How to Wash Hair Without Getting Face Wet (10 Methods)

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How to Wash Your Hair Without Getting Your Face Wet

Washing your hair can be tricky. If you’re trying to avoid getting your face wet, you might be wondering how to wash your hair without getting your face wet.

While it might seem impossible, there are actually a few ways to keep your face dry while washing your hair, including washing your hair over the sink, using a hooded dryer, shampoo shield, plastic visor, and more.

Most women dread having to wash their hair because doing so inevitably means that they are going to get at least a little bit of water on their faces. It is particularly frustrating when they have makeup on or have just finished styling their faces to perfection.

If you fall into this category, then you’ll be happy to know that there are a couple of ways for you to avoid having your face and water mix when cleansing your mane.

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10 Ways to Wash Hair Without Getting Face Wet

Whether you want to avoid getting your face wet when you wash your hair or are just trying to avoid causing more irritation to a skin condition, there are plenty of ways to wash your hair without getting soapy water in your eyes.

1. Wash hair over the sink

Instead of washing hair in the shower, fill a large basin with warm water and pour it over your head over the sink so that any excess water runs down into your drain instead of into your eyes or mouth. You can use this method to wet your hair completely before you apply shampoo and conditioner, only if you do not have a detachable showerhead.


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2. Wash your hair in the shower

If you feel you have no other option and can’t avoid water splashing on your face, then make sure to keep your face away from the stream of water by washing the back of your head first and the front last.

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3. Use a detachable showerhead

If you don’t already have one, detachable shower heads can make washing long hair easier because they allow you to direct the stream of water at your scalp without having to tilt your head back into the flow.

4. Use an applicator bottle or cup

Put conditioner into an applicator bottle and squeeze it onto the ends of your hair. Massage it in gently and rinse with lukewarm water from a basin (or from the detachable showerhead, if you have one). This will save you time by eliminating the need to stand under running water for long periods of time as you work conditioner through your hair.


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5. Use a shampoo shield

Shampoo shields are soft plastic accessories worn over the ears and forehead like a visor, preventing shampoo from running into your eyes while you wash your hair in the shower. Keep the shield in place during conditioner application as well to avoid rinsing those products near your face too.

A shampoo shield is a clear plastic visor with a flexible rim that attaches around the head, keeping water from running down the face when washing hair in a bathtub or shower stall. The shield has an opening in the back for neck and shoulder access. It also lets soap suds run down the face, which can be irritating for some people.

6. Hair washing cap

A hair washing cap is just like a shower cap, only bigger and more durable. It covers the entire head, neck, and shoulders. A person with limited mobility can wash hair with water and shampoo in the shower stall or bathtub without getting his face wet.

The cap is easy to put on and take off — no need for assistance or a helper. Just slip it on after shampooing, rinse out the suds and conditioner, then remove the cap and let your locks drip dry while you finish your bath or shower.

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7. Plastic Visor

A plastic visor helps keep water from splashing on your face when washing hair in the shower or bathtub. The visor fits snugly around the head. It has a strap that goes around the back of the neck and attaches with an adjustable buckle. The visor covers a large portion of the face, allowing you to wash hair without getting soap in the eyes or water on your face.


8. Hair Washing Tray

Hair washing trays are useful for those with limited mobility or who are confined to bed. They can also help anyone who is tired of trying to wash their hair without getting their face wet.

A hair washing tray is basically a waterproof bowl that fits comfortably on the head when shampooing or conditioning hair while sitting in a bathtub or standing in a shower stall. The tray is deep enough to catch any water that runs down the face while rinsing or shampooing locks.


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The large bowl is filled with clean, warm water and poured slowly over the back of the head, allowing water to run through the scalp and rinse away dirt and lingering shampoo residue. A hair washing tray can also be used to apply the conditioner by filling it with the conditioner and then gently submerging strands into the solution.

When using a hair washing tray, it’s important to tilt the head forward as opposed to backward, which would allow dirty water from the back of the head to flow down toward the face. Be sure to empty and rinse out the tray after each use, washing it thoroughly with soap and water before storing it for future use.

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9. Hooded Dryer

If you have a hooded dryer at home, use it to keep your face dry when washing your hair! Sit in front of the hooded dryer with your forehead under the hood. Wash and condition your hair as you normally would, making sure that none of the product gets on the hooded dryer.

When you’re ready to rinse, gently lift the hood with one hand to avoid soaking yourself with water while rinsing with the other hand. Once you’re done rinsing, lower the hood back down and sit in front of it until you’re completely dry.

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10. Shampoo Hat

Similar to a hair washing tray, a shampoo hat is a soft cap that covers the crown of the head and includes an attached cup or tray to catch any water running down the face while washing locks. The user can fill the cap with water and let it drain over her hair as needed. Some of these hats come with an extendable tube that attaches to a handheld showerhead for more control over rinsing hair.


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Shampoo hats work well for individuals who have difficulty keeping their heads upright while washing their hair in a bathtub or shower stall. They also help protect hearing aids during washing and keep body lotion from running into your eyes when conditioning locks after bathing or showering.

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In summary, it’s another one of life’s little annoyances that you must get your face wet when you wash your hair. Shampooing and conditioning can make a mess of your makeup, and even with the best waterproof products, it’s frustrating to have to redo your eyes every morning.

Luckily, the above methods provide a few ways to protect your face from water during washing.

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