Can You Use Aluminum Foil On A Blackstone Griddle? (Good Reasons)

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There are few cooking techniques more convenient than utilizing aluminum foil on a griddle to create thick, juicy, and flavorful dishes such as ham and steaks…

Of course, you can use aluminum foil on your Blackstone Griddle. In fact, using foil is a fantastic way to cook fish on your griddle as well as ham, thick cuts of steak, and even pizza.

You can also use aluminum foil to give your grilled foods a unique flavor. For example, you can wrap your meat in foil for a smoky taste.

Aluminum foil can be used on a griddle to protect its surface and to prevent food from sticking. It is a quick and easy way to make sure you get a clean grill every time.

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Using Foil On Your Griddle Provides Endless Possibilities?

Get creative with your griddle. Use foil to protect the food from the heat and also prevent sticking. This is especially true for thicker food items such as steaks and burgers that would otherwise burn easily without proper heat.

Why change sheets of paper when you can cook by using the same foil over and over again? The possibilities are endless, consider wrapping coated food in foil and grilling to create light but delicious dishes.

Use foil to cook thicker food such as a steak or pork chop on the flat top griddle. Place the semi-cooked item onto a sheet of foil and wrap it up tightly. Cook the item until thoroughly cooked through, flip the bundle over and unwrap.

One of our favorite things to do with the Blackstone griddle is to grill fresh vegetables with healthy oils and spices. It not only locks in flavor and texture but also makes for a beautiful presentation.


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We love to grill our vegetables in the foil and remove the foil for the last few minutes of cooking. This way, the vegetables are steamed and tender, and the foil allows the grill marks to really shine.

Place the package of smoked sausage on the hot griddle. Place one piece of foil over the sausage and wrap it around the sausage.

Then wrap another piece of foil from one side to the other side of the sausage.  This will ensure that the sausage cooks evenly.

Use Foil to Keep Food Warm. Wrap leftover food tightly in aluminum foil once you are done cooking to keep it warm until dinner is ready.

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Can Aluminum Foil Catch Fire On Grill?

Yes, but not on your grill or griddle. I think where the confusion that comes with whether or not foil is safe to use on your griddle is caused by the warnings not to use foil in other appliances such as smart ovens.

You have to be very careful using foil in other appliances because it can damage heating elements or overheat the appliance.

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However, there are none of those concerns about using foil on top of a griddle (even if it has a lid). So don’t confuse the dangers of other appliances with a griddle.

Using foil on a grill or griddle is commonplace and a fabulous way to cook many different recipes.

You Can Even Buy Foil Grilling Bags

Foil packets are great for cooking a variety of foods on an open fire. You can make just about anything taste delicious with the right combination of seasonings, vegetables, and meats.

The cooking method is simple – after preheating your grill, place the packets on a hot grill griddle. The food cooks in foil pouches that make cleanup a breeze and keep the steam in so vegetables like carrots and broccoli don’t overcook.

It’s a healthy, flavorful way to cook that bypasses messy pans in the kitchen. Cooking by the packet is quick and convenient – just open the foil and serve.

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It is easier to transport food if you pack it into a foil packet. This is especially true if you are camping or backpacking.

You can also cook with foil grilling bags on your grill. They are easier to transport in a cooler and do not require you to use grill space or heat up your kitchen.

It is easy to cook the garlic and onion in the packet with the meat and vegetables. This saves time and clean-up and can also give the finished dish more flavor.

You can also cook just about anything in a foil packet.

Get the flavor of campfire cooking without the hassle of a campfire. Each foil pack includes a complete dinner that can be cooked in minutes over a hot grill or on an outdoor burner. Just add meat, vegetables, and seasonings to a foil pack, then grill for 20–30 minutes until tender.

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In summary, cooking with foil on a griddle is a great way to get the same tasty results you get from a pan without the same amount of cleanup.

This is especially useful if you are cooking for a large group since you can simply throw away the foil when you are done. You can cook corn on the cob or baked potatoes with or without foil on a Blackstone griddle.

Here is a video of a guy using foil to cook corn on the cob on his Blackstone. But you should also know there are plenty of ways to cook corn on the cob without foil as well…

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Either way, as you can clearly see you can use foil on your Blackstone griddle with no fear at all. You can wrap food in foil to get extra heat and flavor or you can use foil trays to cook just about any extravagant recipe you like.

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