Can You Clean Artificial Grass With Zoflora? (What Else Can You Use?)

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Artificial grass has grown in popularity and application for indoor (balcony) and outdoor lawns. Synthetic turf is easy maintenance and is ever-green, creating beautiful lawns around the house.

Exploring available cleaning solutions for artificial grass under constant risk of pet excrement and accumulation of dirt, odor, and bacteria is vital.

You can clean artificial grass with Zoflora. Zoflora is a pet-friendly, certified disinfectant, antiseptic, and odor-removing product that can be used for cleaning many things, including artificial grass. In addition, it kills any lingering bacteria in the artificial grass.

Read on to get insights into the available cleaning solutions suitable for your artificial grass lawns.

What Disinfectant Can I Use on Artificial Grass?

One of the common challenges of installing artificial grass is the tendency of pets to excrete on your installation. Naturally, dogs will roam around the neighborhood marking territory.

Cats will naturally walk and lay on your artificial grass for busking, pawning, and even defecate and mess on your grass. Therefore, a good cleaning solution for artificial grass is on-demand to sanitize the synthetic grass.

You can use a certified disinfectant like Zoflora on artificial grass. The product has disinfectant and antiseptic properties that’ll effectively kill all bacteria and viruses within minutes of contact with infected surfaces. Zoflora is non-toxic to humans and pets, making it ideal for cleaning.

Alternatively, you could also use Jeyes fluids that are suitable for outdoor surfaces, including artificial grass. Jeyes fluid is a disinfectant that kills both disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

This product usually comes ready-to-use, making the application easy as no dilution formulas are required before use. This product will kill 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses in synthetic grass.

However, Jeyes fluid may be toxic to humans and pets, including dogs and cats. Therefore, although an effective disinfectant, it’s also poisonous to pets due to its ingredients. As a precaution, don’t allow pets or children around disinfected surfaces unless completely dried.

These two options are great for disinfecting artificial grass due to their antiseptic and disinfectant properties.

As discussed, Zoflora is safe for both humans and pets, making it suitable for everyday cleaning, like cleaning artificial grass.

Is Zoflora Safe To Use on Artificial Grass?

Zoflora is safe to use on artificial grass. Use it for disinfecting and removing odors with peace of mind. Zoflora is an effective cleaner, ensuring your home is germ-free. The product has been proven to kill coronaviruses! Zoflora is also safe for humans and animals. 

In most homes with pets, there’s a risk of accumulation of bacteria, including Bordetella Bronchiseptica that are disease-causing to your pets.

To dogs, these bacteria could cause coughing, while it would cause respiratory-related infections for cats. Another common bacteria infestation is Campylobacter jejuni, which causes diarrhea in humans and pets.

However, with Zoflora products, you can disinfect the artificial grass. These products contain disinfectant properties that kill all bacteria and viruses infesting the artificial grass.

To apply, dilute Zoflora concentrate in the ratio of one part of Zoflora cleaner with forty parts of water.

Zoflora comes with various pet-friendly fragrances that help remove the odor arising from pet excrements. This aspect leaves your artificial grass smelling fragrant and fresh. These scents are pet-friendly and won’t harm you or your pets’ health when inhaled.

Therefore, Zoflora is a safe disinfectant and cleaner to use on synthetic grass.

Can You Clean Artificial Grass With Jeyes Fluid?

Jeyes fluid disinfectant has been in the market since 1877, gaining credibility as a household name in Europe and other parts of the world.

This product contains strong chemical disinfectants that kill viruses and bacteria build-up on outdoor units, including artificial grass.

You can clean artificial grass with Jeyes fluid due to its effective disinfecting properties. However, the chemical ingredients in this product may be harmful to both humans and pets upon contact while wet and upon inhalation.

The phenol content could cause phenol poisoning if consumed by the pet or kids. In addition, Jeyes fluids contain tar acid that’s poisonous for cats that may occasionally bite the artificial grass.

These two aspects make Jeyes fluid non-preferable for households with kids and pets. Overall, Jeyes fluids are effective artificial grass cleaners due to their disinfecting qualities.

However, it would help if you took the precaution to ensure that children or pets don’t come into contact with this product due to its toxicity.

How Do You Get Urine Smell Out of Fake Grass?

You can get the urine smell out of fake grass by using cleaners such as Zoflora. Zoflora has strong cleansing and odor removal qualities, helping you eliminate any annoying urine smell on artificial grass. Whether the urine smell is fresh or old, Zoflora can eliminate the pungent smell.

Zoflora products come in a variety of fragrances, keeping your grass smelling good. In addition, these scents are pet-friendly and won’t trigger allergic reactions.

The available fragrances include Linen fresh, bluebell woods, country garden, to mention a few available scents offered by Zoflora products.

However, always ensure that you don’t over-pour the concentrate because the scent can be overpowering with overuse.

How Do You Kill Bacteria on Artificial Turf?

Typically, your fake grass may form suitable breeding grounds for disease-causing bacterial colonies when dirt starts to accumulate.

Fortunately, you can kill the bacteria with the right products.

You can kill bacteria on artificial turf using Zoflora or Jeyes Fluid. Both products have sanitizing properties that kill 99.9% of all bacteria. Using disinfectants ensures that these bacteria are eradicated immediately upon application.

Final Thoughts

Zoflora products are the most suitable cleaners for synthetic grass. They have disinfectant, antiseptic, and odor removing qualities that make them perfect for artificial grass cleaning. In addition, Zoflora scents are non-harmful to both pets and people, helping remove pungent smells from pet excrement with fragrant aromas.

Jeyes fluids have excellent disinfectant properties for outdoor units, but their chemical constituents may be toxic to people and pets.

Therefore, users need to take precautions to ensure pets don’t touch freshly cleansed artificial grass using this product.

Although pricier than Jeyes fluid, I’d recommend Zoflora for artificial grass cleaning and disinfecting.


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