Is TotalBoat A Good Brand? (Boat Paint, Varnish, Epoxy Resin)

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What Is The TotalBoat Brand Known For?

For more than a decade, TotalBoat has been an industry leader in quality boat components and paints designed to match the unique needs of professional mariners and DIY homeowners alike.

TotalBoat is an American brand that is focused on creating professional-grade epoxy for marine enthusiasts. Ideal for above-the-waterline applications, TotalBoat epoxy helps protect your boat from harmful UV rays while improving the appearance of your vessel.

Prepare to be overwhelmed by the Totalboat brand name. In addition to epoxy resin, paint, varnish, and fiberglass, Totalboat also makes laser-cut kits that you can put together using its epoxy resin. The result is a boat that is sturdy, light, and fast.

All TotalBoat epoxy products are specially formulated to meet US Coast Guard regulations. This means even those hard-to-reach areas of your boat will be protected from harmful UV rays.

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Quick Overview of TotalBoat:

TotalBoat is one of the premier suppliers of top-of-the-line boat paint, boat varnish, and other marine coatings. They sell a wide selection of products, like Totalboat 100% Solids Premium Swim Platform Epoxy Kit and Totalboat Total Protect Professional Hull Paint & Primer.

Popular Products Include: 

More About TotalBoat

You can learn more about this brand from their About Page.

If you want to contact TotalBoat you can do so here.

What about Social Media? You can follow TotalBoat on FacebookInstagram, and Youtube.

Let’s look at 6 of their best-selling Totalboat and see what customers think about the brand and its products…

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Totalboat Is A MIND-BOGGLING Brand For Thickset Deep Pour Epoxy

The following Totalboat product has a MIND-BOGGLING 100% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

TotalBoat is a brand that makes high-quality marine products for professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts, and their Thickset Epoxy is no different.

This thick, all-in-one epoxy is easy to use, and its two-part system ensures that you’ll never have to worry about it setting up before you’re ready. It hardens to a durable, waterproof finish that you can sand and paint with ease once it dries.

One of the best ways to strengthen and waterproof wood epoxies is to use TotalBoat Thickset Deep Pour Epoxy.

Even though it’s a thick epoxy, it’s still able to penetrate deep into the wood and create a strong bond with nearly any material. With TotalBoat’s Thickset Epoxy, you can mix your own color to match the wood you’re trying to restore.

Combining the performance of TotalBoat’s proprietary Thickset deep pour epoxy resin with TotalBoat’s two-part polyester hardeners and fillers produces a superior epoxy system that is extremely flexible, easy to use, and economical. This 4-gallon kit will make up to 60 gallons of Thickset deep pour epoxy…

TotalBoat Thickset Deep Pour Epoxy (4 Gallon Kit)

TotalBoat Thickset Deep Pour Epoxy (4 Gallon Kit) | Clear Gloss Pourable Casting Resin Kit | for Art, Epoxy River Tables, Live Edge Slabs, Molds, Wood Voids

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  • TotalBoat Thickset is a deep pour, high-strength epoxy designed to fill even the deepest voids and holes, all while remaining workable.
  • This epoxy kit contains the resin, hardener, reducer, additives, and colorants needed to mix a total of four gallons of epoxy.
  • TotalBoat’s patented Thickset system simplifies and speeds up the process of filling voids in a variety of applications.
  • TotalBoat Thickset Epoxy Resin is a thick epoxy resin with a 4:1 mix ratio that is specifically formulated for deep pour applications, making it a perfect choice for concrete reinforcement or below-the-waterline joints in fiberglass boat hulls.
  • TotalBoat Thickset Deep Pour Epoxy resin also exceeds the performance of epoxies formulated for steel joints, making it an excellent choice for reinforcing wood boats and high-temperature piping within the structure of the boat.
  • Like its thinner cousin, Thickset Deep Pour Epoxy can be incorporated into almost any pattern.
  • However, it offers a broader gap-filling ability when poured directly onto the surface of a porous backer or form material such as fiberglass mat, BID, or pigmented polyester resin.
  • While it is ideal for small repairs and DIY projects, its qualities make it an equal fit for wet-lay-up and squeeze-out applications.
  • This product is made in the USA with high-quality raw materials.
  • It’s the perfect material for interior frames, deadwood, laminated beams, floors, transoms, and just about anything else.

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Totalboat Is A Good Brand For Bottom Paint

The following Totalboat product has a good 68% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and it has earned Amazon Choice status…

The Totalboat JD Select bottom paint combines quality components with proven performance. This epoxy-based paint resists abrasions from rocks, sand, and other debris and is resilient to the effects of water and other harsh chemicals. The paint is formulated to create an optically clear finish, and the clear coat helps protect against UV rays.

This bottom paint offers the perfect mix of durability, light weight, high gloss and osmosis resistance, making it ideal for your next project. Made from durable 100% acrylic resin with a granular bottom paint texture, this high performance paint is a perfect fit for your small craft.

JD Select is a perfect blend of high gloss resin and hardener with topcoat resin. It is the choice for most professionals, but also has excellent color and gloss retention for less experienced builders…

TotalBoat JD Select Bottom Paint

TotalBoat JD Select Bottom Paint (Black, Gallon)

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  • JD Select combines easy application with unsurpassed durability. Ideal for everything from boats to furniture to car trim, it is the ideal Do-It-Yourself boat paint.
  • Each can have the color and consistency of a waterborne finish so it is simple to mix and apply by brush, roller, or spray.
  • For the best-looking bottom paint job, TotalBoat JD Select is a solid choice.
  • This flexible paint sticks to your boat’s surface better than other finishes.
  • It’s a 3-step system that guarantees you the best coverage, smoothness, and sheen.
  • With superior weather protection, JD Select is used by professional boat builders everywhere to help keep their projects looking great all year long.
  • TotalBoat’s hardener is designed to work with this system perfectly.
  • JD Select Bottom Paint is formulated to be an all-purpose bottom paint, providing protection for your boat in salt or freshwater.
  • It is intended for use on the bottoms of new boats or well-maintained wooden boats.
  • JD Select has a special blend of U.V.-inhibitors and flexes agents that give it the right balance of wetting behavior and mar resistance to make the perfect bottom coating for wood or fiberglass boats.
  • The special resin system helps prevent blistering and peeling and gives JD Select excellent adhesion to fiberglass, as well as good chemical resistance to algae, saltwater, cleaners, and brines.

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Totalboat Is An AMAZING Brand For Topside Paint

The following Totalboat product has an AMAZING 82% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and it has earned Amazon Choice status…

TotalBoat TotalBilge is the ultimate epoxy-based bilge paint for boat bilges, locker areas, bulkheads, engine rooms, and machinery spaces. TotalBoat TotalBilge is phosphate-free with a low VOC content.

It also has superior adhesion qualities and a self-leveling formula. This expanding paint line fills cracks and voids in fiberglass, wood, or metal. Plus, TotalBoat TotalBilge dries clear for a beautiful finished look.

TotalBilge is an all-weather epoxy bilge paint for boat bilges, engine rooms, locker areas, and other boat surfaces exposed to water.

This ready-to-fluidized powder may be applied with a brush, roller or spray, requires no mixing and flows into the hard-cured coating. TotalBilge dries in 10 minutes and can be sanded in 2 hours

You can now achieve a durable finish that will not crack, peel, blister, or chip in the most extreme environments. TotalBilge is easy to apply with a brush for non-skilled do-it-yourselfers…

TotalBoat TotalBilge Epoxy Based Bilge Paint for Boat Bilges, Bulkheads, Engine Rooms, and Locker Areas

TotalBoat TotalBilge Epoxy Based Bilge Paint for Boat Bilges, Bulkheads, Engine Rooms and Locker Areas (White, Gallon)

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  • The revolutionary TotalBilge is a bi-component, epoxy-based paint specifically designed to adhere to all bare surfaces.
  • It is a superior coating for use in neglected or previously painted bilges, engine rooms, locker areas, and all other hard-to-reach areas of your boat.
  • TotalBoat TotalBilge Epoxy Based Bilge Paint is a two-part product that will provide excellent moisture protection for all wood and non-metallic surfaces in the bilge including bulkheads, engine rooms, and locker areas.
  • It is a two-component epoxy-based bilge paint that when mixed together creates a smooth and very durable finish in the bilge area of a boat.

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Totalboat Is An AMAZING Brand For Marine Varnish

The following Totalboat product has an AMAZING 80% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Marine varnish is a good choice for protecting a boat from the harsh elements of the ocean. This varnish can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces and is highly durable. This varnish is best for protection against water, salt, and minor weathering conditions.

TotalBoat Lust marine varnish offers a dark, high-gloss finish that will protect outdoors surfaces against the sun’s damaging rays, while keeping a sleek, smooth appearance. But that’s not all! TotalBoat Lust can also be used on wood and other applications where you want a lighter, matte finish.

Now you can have the unique and beautiful wood finish that creates a tranquil, peaceful atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing outdoors. TotalBoat Marine Varnish creates an incredibly deep, rich, glossy shine that showcases wood in its most impressive state.

With a high-gloss finish for added protection, the intense gloss of Lust Marine Varnish will keep your porch furniture looking great whether you build it or purchase it…

TotalBoat Lust Marine Varnish, High Gloss and Matte Finish for Wood, Boats, Outdoor Furniture 

TotalBoat Lust Marine Varnish, High Gloss and Matte Finish for Wood, Boats, Outdoor Furniture (High Gloss, Quart)

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  • Like your favorite car, TotalBoat Marine Varnish gives wood surfaces lasting protection against the sun’s rays and moisture.
  • We mix our tough, flexible varnish with the most advanced UV blockers and brighteners on the market.
  • It dries to a beautiful, high gloss or flat finish that is perfect for indoor or outdoor projects, including your prized boat.
  • TotalBoat Marine Varnish offers a choice of high gloss or matte finish, is formulated to resist blistering and peeling on outdoor surfaces, and is just the right viscosity for application with a brush – no thinning required.
  • Its long open time allows ease of application and a very smooth, thin finish.
  • The high-gloss varnish protects against sun damage while the matte finish allows you to customize the look of your wood with this one product.

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Totalboat Is An AMAZING Brand For Primer

The following Totalboat product has an AMAZING 81% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

TotalBoat Marine Topside Boat Paint Primer for Fiberglass and Wood is a two-component, fast-drying coating that’s specially formulated to protect wood and fiberglass from the harsh marine environment. Once you apply a top-quality finish to a TotalBoat primer, you can be sure that your boat will hold up to the elements.

TotalBoat Marine Topside Boat Paint Primer is a good choice for both fiberglass and wood. It provides excellent adhesion to all surfaces and is easy to apply.

It can be used as a primer for exterior paint or as an intermediate paint for fiberglass and wood boat topsides. This is a high-build primer that fills in surface imperfections and penetrates and seals the porous surface. It is quick-drying and sandable in one hour.

TotalBoat Marine Topside Boat Paint Primer for Fiberglass and Wood is a fast-drying aircraft-grade acrylic marine paint that adheres to fiberglass, wood, Gelcoat, or bare metal surfaces of boats. Achieve an excellent base coat with minimal chance of unwanted surface dripping or brush marks…

TotalBoat-365386 Topside Primer (Gray, Quart)

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  • The Totalboat Marine Topside Boat Paint Primer for Fiberglass and Wood is a high-performance primer that covers well, resists moisture, and keeps away mildew and mold.
  • TotalBoat Marine Premium Topside Boat Paint is a premium quality, heavy-bodied, Anti-fouling marine epoxy paint that provides excellent adhesion, mechanical and water resistance, and chemical resistance while maintaining flexibility.
  • TotalBoat Paint offers continued durability, UV ray protection, gloss retention across a wide range of temperatures, and an industrial lifetime rating.

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Totalboat Is An Excellent Brand For Gelcoat

The following Totalboat product has an excellent 78% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars and has earned Amazon Choice status…

When you’re in need of a new boat building project, you might be tempted to choose an alternative material for your vessel – but if you’re looking for a boat that will last, TotalBoat epoxy resin is a great choice. TotalBoat is sold in a wide range of colors and is available as either paint or Gelcoat for composite boat building.

TotalBoat Marine Gelcoat is formulated specifically for boats, providing excellent durability for boat building, repair and composite coating applications. TotalBoat Marine Gelcoat adheres to polyester, vinylester, and vinyl ester resins used in boat building.

TotalBoat paint and Gelcoat are marine-grade, so it’s not just for show: they hold up to the marine environment, withstanding extreme temperatures and saltwater. TotalBoat Marine Gelcoat is ideal for repairing minor damage to your boat or building a new one, and it’s easy to apply, so you can get to work on your next project quickly…

TotalBoat Marine Gelcoat for Boat Building, Repair and Composite Coatings (White, Quart with Wax)

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  • TotalBoat Marine Gelcoat is a semi-solid, two-part boat building and repair composite that resists shrinkage and flaking.
  • It can be used for all-purpose repairs, including structural and cosmetic damage to fiberglass, wood, and plastic boats.
  • TotalBoat Marine Gelcoat is a premixed, high-quality polyester Gelcoat formulated for use in building, repairing, and finishing marine applications.
  • TotalBoat is a fast-drying Gelcoat, designed for easy boat building and repair.
  • Made from Pure White Concentrate Pigment Suspension, TotalBoat dries quickly to a smooth surface with enhanced gloss and great sanding properties – even wet sanding!
  • TotalBoat Marine Gelcoat was designed specifically to improve the appearance of wood and fiberglass boats.
  • This product is easy to apply using a variety of application methods.
  • TotalBoat Marine Gelcoat provides a thick, rich opaque color combined with excellent durability and resistance to abrasion.
  • It is non-toxic and VOC compliant in all 50 states.

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In summary, TotalBoat is a reputable epoxy paint manufacturer that has been in business for over 20 years, making boat paints, varnishes, and resins to protect and beautify everything from large (and small) watercraft to furniture, floors, and more.

Totalboat Epoxy Resin, Paint, and Varnish products are used by do-it-yourself makers and professional boat builders around the world. Their products have great coverage abilities, sand easily, offer outstanding UV protection, and are topped with some of the best outdoor durability.

Epoxies are very popular for marine use because most epoxies have few or no solvents and can be pumped through standard spray guns. Epoxy joint compounds cure a strong and flexible finish. Epoxy primers are excellent adhesion promoters for wood fibers and glass mat fabrics.

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