can help you out with their cozy clothing options.

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4. Donna Karan New York

Donna Karan is a prominent American fashion designer who created her own Donna Karan New York label. Her line of women’s clothing and accessories features elegant, feminine pieces that work well for the office, events, and going out.

Boston Proper is a similar brand that can complement DKNY (Available on Amazon), with designs that include plenty of color and prints. Here are t ee reasons why Donna Karan New York clothes are a good Boston Proper alternative:

Both brands are designed for older women.

Boston Proper offers sizes ranging from 0 to 22W, with some dresses going up to size 24W. The company also sells petite styles for women under 5’4″ and tall styles for those over 5’8″. The average age of customers is 49 years old, according to the company’s site.

Donna Karan New York designs collections for women of all ages and sizes, including the DKNY Jeans line that features modern denim, fit in sizes 23 to 32.


DKNY Women's Tie Neck Dress, Eggplant Multi, 12


Boston Proper dresses complement Donna Karan’s New York jackets.

If you need an outfit for a formal event or just want to look put together at the office, pair an elegant jacket from Donna Karan New York with a dress from Boston Proper.

Both brands offer stylish clothes that can be dressed up or down.

As mentioned earlier, clothes from the Boston Proper catalog are elegant and sophisticated but they can be dressed down for everyday wear too. This is especially true for the pants, skirts, and shorts from the brand.

The same thing goes for Donna Karan’s New York clothing as well. You can easily dress up the tees, tanks, skirts, and dresses from DKNY with jewelry and accessories, or dress them down with a denim jacket or cardigan sweater.

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5. Lands’ End

For years, Lands’ End (Available on Amazon) has been known for its preppy clothes for men and women. But it’s in recent years that the retailer has really stepped up its style game. The brand now offers a wide range of fashionable pieces from casual wear to classic business attire. And let’s not forget about their swimsuits, too!

Lands’ End is a great alternative to Boston Proper because it offers classic clothing in a wide range of sizes and styles, has low prices, and provides outstanding customer service.


Lands' End Womens Short Sleeve Supima Polo Deep Sea Navy Regular Medium


Lands’ End clothes are made well.

Lands’ End clothes are a good Boston Proper alternative because they’re made well. Clothes often have seams that unravel and buttons that fall off, but that’s not an issue with Lands’ End clothes.

Lands’ End clothes are comfy and keep their shape.

The clothes from Lands’ End are also comfortable, and they keep their shape for years. This is especially true for jeans, which tend to stretch out over time and become baggy in the butt and legs after several wears. This isn’t the case with Lands’ End jeans, which hold their shape over time so you always look your best.

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In summary, Boston Proper is known for its tunics, dresses, and stylish tops. Their clothes are perfect for women who like to dress up while maintaining a sense of comfort.

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