Is Lands End A Good Brand? (Popular Footwear & Apparel Brand)

Lands’ End is a multichannel retailer renowned for offering high-quality clothing for the home and the entire family. It offers casual clothing, home products, footwear, and accessories.

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Lands’ End is an excellent brand because they have a variety of products to cater to your needs, and their prices are fairly reasonable.

Below I have provided some examples of some of the most popular Lands End products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

 Are Lands End Coats Warm?

Lands End has a variety of good coats to choose from including coats for men, women, and children. The following coat is one of the most popular especially for staying warm. You can see the reviewer comments below about how pleased they are with how this coat keeps them warm in all sorts of situations and places…


Lands’ End Women’s Winter Maxi Long Down Coat with Hood


Lands' End WMS Maxi Down Coat Black Petite X-Small

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Example of comments from Lands End reviews:


I love this coat!! It is super warm especially on those frigid New England winter days. The coat is long and has side zippers and a 2-way front zipper which is ideal for me as I ride my bike to work. When it was 2 degrees the other day with a wind chill of -15 I only had a light weight turtleneck on under my coat and I was warm. I thought my last winter coat was warm but this one exceeded my expectations!


  • I love this coat. We went to Kemmerer, WY for Thanksgiving and it was windy and snowing…and freezing cold. In this coat, I didn’t feel a thing.
  • Great coat, not too heavy to wear, but provides great warmth. The length keeps legs warm even on windy days.
  • I live in Minnesota, the weather has been below zero and windy … I am warm and cozy in this coat … ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!
  • Love everything about this long, lightweight winter coat!!!!!
  • I had been looking for a long winter coat that wouldn’t be heavy but can keep me warm and dry … This is the one!!!!
  • It comes all the way to my ankles which I absolutely love!!
  • Love the jacket. It’s warm and the length is perfect.
  • It’s not as puffy as I thought it would be from the pic but still a great coat for winter in NY.
  • On bitterly cold days when I have to go out, it is not as painful for me since I have this long, warm coat.
  • I also like how the pockets are of a soft cloth inside so it helps my hands feel warm.
  • The perfect length keeps me nice and warm. Love that it’s not heavy.
  • This coat keeps me warm during single-digit temperatures and leaves room for layering underneath.
  • Great everyday winter coat. Longer length and lining keeps me warm on walks to work and with my dogs.
  • This is a simple cute style that can be worn with anything.
  • I love this coat! I live in Alaska and it kept me warm during Rondy festivities for hours. The temps were in the twenties and I was never cold.

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Are Lands End Slippers Good?

Lands End sells very good slippers as demonstrated by the following men’s moccasin slippers that are very popular and have great customer reviews…


Lands’ End Men’s Suede Leather Moccasin Slippers


Lands' End Men's Suede Leather Moccasin Slippers Indoor and Outdoor Shoes

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Example of comments from Lands End reviews:


My husband LOVES his new slippers! He wears them all the time and constantly thanks me for buying them. He tells me they are very comfortable and supportive. I think these slippers were his favorite Christmas gift this year! Definitely a great buy and a great company.


  • I’ve been a Lands End (LE) fan for over 25 years, because of their canvas tote bags, and warranty. These slippers are of the same quality as other LE products, and I’m happy with the purchase!
  • A great alternative to UGGs. Its comfortable keeps my feet warm and is easy to put on.
  • My husband loves these slippers. They provide good traction, have a comfortable lining, and look nice.
  • This pair has classic lines, great looks, feels comfortable to the feet, and nice rubber out-sole.
  • Worth the price. Also got one for my father who loves it.
  • These slippers are great! Soles are durable and keep my feet warm from our cold wood and floor tilings.

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Are Lands End Towels Good?

Another popular and well-rated product is the Lands End striped beach towel with the length of the towel, softness, and vibrant colors making it a crowd favorite…


Lands’ End School Uniform Rugby Stripe Beach Towel


Lands' End School Uniform Rugby Stripe Beach Towel White Stripe

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Example of comments from Lands End reviews:


I really like the quality of this towel. I figured since it was made by Lands End it would be better quality than off brand. It’s a perfect size since its bigger than most beach towels.


  • I like that these towels are long. I’ve been looking for beach towels that a long enough to cover our patio lounge chairs. The quality it good. The color is really nice.
  • The colors stay just as brilliant after washing.
  • It’s a nice, soft towel. Medium weight, which I like.
  • Super big and comfy. Dries me off quickly.
  • Nice long and fluffy towel! Great purchase! Lands End Quality through and through!
  • Beautiful, soft luxurious, super long, to fit around bigger people. Washes well.
  • Great beach towel!!! Oversized, the biggest I’ve found so far, and perfect for those blue beach chairs in front of our condo!
  • It’s worth the price and so much better than beach towels you buy at any department store – this is more equivalent to the luxurious towels you find at a high-end hotel.
  • These towels over exceeded my expectations! They are huge and thick and soft. I cannot say enough good things about them.

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Lands End History

The history of Lands’ End dates back to 1963 when Gary Comer decided to fulfill his dream of opening his own business. He quit his job as an advertising copywriter and started a company with $30,000 in initial funds. At that time, the company specialized in offering sails and other marine hardware.

In 1964, Comer produced a catalog in order to sell and deliver the company’s products through the mail. The first booklet of Lands’ End called “The Racing Sailors’ Equipment Guide” featured a total of 84 pages, all printed in black-and-white, containing a wide range of technical-looking sailing implements.

However, a printer’s error led to the brand’s name being rendered with the apostrophe in the wrong place. Since Comer didn’t have enough funds to reprint the entire booklet, he decided to simply change the brand’s name according to the brochure.

  • Throughout the 1960s, Lands’ End continued to excel in offering sailing and marine hardware equipment via its catalog.
  • In 1973, the brand made its first foray into manufacturing products other than sailing equipment, when it started offering its own duffle bags.
  • The following year, the company started to market its own rain suit collection.
  • In 1975, the brand published its first all-color catalog that featured 30 pages of sailing equipment and additional 2 pages of clothing.
  • The next year, Lands’ End had decided to focus on selling clothing and canvas luggage.

After 1977, Lands’ End phased out the sailing equipment operation altogether and became a clothing brand offering a wide range of apparel products.

Throughout the years, the brand continued to thrive and today it holds its reputation for quality and strives to grow in the competitive apparel industry.

What Makes Lands’ End a Good Brand?

We have already seen the interesting history and the very impressive customer reviews for their products so let’s now look at some other key factors that make Lands’ End a good brand:


Reputed Brand

Lands’ End has a long-standing history and track record as a reliable brand. It is best known as a retailer of casual, traditionally-styled clothing, available via catalog known for their chatty, folksy style.

The brand’s focus on customer service and quality merchandise has made it a leader in the industry.


Global Reach

Lands’ End offers merchandise through multiple channels, e.g. retail locations, online platforms, and catalogs. The company has a business presence in the United States, Asia, Europe, and other areas.


Massive Product Line

Lands’ End offers apparel and accessories for women, men, kids, including niches such as outerwear, home, school, gift, and more. Its massive product line ensures that the brand has something for everyone in every season.


Stylish, Comfortable Apparel

Lands’ End stands for timeless quality and stylish comfort, offering incredible apparel at reasonable pricing for wherever life takes you and your family. From cold-weather gear and quality outerwear to classic casual wear, the brand excels at offering stylish, comfortable apparel.

Where To Buy Lands End Products?

You can see all of the Lands End currently available and purchase them online from their website or at their Amazon Store.

Overall, Lands’ End is one of the best clothing brands available in the market today. Throughout several decades, the company has offered reliable products and excellent customer service, making its name synonymous with honest value and legendary quality.

You simply cannot go wrong when choosing this brand.

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