Can You Use A Knife On A Blackstone Griddle? A Surprising Answer

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When cooking on a griddle sometimes you just want to cut something directly on it without the hassle of removing it and cutting it elsewhere…

But if you use knives directly on your Blackstone Griddle won’t they cause damage?

The good news is that no it will not. In fact when asked the question on Blackstones very own website they didn’t even bother giving a long explanation.

Here is the answer direct from the manufacturer to this question…

Can I cut directly on the griddle top?

Are you ready for the big explanation?

Yes, you can. Cutting on the griddle top will not harm it.

That’s it. The game, set, and match. You can cut directly on your griddle top without any issues.

Is It Safe To Use A Knife To Cut Meats While It Cooks On The Griddle?

Let’s take a look at customer’s experiences and see what they have to say.

Checking questions and comments about the Blackstone 36 Inch Griddle once again the question above was asked.

And the answers from everyone who responded were most definitely yes.

Here are some such replies:

  • We have cut meats many times on our griddle however we do not make deep cuts so we haven’t had any issues with scratching.
  • Your knives may go bad, not the griddle. It’s solid cast iron!!!
  • Cutting things won’t hurt the Griddle top or cause a problem with your product, but it is Heck on our cutting blade’s edge.
  • Yes, it is safe but hard on your knife since it is a steel surface.
  • I have done it doesn’t hurt anything.

Even in the customer, one person remarked on it:

  • You can cut directly on the surface without worrying about scratches.

So you have the company who makes the product and is responsible for customers being happy including warranty issues and they say there is no problem whatsoever with cutting directly on the griddle top.

Remember they said… You will not harm it!

And that was it!

It is very rare that you get such a short standalone statement like this. There are no conditions, there is no be careful of this or be careful of that, there is nothing about various circumstances. It is just a categorical YES you can!

And then you have customers backing up what the company said saying they are cutting on it with ZERO issues.

I wish all answers to questions I have tried to answer on this site were so easy to answer with such a clear answer as well.

What Knives For Use On Steel Griddle?

We have already seen how you use a knife to cut on a griddle without harming your griddle but it is not good for your knife.

So you want a knife that is obviously sharp enough to cut steak but you don’t want to spend a fortune on a knife that you are going to basically destroy.

So buy cheaper knives and if you have a knife sharpening system you will be able to prolong the use of them.

In summary, yes you most certainly cut meat with a knife directly on the Blackstone Griddle top.

Of course, using a good cutting board is the ideal choice for most occasions and should be the go-to option especially for your good knives.

However, for those times you just want to cut directly on your griddle use one of those cheaper knives (make sure it’s sharp) and go for it.

Quite often it is very handy to do so and for your uninitiated friends sometimes it is just fun to do it in order to see their reactions.

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