Can You Make Yogurt In An Aroma Rice Cooker? It’s Very Easy To Do

My inspiration for this came from a conversation with one of my friends several months ago. She could not make yogurt in her rice cooker, I could not understand why and we eventually agreed to disagree.

Can you make yogurt an Aroma rice cooker

Since then, I have been doing research and have discovered that without a doubt you can make yogurt in a rice cooker!

In fact, using your Aroma rice cooker to make yogurt is extremely easy. (Or any rice cooker for that matter)

As we will see below, you can use regular milk or milk substitute such as soy milk, almond milk, etc., as well as whole or even 2% fat milk.

Even people who normally don’t like the taste of plain yogurt find this stuff delicious!

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How To Make Yogurt in A Rice Cooker

Does your family love to eat yogurt? Do you love rice? If so, then consider this: making yogurt in a rice cooker.

Yes, you read that correctly. You can make delicious yogurt with your rice cooker. The process is much simpler than you might have heard, and the resulting product exceeds that of most store-bought brands.

Since its invention in the 17th century, yogurt making has been considered a complicated process requiring heating milk to a high temperature and introducing the correct strain of bacteria. Yet now the process can be completed simply by using a rice cooker!

While a bit of a strange idea, the concept is simple: the rice cooker’s design and temperature controls are similar to a yogurt maker, so in theory, you can make yogurt in a rice cooker.

To make yogurt in a rice cooker, follow the following steps in this easy-to-follow video that shows you how to make yogurt with 2 liters (half a gallon) of full-fat milk, 1 cup of powdered milk, and half a cup of yogurt. Easy-peasy…

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Can You Make Yogurt With Condensed Milk?

Making homemade yogurt is a great way to eat healthier, especially if you can make it with ingredients you already have. A great example is condensed milk.

Condensed milk is sweet, thick, and comes in cans. Condensed milk is shelf-stable and will keep for a long time. All you need is some yogurt to get started.

So… Yes, you can make yogurt with condensed milk. The thickness of condensed milk and liquid 2% or skim milk give the right yogurt consistency to make homemade yogurt.

The fat content in condensed milk also gives the right balance for making homemade yogurt.

Here is a video showing you how to make yogurt in a rice cooker using condensed milk (remember whatever these rice cookers can do an Aroma can do).

The ingredients include 1 can of condensed milk, 2 cans of water, 2 cans of milk, and 1 pot of yogurt. Enjoy…

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Can I Use Yogurt As A Yogurt Starter?

Yes, as we have seen in the above videos you can use yogurt as a yogurt starter for homemade yogurt. However, you should understand that the starter will only make more yogurt in the same manner as the original.

For example, if you use full-fat Greek or Turkish yogurt as a starter (after it has been made) then your next batch will be very similar in texture and consistency to the original batch with a bit of extra tartness added.

Yogurt is an excellent source of calcium and protein, and using yogurt as a starter for the next batch of yogurt can save money and provide a great taste. The process is also a fun experiment for children to learn about fermentation and bacteria growth.

The main point is to use good quality plain whole milk yogurt, not the artificially sweetened kind. The bacteria in whole milk yogurt will convert the milk sugar (lactose) into lactic acid.

This process kills any bad bacteria and preserves the friendly bacteria so that you have a good mix when you put it in your homemade yogurt.

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Do You Have To Boil Milk To Make Yogurt?

There are many ways to make yogurt and not all of them involve boiling milk however as we have seen from the above videos when it comes to making yogurt in your rice cooker you do need to heat the milk but you don’t want to overdo it. As soon as it starts boiling stop.

Here is a breakdown again of how to do it:

Step 1: Heat the milk to 180°F.

Step 2: Remove the pot from the heat and let it cool to 110-115°F.

Step 3: Mix in the yogurt starter culture and stir thoroughly.

Step 4: Pour the mixture into your Aroma rice cooker and let it sit for about 12 hours.

Step 5: Refrigerate the yogurt for at least 4 hours. Now you can enjoy it!

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It’s no secret that yogurt is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Loaded with probiotics, it’s a great way to add more “good bacteria” to your diet, which is crucial for good digestion and overall health.

You can buy some store-bought yogurt, but it’s often loaded with sugar and other additives that can be harmful to your body. Or you can make your own.

If you already own an Aroma Rice Cooker and your ant to make yogurt why not give it a go and start experimenting with the above recipes.

The videos are ultra-easy to follow and making something new is also kind of fun!

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