Why Do My Pants Keep Falling Down? (What To Do About It)

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Why Do My Pants Keep Falling Down?

There could be a number of reasons why this happens. The most common reason why pants keep falling down is related to your body shape and how your pants fit you.

If you have larger hips but a smaller waist, then it is likely that your pants will fit you too loose in the waist area and you may face the problem of them falling down. The same will happen if you have smaller hips and butt but a larger waist. Other reasons may include the wrong size of pants, pants being worn out, the fabric of the pants being low quality, etc.

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Pants Keep Falling Down

  1. The cut of the jeans: If your pants keep falling down when you’re sitting, it could be because there’s too much fabric around your hips and butt that gets pulled forward when you sit down. Try a different jean style with more taper in the thigh area to see if that helps.
  2. Your body type: If you have a lot of weight on your hips, then it makes sense that a pair of jeans made for someone with a little hip curve would fit you poorly. Try another style of jeans that has more room in the thighs and less taper at the calves to see if that helps with pants falling down.
  3. Tightness: One of the most common reasons why skinny jeans keep falling down is because they’re too tight. Skinny jeans should have a snug fit, but not too tight. If your skinny jeans feel too tight, then change into different ones.
  4. Thinner Jeans: Another reason why your jeans might be falling down is simply that you got thicker ones. No matter how much you diet or work out, you can’t make your legs any thinner. You need to stick with thin jeans, otherwise, they will continue to fall down while you walk around or run around.
  5. Wrong Size (Loose): You might have bought the wrong size jeans. If this is the case, take them back and exchange them for the right size ones. You may also want to think about getting a professional seamstress to take in the waistband of your pants if they’re too loose.

When Pants Fall Down Are They Too Big or Too Small?

Any of these could be the reason. Generally, if your pants fall down, then it means they are simply too big and you may need to size down 1-2 sizes. But it could also mean that your pants are too small, particularly in terms of the inseam. If that’s the case, then you will need to ease up in size.

The wrong cut is another common reason. When your pants sit lower on the waist, they tend to fall down easily. No matter the case, you should always buy pants that don’t sag right from the start.

Why You Should Avoid Wearing Pants That Are Too Small

If you have ever had the misfortune of wearing a pair of pants that is too small, you may have noticed that they tend to fall down as you walk. This can be particularly embarrassing if you are in the middle of a mall or at a party and are trying to look your best.

Why does this happen? The reason is actually quite simple. When pants fit too tightly around your waist, the pants themselves become too heavy for gravity to hold them up. This causes the pants to drop down and hang loosely from your ankles.

Also, if you bend over with pants that are too tight, the pants will fall down because they cannot stay up on their own.

Why You Should Avoid Wearing Pants That Are Too Big

  • Pants that are too big can actually make you look fatter. Trousers and jeans that are too big will only accentuate the size of your thighs, butt, and hips.
  • Trousers and jeans that are too big will ride down on your hips and bum creating bulges in these areas.
  • Pants that are too big will make your legs appear shorter because they will be baggy at the bottom.
  • Pants that are too big will gather around your ankles causing them to look wider than they actually are.
  • Pants that are too big can cause your shoes to become visible because the trousers/jeans will bunch up around your ankles.
  • Trousers and jeans that are too big can create a gap between your pants and shoes causing the pants to fall down.

If you want to minimize your appearance of weight gain then ensure you choose a pair of trousers or jeans that fit well…not too tight but not so loose either.

Why Do I Constantly Have to Pull My Jeans Up?

Similar to pants, there could be a number of reasons why your jeans fall down and you constantly have to pull them up.

  1. Being low rise is the most common reason. Low-rise jeans are more likely to slide down as compared to others because of the way in which they sit.
  2. Another possible reason you constantly have to pull your jeans up is that they are too big. Jeans with a larger waist size than your body will likely slide down when worn.
  3. Apart from this, it’s also possible that the elastic waistband of your jeans has snapped.
  4. Last but not least, low-quality material is likely the reason why you have to constantly pull your jeans up.

Do Belts Hold Your Pants Up?

Yes. Belts are the best and the most common way to hold pants up. However, keep in mind that belts are not utilitarian pieces; they are an accessory. Your pants should always fit properly without a belt.

If your pants don’t have belt loops, then wearing a belt would be useless as your pants will likely slide out from under the belt and fall down.

However, if your pants have belt loops and your belt is still not holding your pants up, then it could mean that you have a flat butt, big belly, or both. In this case, you may need to look for alternative ways to hold your pants up.

Do Suspenders Hold Your Pants Up?

Yes. They were invented for this very purpose and they remained the primary way to support the pants before belts were introduced.

Before World War II, they were the preferred way to hold the pants up and even today they fulfill that purpose, particularly with emergency responder garments and workwear featuring built-in braces. You can wear suspenders with basically any kind of outfit, be it shorts, jeans, a suit for work, or even a tux for a formal occasion.

How Do I Keep My Pants Up with a Big Stomach?

If you have a big stomach, then the first step to making sure that your pants stay up is to measure your waist, including your belly, and then buy the right style of pants that flatter your body type. Buy pants with a waist that rests exactly around your stomach.

Don’t buy pants with a waistline that rests below or above your stomach. Also, don’t rely only on the length and waist measurements specified on the label. It is likely that you will need to try on several different sizes for the best fit.

Apart from this, you can wear a belt to make sure that your pants stay up. Just be sure that the belt is neither too tight nor too loose. You can also tuck in your shirt to make your pants the right fit. If you still need to keep your pants up, use suspenders.

Why Do My Lululemon Pants Roll Down?

One of the primary reasons for Lululemon pants rolling down is the wrong size choice. If you have purchased pants that are big for you, then it is likely that they will keep falling down.

One way to determine whether the Lululemon pants are big for you is to check the snap of the waistband against your skin. If it isn’t loud enough, you will need to choose a smaller size.

However, keep in mind that the roll-down can occur even if your Lululemon pants are a perfect fit. If that’s the case, then it simply means that the pants don’t have a good fit in the stomach area. If the pants are low on your waist, they will easily roll down.

It is also possible that the elastic of your Lululemon pants is damaged. This happens if you don’t wash them in cold water. Finally, if you stretch the Lululemon pants often when washing them, they will eventually become loose.

In summary, there are a number of reasons why your pants keep falling down, but the most common is that they’re too big!

All of the above and the following things can be contributing factors to why your pants keep falling down.

  • Trouser Size: This seems obvious but sometimes it gets overlooked. If your pants are too big, they will fall down. But the same is also true if they are too small. Make sure that you are wearing a pair of pants that are actually your size and not just bigger because you like the fit.
  • Hip Size: Another important factor is hip size. Many people neglect their hip size when trying on pants and end up with something that fits everywhere except for their hips. Pants that fit snugly around the hips won’t fall down.
  • Saddle Bags: Another reason why pants might be falling down is because of saddlebags. Saddlebags are pockets of fat around the hips, thighs, and butt area. They can add extra weight and bunching to the lower half of your body and cause your pants to fall down more often than necessary.
  • Thick Material: Another reason why your pants might not be staying up properly is because of the material they’re made from.

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