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Are Nature Made Vitamins Halal? (What Type of Gelatin Does Nature Made Use?)

Nature Made vitamins are not halal due to the use of gelatin derived from pork, making them impermissible for those who follow the Islamic faith. There are alternative halal-certified brands such as Noor Vitamins, Salaam Nutritionals, Shifaa Nutrition, and Zaytun Vitamins.

What Type of Gelatin Does Nature Made Use?

While some Nature Made vitamins use halal-suitable vegetable capsules, others may contain pork-derived gelatin or other non-halal ingredients. Unfortunately, they don’t have a blanket halal certification.

So you should consider Nature Made vitamins as not halal because they contain gelatin derived from pork. While Nature Made is a popular brand because of the wide range of options on offer, they are not suitable for people who follow the Islamic faith.

For a product to be halal, several factors need to be considered. It’s not enough for the product to just not contain pork. In this article, I will discuss why Nature Made vitamins are not halal and suggest a few alternatives that you can try instead.

Why Nature-Made Vitamins are Not Halal

Before a product can be certified halal, an Islamic advisory group will conduct a thorough investigation to make sure that the product is made according to Islamic law. This includes evaluating the company and inspecting its factory and manufacturing processes.

If all the criteria are met, they’ll be awarded certification and will display their products’ halal certification on the packaging.

For a product to be certified halal, it has to meet the following stringent criteria:

  • The animal must be slaughtered by cutting its jugular vein, as this is considered the quickest, least painful, and most humane method of slaughter.
  • God’s name needs to be taken when slaughtering the animal.
  • Only herbivores, like cows, goats, sheep, camels, and chickens, are halal.
  • Insects, beasts, reptiles, pigs, horses, donkeys, predatory animals, and birds of prey aren’t halal.
  • The animal being killed must not be sick.
  • The animal must be slaughtered and shouldn’t have died of a disease or natural causes.
  • Alcohol is strictly forbidden, and anything that contains alcohol isn’t halal.
  • There must be no opportunity for cross-contamination between halal and haram (impermissible) products to occur.

You might be wondering how vitamins could possibly not be halal since they’re neither meat nor do they contain alcohol.

While the vitamin itself is halal, according to a Consumer Response Representative from Nature Made (Tony L.), Nature Made vitamins contain gelatin made from pork, thus making the vitamins haram or impermissible for this group of people.

Gelatin is an ingredient that’s often used as a binding agent in a variety of different foods, desserts, medicines, and capsules. Since it has no flavor or color, it’s ideal for this purpose. Gelatin comes from collagen in animals such as cows or pigs. Bovine gelatin is derived from cattle.

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What Type of Gelatin Does Nature Made Use?

The gelatin in Nature Made products comes from pork. This makes it unsuitable for Muslim consumers regardless of how the pig was slaughtered. While not all products contain gelatin, none of them have been certified halal, as cross-contamination between products can occur.

If there’s any cross-contamination between products, even the vitamins that don’t contain gelatin will be considered haram.

What Are Some Alternative Vitamin Brands That Are Halal?

If you’re looking for alternatives to Nature Made vitamins that are certified halal, some great options include Noor Vitamins, Salaam Nutritionals, Shifaa Nutrition, and Zaytun Vitamins.

When shopping for vitamins, be sure to read the list of ingredients. If gelatin is listed as an ingredient, it’s likely made from pork. If you see that it contains bovine, check to see if it’s halal or kosher-certified. Bovine refers to an ingredient that comes from cattle like ox or cows.  If it’s not certified, it is unlikely to be halal, and it’s best to look for another product.

Vegetarian and vegan vitamins are a great option, even if they’re not certified halal or kosher, as all vegetarian and vegan products are halal unless, of course, they contain alcohol, which is unlikely in vitamins. Again, always read the list of ingredients to be sure.

There are a number of US-based vitamin brands that are certified halal. Some of these include the following:

Noor Vitamins

Noor Vitamins is a US-based company that produces a range of vitamins and supplements for adults and children. The Noor Vitamins, such as the Noor Vitamins Daily Adult Multivitamin Supplement (available on Amazon.com), are excellent supplements for men and women to take every day.

They’re good for the heart, build immunity, and boost your energy. They also contain essential vitamins A, C, E, zinc, and iron. Noor Vitamins don’t contain any artificial flavors, coloring, or preservatives.

NoorVitamins Daily Adult Multivitamin Supplement w/ 30 Vitamins & Minerals including A, C, D, E, Biotin & Zinc to support general health for Men & Women I Non-GMO I Halal Multivitamin (2 Month Supply)

Halal Chewable Gummies

Chewable gummies are much easier to give to kids, and if you’re looking for a halal option, the Salaam Nutritional Kids Omega supplement from Amazon is a good choice. These gummies have a pleasant taste, so you won’t find yourself fighting with your kids to take them. They contain Vitamin C, DHA, and Omega 3, 6, and 9.

This builds immunity, supports brain development, and improves concentration. Salaam Nutritional also carries a wide range of vitamins for adults. Salaam Nutritional also offers a range of vitamins for adults.

Halal Prenatal Vitamin

If you’re in search of a halal prenatal vitamin, Shifaa Nutrition Halal Prenatal Vitamins (available on Amazon.com) are highly recommended. These vitamins include vitamins A, C, E, and K, folic acid, magnesium, and fish oil. They’re great for both the mom and the developing baby and will provide you with the support you need in all stages of your pregnancy.

SHIFAA NUTRITION Halal Prenatal Vitamins With DHA and Folic Acid | High Potency 90 Softgels, Keto-Friendly | Vitamin C 120mg, DHA 250mg, Folic Acid 800mg, EPA 90mg, Biotin, Lutein, Borage Oil & Iodine

Zaytun Vitamins

Another brand that offers a wide range of halal supplements is Zaytun Vitamins. Zaytun Vitamins are made in the USA using top-quality ingredients and manufacturing processes.

If you need an immune booster, Zaytun Halal Vitamin C Tablets (available on Amazon.com) are a good option. They contain rosehip, calcium, and antioxidants and are also vegan-friendly.

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Final Remarks

While Nature Made vitamins are not halal because they contain gelatin that’s derived from pork, there are many other options available. When shopping around, be sure that the vitamins you buy are certified halal, or opt for vegan or vegetarian-friendly alternatives.


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