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Best Fat Guy Friendly Belts: Belts That Don’t Dig Into Your Belly

If you are anything like me when looking for a belt you are just happy to find one that is long enough to fit around your waist and quickly buy it and leave the shop relieved that you could actually find one.

However, I’m betting if you have done that you will also experience the same problems I did. At first, we think a good strong leather belt is what we need.

After all, a belt on a fat guy has to be strong to contain your massive girth – right? …Wrong!

What Belts To Avoid? Wide leather belts with wide metal buckles. First, there is no give in the belt and second, the buckle digs into our stomach.

As an obese guy, I have to buy big pants and those pants are heavy. When I want to walk or even just be in a standing position, I have to have the belt extra tight to stop my pants from falling down.

However, working in an office, when I sit down, obviously my belt area expands considerably and there is enormous pressure on that belt unless I loosen it a few notches.

Now nobody wants to stand up in front of everyone and loosen their belt a few notches, let alone a fat guy who can’t see past his stomach to put it in the right holes and do it up again.

So you duck out to the toilets or change rooms to loosen your belt, but when you are walking back in you have to hold your trousers so they don’t fall off, and from that time forth all day, when you have to get up and down, your pants are loose.

Of course, if you don’t loosen your belt, the belt will end up stretching and wearing out and the buckle cuts into your stomach. In fact, even with the belt loosened, most belt buckles still dig into our stomachs…

Good Belts For Fat Guys

Fat guy friendly belts should have some give, be narrow with small buckles, and be made of a material that can stretch to avoid discomfort and digging into the stomach. Belts like the Mio Marino Elastic Belt, JUKMO Tactical Belt, and GRIP6 Web Belt are highly recommended for their comfort and practicality, with some having a capacity of up to 56 inches.

So the best belts for big guys are belts with some give in them and are narrow in width with small belt buckles.

I wouldn’t completely rule out leather belts if they are narrow, but I would much prefer a belt made of a material that can stretch. That way you don’t have to adjust the belt tightness when you stand or sit.

So a narrow belt, a narrow belt buckle (and maybe not steel if possible), plus a belt with some elasticity is the best type of fat guy belt you can get.

Let’s take a look at some belts for big men and I must say the price of each one is well and truly worth it…

In a hurry?

Belts That Don’t Dig Into Your Belly

My Best:Why:
Max 56 InchThe Mio Marino Elastic Belt for Men and Women is not only the best unisex but has the largest capacity at 56 inches. It also has an excellent 75% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars.
Max 54 InchWith an impressive 77% of consumers rating this belt 5 out of 5 stars the JUKMO Tactical Belt is my top pick if you can fit in under 54 inches.
Max 50 Inch (See note below. You can order larger sizes)There are quite a few good options at this waste size but I like the number of comments made by big people about the GRIP6 Web Belts for Men and it takes first place. It also has an excellent 75% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars.

JUKMO Nylon Web Belt – 30-54 Inch

This tactical belt for fat people could be the perfect item you want to add to your wardrobe.

Sometimes, as soldiers, sport shooters, hunters, or just for everyday wear, we might need a sturdy and reliable belt to secure our pants from drooping and falling.

This well-made JUKMO military duty belt could provide all you need in terms of functionality and design. Made of strong nylon webbing material, durable and tough enough for long-time use.

The JUKMO tactical belt also features a quick-release buckle that can be easily operated with one hand even when you’re already carrying some heavy stuff on your belt.

JUKMO Tactical Belt, Military Hiking Rigger 1.5″ Nylon Web Work Belt

JUKMO Tactical Belt, Military Hiking Rigger 1.5" Nylon Web Work Belt with Heavy Duty Quick Release Buckle (Black, Small)

Example of comments from JUKMO reviews:

As someone who has been fat his whole life. I’ve dealt with a lot of belts in my time that hurt my belly. I’m a 350lb man and buckles always hurt me.

This is the 1st belt I’ve ever had that doesn’t hurt. It’s a thick enough material that maintains its shape but moves with you. It has some elasticity, so it stretches when you sit or bend.

  • This belt from Jukmo is AMAZING! Being a big guy, I hated having to try to buckle my belt without being able to see it (the struggles of a fat guy).
  • But with this seatbelt-like fastening system, it’s easier than ever!
  • Not to mention the fact that the current belt itself is made from high-quality and stretchy material.
  • So no more trying to squeeze yourself to death by making sure your pants are tight enough to stay up.
  • I’m a fat guy, so I had the fat guy belt struggles! This works great and never struggles anymore!
  • This is the most comfortable belt to wear for a large framed man, aka I’m fat. this belt is awesome and I love it for everyday use. It’s versatile enough for work or a night out.
  • Absolutely the best belt I’ve ever owned.
  • Flexible, durable, easy, and simply adjusted. Large men’s belt.
  • Don’t even realize that I’m wearing a belt any longer. It doesn’t bite or dig in.
  • Really comfortable, and I don’t see how it could ever wear out like the dozens of previous, pricey leather belts with the dreaded ‘holes’.

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Grip 6 Web Belt – 28-50* Inch

50 Inches might still be too small, especially if you have a huge waist size like mine, but if the size is okay for you, this is a great belt for big guys.

It has a belt strap so that is one less component that can dig into your belly and no holes – so no awkward size issues or trying to find the hole under your big gut… I have more info about this brand in this article… Is Grip6 A Good Brand?

*UPDATE: From the manufacturer… “I just wanted to reach out and let you know that we actually can do belts larger than 50″. We are somewhat limited by Shopify and don’t list sizes above 50, but if someone just puts a note in the purchase of the size they want we will make it that large.

**This option is only available directly from their website. (On Amazon 50 inches is the max.)

GRIP6 Web Belts Look Great and are practical for use in any season. Made from quality nylon material that is easy to maintain, these belts look great on their own or with a suit, jeans, or slacks.

GRIP6 Web Belts for Men – Nylon Belt- Fully Adjustable Casual Belt Strap & Belt Buckle

30 Inch Ninja Casual Web Belts For Men | Black Buckle w/Black Strap

Example of comments from GRIP6 reviews:

If you are fat (I’m 5’9″ and 280lbs) and have a gut hanging over, you have a different take on what is essential in a belt.

Things that skinny guys never experience, such as pinching, poking, prodding, and Yes, even bloodletting can be caused by certain buckle designs.

THIS belt addresses all those areas AND improves beyond that by being effectively infinitely adjustable.

  • If ya got a little muffin top hanging over your belt as I may or may not have this is the best belt for you!
  • No more buckle branding discomfort in your soft pudgy midsection.
  • The fat guy is fantastic.
  • Finally, I found a fat boy’s belt.
  • As a fat guy I always have issues with belts and fit, but not with this one.
  • Good belt to avoid that awful belly fat pinch!
  • The buckle is amazing because it is thin and doesn’t pinch your overhang as traditional belt buckles do.
  • Tired of those cuts on your gut? Well, here is a solution. The belt does not get overly snug but it will hold up your drawers just the same and save you some embarrassing pain too.
  • I like belts that don’t have holes as my fat butt seems to be an in-betweener on some of them.
  • This belt is great… The slim buckle doesn’t pinch my fat belly when I sit down, it is strong and durable, it holds my pants up, and doesn’t come loose after wearing it all day.
  • The total bonus is my fat belly doesn’t dig into the buckle when I’m sitting.
  • I’m a fat boy, so my belly hangs over and it does not hurt the underneath of my belly as all other belt buckles do.
  • Fat Man Friendly! I am a big guy and it’s very comfy.
  • Light and comfortable hold up my pants well and my fat roll doesn’t get stuck in the buckle.
  • Fat guy-friendly belt! A great belt that stays tight and remains comfortable, even on a big guy.

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JASGOOD Nylon Canvas Belt – 40-54 Inch

The Jasdgood belt for large men is made of super soft and lightweight genuine canvas material, making you more comfortable, breathable, and durable.

Soft cotton lining on the inside effectively prevents skin contact with rough material and the plastic buckle keeps your waist belt in place without cutting into your skin.

The wide belt waistband can fit around the waist easily, so when not in use, you can pull the strap t ough the buckle and then roll it up to be a compact loop. It has an excellent 71% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars.

JASGOOD Nylon Canvas Breathable Military Tactical Men Waist Belt With Plastic Buckle

JASGOOD Nylon Canvas Breathable Military Tactical Men Waist Belt With Plastic Buckle

Example of comments from JASGOOD reviews:

Other belts always leave marks on my stomach. My tummy is a bit bigger than I would like, so it’s partially my fault.

But this belt does not leave any marks or cause any pain. I also like that, as I lose weight, I can cut it down to fit better. Great value.

  • If you are bigger like me, it doesn’t pinch your belly when you sit down, and best of all, it’s really light.
  • It is far easier to get t u belt loops and overall onto & off of one’s pants than floppy belts, it DOESN’T fold over itself under the belly flab like other belts.
  • It doesn’t cut into my belly!
  • I had belts with larger metal buckles that dug into my belly when sitting. I was looking for a belt that is more comfortable.  I find this belt did the job.
  • It fastens easily and when you need to release the belt it is also simple and quick.
  • This belt was such a blessing to my son who has a nickel allergy and has not been able to get rid of a belly rash from belt buckles for literally several years…UNTIL we found this belt!
  • I have a bit of a belly and the buckle does not pop open when bending over as some buckles do.
  • Having a nice beer belly, I found it almost impossible to keep my pants in place, thanks to this belt and buckles problem solved.
  • My son loves this belt. He said it wasn’t hurting his belly anymore and it was really comfortable.
  • There’s nothing to dislike. It fits nicely. I have found normal belts do not do so well with my barrel belly, but this belt is far more comfortable and easy to adjust.

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Mile High Life Braided Stretch Elastic Belt – 24-50 Inch

The Mile High Life braided stretch elastic belts for large men are the perfect accessory for your wardrobe.

Experience this comfortable elastic belt that is designed for comfort as well as style. Braided Stretch Elastic Belts provide a firm hold t ough all of life’s adventures. It has an excellent 76% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars.

Mile High Life | Braided Stretch Elastic Belts

Mile High Life | Braided Stretch Elastic Belts | Pin Oval Solid Black Belt Buckle | PU Loop End Tip Men/Women/Junior(Black, X-Small 24“-26” (31" Length))

Example of comments from Mile High Life reviews:

The fabric is also highly flexible from top-to-bottom, so the belt does not dig into your belly when you sit down it flexes and holds with you.

More importantly, keep the buckle from resting tightly under the fold of your belly when you sit down and lean forward (which is what makes most belts uncomfortable for all but the very thinnest of men).

With this elastic belt, you can simply grab the buckle and pull it a couple of inches forward after you sit down, and the buckle will stretch out from under your belly, resting comfortably just in front of, rather than uncomfortably under, your belly… Brilliant!

  • This belt expands and contracts along with your fat belly, as you sit and stand, which is what you want.
  • The ultimate fat guy belt!
  • Chances are, if you’re looking for a stretchy belt, you’re fat! And, if that’s the case, look no further because this is the product you want!
  • The stretch factor is REALLY NICE! It moves with your actively changing waistline.
  • Another key feature I need in my belts is softness, i.e., I hate when a belt is too hard and digs into my belly. This belt is flexible and soft around the edges.
  • The other nice feature is the buckle. It’s rounded so that if your (my) muffin-top creeps over the pants’ waist and pushes onto the buckle, there are no sharp corners to poke into your (my) belly.
  • I love that these belts are stretchy. They can be pulled snugly to keep your pants up but will stretch when your belly is full of good food.
  • The rounded buckle is great! No sharp points to dig into his belly.
  • A good-looking for fat people, the rounded buckle does not pinch my belly.
  • The oval buckle doesn’t dig into your belly like a square buckle with a smart design!
  • I love its great belt and it doesn’t dig into my belly like other belts I tried.

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Mio Marino Woven Stretch Elastic Belt – 32-56 Inch

This Woven Stretch Belt comes with a slimming effect, no gapping, and is a classic accessory to complete any outfit. It serves as an extension of your clothing and gives the appearance of someone who is much thinner.

This quality elastic belt for men and women is designed to be left on at all times for a smooth fit without having to readjust when sitting or standing. It has an excellent 75% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars.

Mio Marino Elastic Belt for Men and Women – Woven Stretch Belt

Marino Stretch Belts for Men - Golf Woven Stretch Belt - Gift Box - Antelope Beige - Small(32-36")

Example of comments from Mio Marino reviews:

Beyond looks, functionality, durability, and fit, one of the best things about this belt is the round bucket shape. My experience is that many rectangular buckets quite uncomfortably dig into my belly.

  • I love this belt! It’s really comfortable. I’m a bigger guy and the belt buckle is smooth and rounded so it doesn’t dig into my fat as badly as other rounded and square buckles do.
  • My stomach is big and pushes my pants down and my butt is small and won’t hold them up. This belt is the perfect solution.
  • It fits my big fat gut perfectly. It is the best belt for big bellies.
  • I love these belts. They are very comfortable and don’t dig into you as other belts do. They move with you.
  • It’s comfortable and doesn’t hurt my hips as a nonstretchy belly does, and the quality of the materials seems pretty good.
  • My husband has grown a little belly over the years and these belts fit perfectly and, at the same time, are very comfortable.

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In summary, you can’t go wrong with any of these belts for large men. They stretch nicely and I realized that even 56 inches might be pushing it for some. However, these are by far the best belts for big bellies you can find.

I love the design of these belts.

Those that have round belt buckles provide a simple innovation that we big guys appreciate as they don’t dig into our stomachs as normal belt buckle designs do.

Elasticity and stretch are also very important factors and all of these belts provide that.

Belts with no holes are a huge advantage for fat people. I know I have struggled big time trying to find those holes underneath my big belly and that is another clever innovation.

Narrow belts are important, but maybe not as much when you can get one with so much give in them. Again, it depends on the buckle design.

As fat people, we face enough embarrassing moments as it is. The right belt for fat people helps to eliminate one of those hurdles we face and they are not that expensive either.