Is Imusa A Good Brand? Imusa Brand Ratings

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Imusa products are very highly regarded by customers and this company seems to have found the magic formula for producing cheap products we can all afford while maintaining first-class quality and performance.

They offer a broad selection of quality cookware as well as kitchen essentials made to perform your kitchen needs.

To show you how impressive the Imusa brand is I have listed 8 of the companies’ popular products with highlight examples of how much customers love the Imusa brand…

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Imusa Is A Good Brand For Electric Single Burners

IMUSA USA GAU-80305 Electric Single Burner 1100-Watts

IMUSA USA GAU-80305 Electric Single Burner 1100-Watts, Black


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What Do Customers Love About This IMUSA Burner?

The IMUSA single burner works GREAT, no problems. I use it all the time and it’s basically a regular stovetop burner on legs. It doesn’t even heat the surface it’s sitting on, which was a concern for me at first.

  • I’m a big fan of IMUSA products and this is no exception. I’m blown away by the quality of the product for the price.
  • Although I was skeptical of ordering the IMUSA as it is not a brand I am familiar with, it has turned out to be quite a good find.
  • This was great value for money. I was looking for a single burner so I could make cooking videos, and this was perfect and it works like a charm.
  • The IMUSA Single Electric Burner is everything I expected. It also conserves energy by automatically shutting off when done heating to set temperature.
  • I would buy this over and over again though, because it’s quality at a great price, and it’s something we use 1-3 times a day!
  • Every product I’ve ordered from this company has been top-notch.
  • I would highly recommend this product for someone who camps out or travels and stays at hotels because this little thing will save you a lot of money spent at restaurants and fast food.
  • My daughter plays tennis. We need to save money. Motel rooms are expensive. We bring some food from home to save money. This hot plate is perfect. We make hash brown with eggs in the morning and chili or soup at night. Really a money saver if you travel.
  • The BEST purchase I have made for my hookah. No longer do I need to transfer Coconut charcoals from the kitchen all the way to the living room. Just light the coals anywhere.
  • I have a group of 6 people at work who buy eggs and have our pan at work and just make our breakfast daily without breaking the bank. BEST BUY EVER!

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Imusa Is A Good Brand For Rice Cookers

IMUSA USA GAU-00011 Electric Nonstick Rice Cooker 3-Cup

IMUSA USA GAU-00011 Electric Nonstick Rice Cooker 3-Cup (Uncooked) 6-Cup (Cooked), White


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What Do Customers Love About This IMUSA Rice Cooker?

Absolutely love this rice cooker. I can make a couple cups of rice in 15-20 minutes, comes out well every time. I would recommend this brand to anyone looking for a rice cooker. I have cooked Jasmine and Basmati only, both consistently turn out great.

  • I start the rice, press the button, and do errands, I don’t have to watch it on the stove. Best thing I’ve gotten.
  • This rice cooker works well and is wicked easy to clean. Would recommend.
  • I have had this IMUSA 3-cup rice cooker for at least 8 years and it still works the same as when I bought it. This is a great little appliance for cooking any type of rice (basmati, jasmine, long grain, short grain brown or white rice) & quinoa perfectly every time.
  • I had to contact the customer service for IMUSA about purchasing another rice bowl for the future. Again, I received an email reply within 1 hour. 
  • This is a nice family-sized rice cooker. The IMUSA product is easy to use and easy to clean.
  • I should have bought this a long time ago! I make my Spanish rice here and it’s the best thing in the kitchen for me right now. We all love it! Great buy!
  • A small 3 cup is all I need but hard to find. Simple and cooks better rice than $200 units. Don’t waste your money get the Imusa.
  • I really like Imusa products.
  • Best kitchen gadget ever! This is a wonderfully easy product to use. Makes perfect rice – every time. I feel like an idiot for not getting one sooner. Omg saves you so much time.
  • I recommend this seller and the product. I will buy from this seller over and over again and IMUSA products.

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Imusa Is A Good Brand For Caldero

IMUSA USA Traditional Colombian Caldero, 4.8 Quart

IMUSA USA Traditional Colombian Caldero, 4.8 Quart


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What Do Customers Love About This Caldero?

I have a lot of the IMUSA brand aluminum pots but this size was perfect for just my husband and I. We use this pot almost daily. Very good value. Very good quality.

  • This brand of pot was used by my mom and now I understand why. It is a great pot to cook in and even easier to clean.
  • Compared the Imusa brand to other brands side by side at local Spanish stores and the other brands seem to be made of cheaper quality materials.
  • This is a great Caldero and everyone is asking me where I got one this big from.
  • I love Imusa products. My friend from Colombia recommended the brand, and I enjoy the cookware product line. Great price with quality.
  • This is one of my favorites from the Imusa line, it’s the perfect size for two, easy-to-clean cookware.
  • Love them for serving food! LOVE IMUSA products.
  • This is a great pot! I love cast aluminum. It is great for soups and stews and anything you want to cook! I would recommend this pot or this brand to anyone!
  • Have used IMUSA calderos all my life, from my Abuela to my mother we always cooked our Arroz on them.
  • I’ve been purchasing Imusa calderos for years. They’re perfect for my needs.
  • This caldero can take a beating. My mom had bought hers from Imusa ages ago, and it’s still the most used tool in the kitchen.

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Imusa Is A Good Brand For Arepa Makers

IMUSA USA 4 Slot Electric Arepa Maker with Nonstick Surface

IMUSA USA 4 Slot Electric Arepa Maker with Nonstick Surface (1,200-Watts)


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What Do Customers Love About This Arepa Maker?

You’ll make the best arepas with this great machine! You won’t regret buying it! The best arepa maker around!

  • Size for storage and Imusa is a good brand just like my rice cooker. The arepas come out great.
  • I love my Arepera, I won’t buy another brand because this one is perfect for arepas and easy to clean plus the arepas are crunchy.
  • This makes arepa-making extremely simple. This machine is easy to use. Cooks fast. Cleans up even faster.
  • Of the 3 brands, I like this one the best. It really crisps up the outside and lightly browns it.
  • Perfect size for arepas, easy to use, and easy to clean. Arepas are done in around 15 minutes my life is soooooo much easier!
  • I bought this to make Venezuelan arepas for my fiancé and this machine has been wonderful!
  • This makes the best Arepas! It is extremely easy to use, Arepas don’t stick, and they’re ready quickly!
  • I am from Venezuela and I love this arepas toaster because they are perfect, fast and with the taste of Venezuela I really recommend it and the price is perfect for the machine.
  • Great arepa maker… they don’t stick at all, have been using it for 6+ months like 3 or 4 times a week, and works like a charm. Easy to clean.
  • I’ve made arepas for over 40 years. This little cooker is awesome. I’ve purchased one for my daughter and most likely will order one for my mother who loves my arepas. Now they can make their own!

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Imusa Is A Good Brand For Steamer Pots

IMUSA USA Aluminum Tamale and Steamer Pot 32-Quart, Silver

IMUSA USA Aluminum Tamale and Steamer Pot 32-Quart, Silver


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What Do Customers Love About This Tamale Pot?

The Imusa Steamer Pot, 20 Quart is a well known Brand in Latin American Countries, it was given to me as a Gift last year. It is made out of Heavy Gauge Aluminum and is very Light anybody can lift it…and is BIG! It comes with the Steamer Insert and holds a lot of Tamales.

  • The Imusa Steamer does a Great Job I never ran out of water and I steam my Tamales for over 2 hours, with no problems.
  • If you love crabs like I do there is no way you can go wrong by getting this nice steamer pot, I love it and the price cannot be beaten.
  • Super easy to clean and if you’ve never used one before it’s easy to use. I made the best tamales in this.
  • First time making homemade tamales and this pot are the best I have an electric stove with a glass cooktop and it didn’t destroy the top.
  • Good sized pot. Can steam many tamales at once.

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Imusa Is A Good Brand For Pressure Cookers

IMUSA USA A417-80801W Stovetop Aluminum Pressure Cooker 7.0-Quart

IMUSA USA A417-80801W Stovetop Aluminum Pressure Cooker 7.0-Quart,Silver


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What Do Customers Love About This Pressure Cooker?

I love my Imusa pressure cookers, I bought three of them and they are very helpful in my kitchen, I have a huge family and I can be cooking all kinds of different dishes at the same time, in less the time as well.

  • I hope anyone considering purchasing a pressure cooker will definitely put the Imusa on the top of their list… you’ll love it!
  • My wife says This is the best pressure cooker on earth. She loves it and we use this product three times a week
  • I am very happy with this product, it has made life easier, as being an Indian, my daily food consists of a variety of lentils.
  • I love it when this pressure cooker makes my lentils ready very easily and then I use Indian fusion of garlic ginger chilies onion tomato and some other beautiful spices..the best vegan food with the help of this pressure cooker.
  • The best, just like the one my grandma had! Perfect for beans and cooks chicken so fast too.
  • I recommend the IMUSA pressure cooker. I couldn’t be happier. Also, please note that the IMUSA company has a very helpful customer service 1-800 phone number.

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Imusa Is A Good Brand For Coffee Makers

IMUSA USA B120-60006 Electric Coffee/Moka Maker 3-6-Cup

IMUSA USA B120-60006 Electric Coffee/Moka Maker 3-6-Cup, Black


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What Do Customers Love About This Coffee Maker?

This is really a great buy. Perfect for traveling or for home use. Makes perfect espresso, coffee comes out very hot and intense. My cuban husband is very happy with it. 

  • I love the coffee taste with IMUSA.
  • This pot is GREAT. Great for desktop espresso.
  • I’ve saved so much money already making my own coffee. Love that we can travel with this.
  • This is one of the best personal coffee makers. I bought three for them. One of the offices, a home, and a gift.
  • Makes great espresso, Puerto Rican coffee, and Cuban with some galletas/ cookies.

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Imusa Is A Good Brand For Dutch Ovens

IMUSA USA 4.9Qt Ruby Red Nonstick Dutch Oven with Glass Lid and Soft Touch Handles

IMUSA USA 4.9Qt Ruby Red Nonstick Dutch Oven with Glass Lid and Soft Touch Handles


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What Do Customers Love About This Dutch Oven?

I absolutely loveeeeee this pot!!!!! I love the color, I love the weight, I love the matte feeling handles. I love the color inside and how it’s non stick at all. I love how it’s inexpensive. I have a very strong stove at home and when I use the highest flame, I don’t see any marks on the bottom of the pot!!

  • I love the rubber handles, and the shiny red and the IMUSA brand was, of course, an easy sell.
  • Best soup pot ever!!
  • I have several Imusa pots and love them!! Inexpensive but goodwill continue buying this brand.
  • This pot is easy to clean and perfectly cooks everything. LOVE IT
  • I would recommend this pot to anyone, it is the best pot I ever owned. love it! easy to clean. thank you!

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