Knee Scooters For Heavy People: Good 500, 400, 350, 300lb Options

Knee scooters are a fantastic alternative to crutches and even more so when you are a heavy person. They are also known as knee walkers, knee bikes, or crutches with wheels…

I wish I had known about knee scooters when I tore my Achilles tendon…

Many years ago, I had to have an operation on my Achilles tendon and there were all sorts of issues. Needless to say, I ended up having more than that one operation.

Anyway… I spent t ee months on and off in plaster and had to use crutches. Now, sitting around all day does not help a big man at all. In fact, it can only lead to a big man getting even bigger.

So after about 6 weeks, I thought I had better get some exercise and started walking (can you call it that) with one leg in the air on crutches. I would try to go the length of the street.

Now… if you are a heavy person like me, those crutches just dig in under the armpits and hurt like hell. This is where a knee scooter would have worked like magic. It would have allowed me to get outside in the sun and get some exercise instead of being cooped up inside for 3 months!

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Crutches Aren’t Exactly The Safest Things Getting About

…and I’m not sure if anyone even checked if those things had a weight limit.

I remember receiving visitors when I was still in the hospital and we went to the dining room, which involved navigating a small set of 3 steps. No problem going in, but on the way out there was something slippery on the steps.

My crutch hit the slippery part and went out from under me. I was spinning around on one leg and, if I had a tutu on, I would have looked like the biggest ballerina you have ever seen.

Somehow, spinning out of control, I found myself off the steps and still standing. It was one of the best landings you would ever see (why didn’t someone have it on video?)

My friends had eyes as big as dinner plates (wide open) and their mouths agape while it was all taking place and I miraculously spun out of it. Cool, calm, and collected, I just grinned and gave them the”I always had it under control” head wobble.

One of those friends all these years later still tells me how astonished he is that I didn’t go down and get injured..

So… while you still might need crutches to access some tighter areas, a knee scooter is way better – especially the all-terrain ones!

Let’s take a look at some options below.

In a hurry?

Sometimes these products are out of stock. To find all knee scooters with 300+ pounds weight capacity go to this link: All Knee Scooters Currently In Stock


My Good: Why:
Good Overall:

This is a tough choice with four great options to choose from.

I am just going to lean toward the Essential Medical Supply Free Spirit Knee and Leg Walker because it has amazing ratings and a nice 400lb limit.

However, it is not all-terrain, so if that is important KneeRover All Terrain Steerable Knee Scooter with the 350 lb limit would be my choice.

Good With 500 Lb Weight Limit: The OasisSpace Bariatric Knee Walker is designed with a massive 500 lb weight limit.

The heaviest verified user I could find came in at 385 lb and they said this scooter worked fine for them.

Good With 400 Lb Weight Limit: The Essential Medical Supply Free Spirit Knee and Leg Walker have the highest ratings with an AMAZING 83% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars.

The heaviest user I could find that used this scooter with no issues was 325 lbs and is the best scooter for a 300lb man.

Good With 350 Lb Weight Limit: The KneeRover All Terrain Steerable Knee Scooter is also ultra-impressive.

The heaviest user I could find that used this scooter with no issues was 340 lbs.

Good With 300 Lb Weight Limit: With an AMAZING 81% of consumers rating this scooter 5 out of 5 stars the KneeRover Deluxe Steerable Knee Walker is also hard to go past.
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Knee Scooter With 500 Lb Weight Capacity

The OasisSpace currently holds the top spot for a knee walker with 500 lbs weight capacity. It still doesn’t have many sales, so there isn’t much to go on, but if you weigh over 400 lbs, then this is the default option.

The OasisSpace Scooter provides the ultimate solution for safe, easy mobility while recovering from a foot or ankle injury. The non-slip footpads and durable construction ensure comfort on all surfaces. This heavy-duty knee walker has a 12-inch pneumatic front-wheel which provides comfortable and smooth gliding. The large rear wheels provide superior stability on all terrains.

Featuring a heavy-duty design to support up to 500lb, it provides mobility and helps keep you independent without sacrificing your freedom to enjoy the things you love. It has a good 66% of consumers rated it 5 out of 5 stars.


OasisSpace Bariatric Knee Walker -Heavy Duty Knee Scooter with 12 inch Pneumatic for 500LB


OasisSpace Bariatric Knee Walker -Heavy Duty Knee Scooter with 12 inch Pneumatic for 500LB


Example of comments from OasisSpace:

This is that walker for the average guys. None of the that average weights that are for 200 to 250 lbs or stuck indoors crap. This is a real one for going outside for playing with your pets or kids, going to the lake and fish. Everything is heavy duty from top to bottom.

  • My son had to have surgery on his toe and needed something that was heavy-duty for his size. The tires are big and sturdy and do not go flat when he applies his (385lbs) weight on the knee walker. 
  • Very well built! Very impressed. Very sturdy. My husband is 6’3″ 280lbs holds up very well. 
  • I am 6’10” and 300lbs, and this scooter is very sturdy for me.
  • We first rented a small scooter but we live in the country and the terrain is rough and moving that little one t ough it was dangerous. I found this all-terrain scooter and was excited to get it for him.
  • He likes that it has disc breaks and is easy to put in the back of my SUV.
  • I saw the wheels on this and had to get it.
  • This knee scooter is great. After having surgery on my ankle and trying to get around on crutches this scooter is a lifesaver.
  • I got the model with the rubber tires and now I can go anywhere I want in comfort. 
  • The knee pad is perfect. The maneuvering on it is excellent. It was a great decision to buy the OasisSpace knee scooter.
  • Great and sturdy for my dad! He had his leg amputated below the knee and wanted an easier way to get around the house. This works wonderfully for him.
  • My favorite specs are its single-axle disc brake system and its new way of collapsing to fit into smaller areas.
  • Love my new knee bike. A huge upgrade from my old knee bike. Wheels no longer get stuck in cracks.
  • It’s well-built and it travels well and grass and gravel.

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Knee Walker With 400 Lb Weight Capacity

This is the best-rated heavy-duty knee walker by far and if you weigh between 350-400 lb then this is clearly the one to get and may still win out if you are lighter as well. The Free Spirit Knee and Leg Walker is a knee walker designed to help people with limited mobility due to surgery, stroke, accident, or other medical condition.

Designed for individuals who have difficulty using crutches or a wheelchair, Walker’s contoured knee saddle has an open design that allows for unrestricted movement. The Free Spirit by Essential Medical Supply is ultra-lightweight, which makes it convenient for travel and durable for continuous use.

It has an AMAZING 83% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars.


Essential Medical Supply Free Spirit Knee and Leg Walker


Essential Medical Supply Free Spirit Knee and Leg Walker with Patented Design, Unique Turning Mechanism, Extra Height Adjustability and 400lb Weight Capacity

Example of comments from Essential Medical Supply:

I weigh about 325 lbs. No skimpy scooter was going to do the job so I bought this one which is rated to 400 lbs. It’s comfortable, sturdy and only weighs about 27lbs.

  • You feel safe on it not tippy at all.
  • This scooter is solid and lets me go to every place I’ve needed to go. The wheels are bigger than many other options.
  • I had Achilles heel surgery and this device saved me from crutches! So much more comfortable!
  • It is easy to maneuver and aids in bathing, dressing, restroom mobility, and getting out of a bed or chair easily, along with being comfortable when cooking, cleaning, or going out away from the house.
  • I’m awaiting surgery but wanted an alternative to crutches since my employer has huge parking lots, hallways, and distances between buildings. This scooter is my perfect alternative.
  • Love the fact that I could get around flat surfaces without crutches.
  • Five friends have borrowed it and it’s perfect to get around and saves you from the danger of crutches.
  • If you have a below-knee injury this is a MUST-HAVE aid.

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KneeRover Scooter With 350 Lb Weight Capacity

The KneeRover offers excellent portability and ease of use with its sleek foldable design. It is constructed to take on rougher terrain, for both indoor and outdoor use. The patented front-wheel drive makes it easier for the patient without requiring a high level of leg strength.

It can be used indoors or outdoors, on all types of surfaces, including grass, gravel, concrete, or even the beach, while providing stability and control.

It has an excellent 78% of users rating it 5 out of 5 stars in reviews.


KneeRover All Terrain Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker Heavy Duty Crutches Alternative


KneeRover All Terrain Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker Heavy Duty Crutches Alternative in Blue


Example of comments from KneeRover:

I am a larger (290 lb) male and this scooter works better than any other scooter I tried at my local medical supply house. Rolls easily over most hard surfaces, and fairly well over anything else.

  • I weigh 300 lbs. so I needed a heavy-duty scooter that wouldn’t dump me on the floor or break.
  • This scooter is very well made and a lot of thought was put into it when it was being built.
  • Now I have the freedom to move around with very little effort.
  • This is the best scooter for the money.
  • We purchased this product for my 275+ lb husband to use after his surgery.
  • Amazing! Super Stable. I can go over any surface and I will not lose control of the handle.
  • The axle on the front wheels provides great stability. I am a big guy, 6’1″ and 290 lbs.
  • My son fractured his foot and was unable to walk on it for 6 weeks. This served him very well until he recovered from his injuries. He is 6’3 and 200 lbs.
  • What a wonderful device. Better than crutches or a walker.
  • The extra heavy-duty design is true to its word as I am 300 lbs and it handles well.
  • Good for all terrain. I’m 6’4″ and 340 lbs and it worked great.
  • It’s sturdy and solidly built. I’m 6’4” and 320 lbs.
  • I am a tall large man (6’2” x 300 lbs). So I needed something substantial.
  • We also have a rural property and I needed something capable of navigating the yard and dirt driveway. This unit is great!
  • It is very stable with my 250 lbs. I’m impressed by this purchase, especially for the price.
  • Very sturdy, even for a big person over 330 lbs.

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KneeRover Scooter With 300 Lb Weight Capacity

This KneeRover is a popular seller and has reached Amazon Choice status. The Deluxe Steerable Knee Walker by KneeRover gives you state-of-the-art equipment that is unlike anything you have ever tried before.

It has adjustable height and knee platform positions, so anyone from 4’9″ to 6’6″ can use this knee scooter comfortably for transport and a handy basket for storage.

This leg walker is lightweight and weighs roughly 25 lbs. It has an AMAZING 81% of customers rating it 5 out of 5 stars in the reviews.


KneeRover Deluxe Steerable Knee Walker Knee Scooter Knee Cycle Leg Walker


KneeRover Deluxe Steerable Knee Walker Knee Scooter Knee Cycle Leg Walker Crutch Alternative in Blue

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Example of comments from KneeRover:

I weigh 300+ lbs and it feels very stable. The steering works like on a car where just the wheels turn rather than the whole axle turning which gives added stability.

  • I can’t believe people still use crutches. It holds up well to my weight 6’2″ 300 lbs
  • We purchased it for my mom who is about 280 lbs and although we were unsure of her ability to use it she maneuvers very well in and out of aisles and at home.
  • I am 5’6″ & weigh 245 lbs & this scooter has worked great for me.
  • Very sturdy. Very well made. I’m 250 lbs. and it handles me with no problem.
  • I can really get around on this thing, even in an apartment.
  • Lightweight enough to put in the car but sturdy enough to hold 260 lbs without any hesitation, sagging, or creaking.
  • I’m 6’1” and 230 lbs. This knee cart has been great.
  • I’m 6-3 and 275 lb and fits me just fine. Wheels are a neoprene design that won’t mess up your floors at home.

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Quick Knee Scooter Facts

  1. Knee scooters are a type of mobility device that is designed to help people with mobility issues get around.
  2. They are an alternative to crutches and wheelchairs, and are often used by people who are overweight or obese.
  3. Knee scooters are designed to be lightweight and easy to maneuver, making them ideal for those who are unable to use a wheelchair or crutches.
  4. They are typically made of aluminum or steel and have a padded knee rest and handlebars for stability.
  5. Knee scooters can be adjusted to fit a person’s height and weight, making them suitable for people of all sizes.
  6. Knee scooters are designed to support up to 300 pounds, making them suitable for heavier individuals.
  7. Knee scooters are often used in rehabilitation centers and physical therapy clinics to help people with mobility issues regain their independence.

Are knee scooters stable for heavy people?

The short answer is yes, knee scooters are generally stable for heavy people. However, it is important to consider a few factors before making a decision. First, the weight capacity of the knee scooter should be taken into account. Most knee scooters are designed to support up to 250 pounds, but some models can support up to 500 pounds. It is important to check the weight capacity before purchasing a knee scooter to make sure it can support your weight.

Do knee scooters have brakes?

Yes, knee scooters do have brakes. The brakes on a knee scooter are typically located on the handlebars, and they are usually operated by a lever or a handbrake. The brakes are usually operated by squeezing the lever or pushing down on the handbrake. This will cause the brakes to engage and slow the scooter down. The type of brakes used on a knee scooter will depend on the model and manufacturer.

How easy are knee scooters to maneuver?

Knee scooters are relatively easy to maneuver, depending on the model you choose. Generally, they are designed to be lightweight and easy to control, with a variety of features that make them simple to operate. The handlebars of a knee scooter are typically adjustable, allowing you to customize the height to fit your body and make it easier to control. The handlebars also usually have a handbrake, which allows you to slow down and stop quickly.

Are knee scooters comfortable for heavy people?

Knee scooters can be comfortable for heavy people, depending on the individual’s size and the type of knee scooter they choose. Generally speaking, heavier people should look for a knee scooter with a wider base and larger wheels, as this will provide more stability and support. Additionally, it’s important to look for a knee scooter that has adjustable handlebars and a comfortable seat, as this will help ensure a comfortable ride.

How long do knee scooters typically last?

Knee scooters typically last anywhere from 3 to 5 years, depending on how often they are used and how well they are maintained. The average lifespan of a knee scooter is around 4 years. The longevity of a knee scooter will depend on the quality of the materials it is made from and how well it is taken care of.

Are there any safety concerns with using knee scooters for heavy people?

Yes, there are safety concerns with using knee scooters for heavy people. Knee scooters are designed to support a maximum weight capacity, depending on the model. People who are heavier than this weight limit should not use a knee scooter that does not support their weight range. Using a knee scooter that is not designed to support a person’s weight can cause the scooter to break, which can lead to serious injury.

In summary, a knee scooter is one of the best aids for someone who has a problem with coordination or balance. It is also a great option for use in the winter months when snow and ice make standard-wheeled walkers difficult to use.

They are particularly useful for heavy people because crutches are more difficult on the upper arms and under the armpits for a heavy person trying to have all of their weight bearing down on those very narrow sticks.

With the all-terrain knee scooters, you can just about go anywhere and that is a huge benefit for getting out and enjoying the fresh air while you are incapacitated.

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