Are Carhartt Overalls Waterproof? (Can You Wash Carhartt Overalls?)

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Are Carhartt Overalls Waterproof?

Carhartt overalls are classic American workwear. They’re made of heavy denim and are strong, durable, and long-lasting. Carhartts are also one of the warmest overalls you can wear. But they’re not all waterproof.

The truth is that not all Carhartt overalls are waterproof however they do produce some overalls that are waterproof.

Carhartt overalls are typically 100 percent water-resistant, which means they can withstand all kinds of wet weather conditions. However, they’re not completely waterproof and should not be considered a substitute for rain gear or other types of weather protection.

If you plan on going fishing or engaging in other activities where you know water is likely to get on you, it’s best to wear a waterproof layer over your overalls to protect them from getting damaged.


Carhartt Men's Shoreline Waterproof Breathable Bib Overalls,Black,Large


Most Carhartt overalls should have a tag, which will say something like “100% waterproof overalls.” If it doesn’t have a tag, check to see if it has any waterproofing treatments.

Are Carhartt Bibs Good for Snow?

Carhartt’s line of bibs and overalls are known for being durable. They’re great if you work in an environment where you might be exposed to light rain, snow, or in a very cold environment.

TOUGHNESS AND DURABILITY Carhartt’s bibs are like jeans, but thicker and more durable. They were originally designed to be worn as coveralls by farmers, fishermen, loggers, and anyone else who needed tough protection from the elements.

The bibs are reinforced with twice the amount of material used in standard denim jeans. When you wear them outside in the rain or snow, they feel stiff, but within a few minutes of moving around they soften up to feel like any other pair of jeans. The only difference is that they won’t let water seep through to your body.

The bottom line is that if you plan on being out in the rain or snow for an extended period of time and don’t have a choice about it — for instance, if you’re working outside and can’t go inside until your shift — then these bibs will keep you dry and warm.

Can You Wear Carhartt Skiing?

Carhartt can be worn for snow shoveling of course, but if you want to go skiing or sledding, then you should choose snow pants with a tighter fit that won’t get in your way when working with skis or on the slopes.

Carhartt bibs are designed for comfort and warmth, not to protect you from freezing weather conditions. It’s best to wear them under-insulated coveralls so you’ll stay warm in freezing temperatures.

Can Carhartts Get Wet?

The short answer is that some Carhartt products are waterproof and others are repellent. Both types of products can be worn in the rain or while performing other messy tasks, but they require different care to keep them looking good and functioning properly.


Carhartt Men's Surrey Bib Overalls,Yellow,Small


Carhartt overalls are water-resistant, not waterproof. That means they will keep you pretty dry even if you’re in a downpour. They do not completely waterproof your legs, but they will definitely keep out some water.


What Is the Hole in Carhartt Overalls For?

This hole is an interesting design feature of Carhartt overalls and bibs. The hole can be found in the left pocket and is sometimes referred to as a “West Virginia pocket,” because the original workers in the mines needed a place to keep their watches when not in use.

According to legend, the hole was originally created in order to allow room for the pocket watch chain to pass through the pocket without ripping it. However, with fewer people using pocket watches these days, most people use the hole for their cell phone earpiece cord or other purposes.

Can You Wash Carhartt Overalls?

You should wash Carhartt. And you absolutely can wash Carhartt overalls. Just follow these easy steps to wash your Carhartt for maximum durability.

Wash Warm

This is so important! Never ever wash your Carhartt in hot water! I know, it’s tempting because your overalls might have gotten a little smelly by this point, but don’t give in to temptation! Wash them in warm water with no soap at all and then spin them in the dryer on low heat or air dry them outside.

Do Not Bleach

Bleaching garments will break down the quality of the cotton over time and cause them to become worn and thin. If you want to keep your Carhartt looking new and stylish, always skip the bleach and go with regular detergent instead!

Tumble Dry Medium

Tumblers will not damage Carhartt’s clothing, but using too hot of a setting or leaving items in the dryer for too long can shrink them.


Carhartt womens Carhartt Women's Crawford Double Front Bib Overalls Coveralls, Carhartt Brown, Medium US


Do Carhartt Overalls Shrink?

Carhartt overalls do shrink but it’s a very minor amount. The good news is that the material is easy to care for. All you have to do is machine wash as mentioned above.

If you are super paranoid about them shrinking you could take extra precautions such as:

  1. Wash in cold water – Most experts say that you should wash your Carhartt overalls in cold water because hot water is harsh on fabrics and causes them to shrink.
  2. Use gentle cycle – A gentle cycle will make sure that your clothes don’t catch any snags or tears while washing. If your washer has various speed settings, use the slowest one to reduce the risk of shrinking your Carhartt overalls further.
  3. Wrinkle-free drying – Air drying is always recommended over tumble drying but if you must use a dryer then be sure to do so on low heat.



How Long Do Carhartt Overalls Last?

The durability of Carhartt overalls is unquestioned however there is a number of factors involved that could change how long they last for each individual. Such as:

  1. The frequency with which you wear your Carhartt overalls also contributes to their lifespan. Those who wear their overalls for an entire workday every day will see greater wear and tear on these items than those who only wear them for a few hours at a time occasionally.
  2. Carhartt overalls are made of a variety of materials, some of which last longer than others. The most durable material is the duck canvas that’s used in much of Carhartt’s outerwear line. Duck canvas is known for its heavy-duty use and abrasion resistance, so it should last several years with proper care.
  3. The cotton duck material used in most Carhartt pants and shorts is also very hard-wearing but will not last as long as duck canvas. It’s more prone to tearing with rough handling.
  4. It’s important to take good care of your Carhartt clothing, especially if you’re using it on a regular basis. Cleaning it regularly helps ensure that dirt doesn’t degrade the fabric faster than normal, and when it does start to show signs of wear and tear, patching up the holes in your clothes can make them last longer than replacing them entirely.

Carhartt overalls are some of the most durable work clothes you can buy. However, like any clothing, they need to be maintained to get the best use out of them.



Do Carhartt Bibs Keep You Warm?

Carhartt bib overalls are a popular choice among construction workers, farmers, or anyone who is frequently exposed to the elements. They are available in both lined and unlined varieties.

Carhartt bib overalls have several features that make them a good choice for cold-weather wear.

  1. They have extra-long side gussets that cover the legs, which helps to keep out the wind.
  2. They also have elastic at the bottom of the leg to prevent wind from blowing up the legs and into the crotch area, which can quickly lead to chills.
  3. The Carhartt bib overalls come in several waist sizes, which ensures that they fit snugly and securely but do not cause discomfort.

What Is the Warmest Carhartt Overall?

The arctic lining is considered Carhartt’s warmest option. It provides two layers of insulation, and it is quilted with a layer of synthetic material that provides extra warmth without additional weight. The arctic lining is recommended for temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. If temperatures are expected to drop below zero, many people recommend wearing additional layers underneath your Carhartt bibs.


Carhartt Men’s Yukon Extremes Loose Fit Insulated Bib Overalls


Carhartt Men's Yukon Extremes Loose Fit Insulated Biberall, Black, Medium


The Carhartt Men’s Yukon Extremes Loose Fit Insulated Bib Overalls is the ultimate extreme cold weather bib overall. Its 3M Thinsulate insulation, along with the double-front and center-back reflective taping provide optimal warmth from head to toe. The Wind Fighter system redirects wind away from the body to maximize comfort and minimize heat loss. The full-elastic waistband with belt loops makes this bib a real favorite for any job or trade.

In summary, Carhartt overalls are designed to offer you a rugged, weather-resistant defense against the elements. They do an excellent job of keeping you warm and dry in cold, rainy conditions. But if your work or play involves work with liquid, these overalls will protect you for a time (unless you get the waterproof ones) but should not be considered a substitute for a rain jacket or other types of wet-weather protection.

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