Can You Use Artificial Grass in a Rabbit Run? (Will Rabbits Eat Artificial Grass?)

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Can You Use Artificial Grass in a Rabbit Run?

Rabbits make excellent pets and having one can be a lot of fun…. Deciding what to use in a rabbit hutch or enclosure is essential to making your rabbit’s life a lot more comfortable and enjoyable, so additions such as artificial grass will only add to that.

You can use artificial grass in a rabbit run…. Depending on the grass you purchase, it’s generally safe for rabbits and other pets…. Artificial grass can be used safely inside rabbit cages, hutches, rabbit runs built for daily exercise.

Keep in mind your rabbits’ chewing habits, the artificial grass type you should purchase, and the proper cleaning when using artificial grass in a rabbit run.

In the rest of this article, I’ll go into detail about the safety of artificial grass, whether your rabbit will attempt to eat it, and how to keep your artificial grass spotless.

Can Rabbits Play on Artificial Grass?

Rabbits love artificial grass, especially if it provides them with an extra place to play and rest during the hours they aren’t sleeping.

Rabbits can play on artificial grass because the nature of the grass is safe and comfortable—it makes an excellent sensory change for indoor rabbits…. Keeping your rabbits happy with artificial grass is a great way to ensure they get a happy life. 


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Providing your rabbits with a comfortable place to play is essential to their well-being…. Being able to feel and frolic in different textures will inevitably make your rabbits’ lives much more exciting and fun.

Will Rabbits Eat Artificial Grass?

All rabbits are different, so their habits might also be different…. While it depends on the disposition of your rabbits, generally speaking, they’re not likely to eat artificial grass.

Rabbits won’t usually eat artificial grass because their senses are exceptionally acute…. They can differentiate genuine grass from an artificial one…. While rabbits may often consume real grass in nature, indoor rabbits won’t mistake artificial grass for the real thing.

On the flip side, if your rabbits have a propensity to chewing absolutely everything, then there may be a minimal chance that they might ingest artificial grass because of chewing habits.

Be sure to monitor your pet rabbits in the first few hours of contact with any artificial grass you bought…. If your rabbits begin to chew the artificial grass, then you can take steps to remedy this by changing the grass to another grassy material or using another fabric altogether.

Since rabbits don’t know what substances might be harmful to them, it’s essential to ensure they aren’t eating the grass…. Casual chewing probably isn’t a big deal, but monitor it just in case.

Will Artificial Grass Harm Rabbits?

Ensuring that you buy the correct type of artificial grass is the first step to ensuring that the synthetic grass you choose isn’t going to harm your rabbits.

Artificial grass may harm rabbits if it’s not made from pet-friendly materials…. Choose grass free from BPA or rubber materials that may come loose from the fabric…. Appropriate pet-friendly artificial grass won’t harm rabbits.

Artificial grass made for outdoor lawns is often made with BPA (a chemical called bisphenol) that can be very harmful to both humans and pets if accidentally ingested…. Therefore, if your rabbits are avid chewers, it’s best to ensure you have purchased BPA-free artificial grass.

As a good example, this ZGR HOME&GARDEN Premium Artificial Grass from is made from yarn and cloth, which is very soft and definitely rabbit-friendly…. It’s non-toxic and even comes with a 10-year warranty.

How Do You Remove Rabbit Poop From Artificial Grass?

Keeping your artificial grass clean is essential to the ongoing well-being of your rabbits…. Ensuring that your rabbits live and play in a clean, safe environment is paramount to the long and healthy life of your pet.

It’s best to remove rabbit poop from artificial grass using a scooper, small brush, an unscented disinfectant, and plenty of bags to throw away any impurities that have gathered on the artificial grass.

Ensure that the brush bristles aren’t too hard so as to maintain the fabric’s softness, making sure you aren’t damaging the integrity of the grass.

You should be able to easily scoop up any rabbit feces from artificial grass since a healthy rabbit will usually produce hard feces that are very small and round.

Additionally, since rabbit poop doesn’t tend to smell particularly bad, it won’t be a particularly unpleasant experience…. Ensure that you clean the artificial grass regularly and occasionally use an unscented disinfectant to keep it pristine for your rabbits.

If there are any stains or smells that are difficult to remove, remove the artificial grass from the rabbit run or enclosure and wash it down with a hose.

Will Rabbits Damage Artificial Grass?

Although rabbits can be pretty destructive creatures if let loose in the home, their habits tend to stop at chewing and biting…. This habit can easily be managed on artificial grass.

Rabbits won’t damage artificial grass…. Artificial grass is typically made of tough and durable materials…. Even if your rabbits tend to chew and bite certain things, the likelihood is that they won’t ultimately damage the artificial grass. 


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If you have concerns about your rabbits’ chewing tendencies, it’s probably best to try it out with them by giving them a little square…. This way, you can see how they react to it without investing unnecessary money in something they might chew.

Final Thoughts

You can use artificial grass in a rabbit run…. It provides a lush and pleasant covering that your rabbits will enjoy playing in.

Since rabbits have good senses, they likely won’t eat the artificial grass you add to the rabbit run, as they can tell between genuine grass and artificial one.

But if you noticed your rabbits trying to chew on the artificial grass, consider changing your grass…. Artificial grass that isn’t made of pet-friendly materials may harm your rabbits when consumed.

Ensure you purchase synthetic grass suitable for small pets…. Your rabbits will surely love it.


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