12 Places to Put a Mini Fridge (Where to Put Mini Fridge?)

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Where to Put Mini Fridge?

You might not have enough space in your apartment or house for a full-size refrigerator, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the convenience of having a little extra food storage. That’s where the mini-fridge comes in.

These small appliances are perfect for dorm rooms, offices, or your own home if you need to keep a little extra food cold without taking up too much space. They’re also great for storing beers or sodas when you don’t want to make that trek to the main fridge.

If you’re using a mini-fridge, though, why not take advantage of its compact size and put it somewhere different? Here are some excellent places you could put your mini fridge so it’s not just taking up valuable floor space:

12 Places to Put a Mini Fridge

Mini fridges are a great way to keep snacks and drinks cool without having to trek all the way to the kitchen every time you need a refill.


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But where should you put your mini-fridge?

1. In your living room

The living room is often one of the most frequented rooms in any home, so it makes sense to keep food and drinks close by. Put it under a window, next to the sofa, or alongside your TV stand.

  • A lot of people enjoy eating in front of the television while watching their favorite shows. Having to go inside the kitchen to get something to eat or drink can be inconvenient especially if something exciting is happening on TV.
  • Getting up after sitting down on a couch can also be difficult if you just want to grab something from the refrigerator. With a mini-fridge nearby, it will be easier for you to get food and drinks whenever you want them.
  • You won’t have to move away from where you’re sitting. And when it’s time for bed, there will be no need to go all the way back into the kitchen to get water or any other beverage before going to sleep.

There are many benefits of placing a mini-fridge in your living room including…


The most obvious benefit of having the fridge in your living room is convenience. This means that when you’re watching TV or just relaxing on the sofa, you can easily grab something to drink or eat without getting up and going to the kitchen. If you have kids, there won’t be any fights about who has to get snacks during a movie night as well.

Hosting Guests

When you have guests over, they usually end up in your living room and this means that there will be more demand for drinks and snacks when everyone is socializing. Having the fridge in the living room ensures that everything is within easy reach so that no one has to go back and forth from the kitchen each time they want something. This helps to keep everyone happy and makes it easier for you to entertain.

TV Snacks

If you enjoy watching TV or movies, then having a mini-fridge in your living room is a great idea because you will always have snacks on hand. This is particularly useful if you want to avoid having to go into the kitchen to make food every time you get hungry while watching TV. It also means that you can grab something quickly after getting home from work rather than having to cook when all you want to do is relax with a movie.

Movie Night

The refrigerator is ideal for movie night because it makes it easy for everyone to get drinks and snacks while they are watching a film. You can even put some of the most popular snack foods into different draws so that people can just open them up and help themselves instead of having to search through the fridge for what they want.

2. In your dining room

When it comes to accommodating the dining room, your first thought is probably the dining table, chairs, and any other furniture. You may have even purchased a buffet or sideboard to put in there for extra storage. But did you think about putting a mini-refrigerator in your dining room? It’s actually a great idea!

Not only can you use it as a place for guests to grab drinks without having to leave the dining room, but you can use it as extra food storage for when you have larger dinner parties.

Here are some advantages of placing a mini-fridge in your living room…

Space-saving convenience

The most obvious benefit of having your mini-fridge in the dining room is that it saves space in your kitchen. Kitchens are usually small, to begin with, and having another appliance there can make them even more cramped. This can pose a problem when trying to prepare food and clean up afterward.

Close proximity to the food table

Another advantage of the dining room is that the refrigerator is closer to where people generally eat, which means that they don’t have to walk back and forth between the kitchen and the table each time they want something new to drink or snack on.

3. In a hallway

If you have space, putting a mini-fridge in the hallway could be a convenient way to keep drinks close by as you walk into and out of your home.

Here are some advantages of placing a mini-fridge in your hallway…


Hallways are usually narrow and long, which means there is no other furniture that could fit in it, except a mini-fridge. This way, you’ll not only save space but make good use of the area.

Easy access

Hallways connect all the rooms in your home together, so the mini-fridge will be easily accessible from any room.


Your hallway is likely to be the first thing you see when you come back home and it’s great if there’s something welcoming waiting for you there! A mini-fridge with cold drinks and some snacks could be just what you need after a long day at work.


You can’t drink in every room in your home and it’s not always practical to bring food from one room to another or from upstairs to downstairs if needed. With a mini-fridge in your hallway, all your family members will have easy access to their favorite foods or drinks wherever they are at home.

The hallway is usually empty space

The hallway is usually empty space, so why not fill it up with something useful? If you’re struggling for space, use your hallway as a storage space for anything that needs extra room. Take advantage of the spaciousness of your hallway and make it into a relaxing hangout spot.

4. In your bedroom

A mini-fridge is perfect for keeping cold water by your bedside at night, and chilled drinks ready for when you wake up in the morning.

Here are some reasons why it’s great to have a mini-fridge in your bedroom:

It’s convenient.

You don’t have to go far to get what you need – just open the door and grab whatever you want!

It’s private.

You won’t have anyone else snooping around because they won’t know what’s inside unless they ask (or look through windows). And even then, they’ll only see what’s been placed there recently – older items might not appear at all if not visible from the outside).

It Saves Space

It saves space in other rooms of the house because less food storage is needed there as well as on-site refrigeration units like freezers or ice machines that take up valuable floor space in smaller homes or apartments with limited space available for such appliances.

Fabulous For Elderly 

It also means fewer trips downstairs which may be difficult for some people, especially those who are elderly/disabled/physically handicapped/etcetera so having everything within reach makes life easier for everyone involved.

Having a mini-fridge in your bedroom can help you wake up hydrated

If you wake up in the middle of the night and feel thirsty, your first reaction would probably be to go downstairs to get a glass of water from the kitchen. But if you have a mini-fridge in your room, all you would need to do is stand up from your bed and open your fridge for a bottle of water. You’ll be back to bed in no time!

5. In the bathroom

Purchasing a mini-fridge and placing it in one section of your bathroom can help you save space as well as money. You will be able to purchase less expensive personal hygiene products, and you’ll store them right inside the fridge.

You can store drinks and snacks for when you’re relaxing in the tub. A few glasses of wine, some chips, or whatever snack you want to munch on are all within reach when you have a mini-fridge in your bathroom.

6. Man Cave

A mini-fridge is perfect for the man cave, especially if it’s not too close to the kitchen. You can put in your favorite beer, soda, and snacks so you don’t have to go through the whole house just to grab a snack or drink.

Here are some reasons why your man cave and your mini-fridge go together like cheese and crackers:

Your man cave is all about you

You’ve set up this place to be your own little world. You’re going to have things in here that you like but maybe don’t fit into any other room in your house, like sports memorabilia or vintage concert posters. Why not have a mini-fridge that matches your interests, too? There are ones with collegiate themes, sports teams, or even photos of your favorite bands on them.

Your man cave is for entertaining friends. Man caves don’t always have to be about getting away from others; they can also be about inviting others into your personal space.

You Don’t Have to Leave Your Man Cave to Get Food or Drink

If you want to eat or drink something, you don’t have to leave your man cave you don’t want to because your mini-fridge will be there for you whenever you need it. This means that you don’t have to get up from playing video games or watching football on TV whenever you want something to eat or drink.

Fully stocked

Every man cave needs to be fully stocked with refreshments so that when you invite your friends over for a game of cards or some sports action on TV, you can get everyone involved. With a mini-fridge, you can make sure that your drinks stay cold until it’s time to crack them open.

7. She Shed or Woman Cave

The other half of the house will absolutely love having their own space with a mini-fridge that’s all their own! Here are a few reasons why your She Shed is a good place for your mini-fridge:

It’s A Place To Go

A She Shed is all about having a space that’s all yours — no rules, no chores, and no interruptions. Your She Shed may be where you read, paint, write, garden or just relax. And when you want something cold and refreshing in the summer heat, you don’t have to go inside. Just fire up the mini-fridge and take out something delicious.

You can keep drinks icy cold

The whole point of a mini-fridge is to keep stuff cold without taking up too much space. If you’re using your She Shed to relax, then there’s nothing like having ice-cold drinks at the ready.

You can have food and snacks close by

A mini-fridge can help store snacks, so even if you just pop into your She Shed for a few minutes here and there during the day, you can still get something to munch on.

8. Garage

If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of time in your garage working on projects and building things. It’s always nice to have snacks and drinks handy so you don’t have to go back inside every time you get thirsty or want something to eat.

  • The garage is generally cooler than other rooms in your house. This means that you won’t have to use as much energy to keep it cool, which will save you some money.
  • The garage is a large space, so you can keep your drinks and snacks on a shelf or countertop out of the way. It’s also great if you have kids who like to climb and get into things they shouldn’t be messing with like boxes or tools!
  • If there are people staying over at your house, they can use their own personal fridge instead of taking up space in yours while they’re visiting. This also saves energy costs because it means only one refrigerator will be running instead of two (or three).
  • You won’t have to worry about spills on the floor because there isn’t any carpeting or linoleum there! Carpeting can absorb liquids and make them hard to clean up after an accident happens; however, hardwood floors don’t absorb anything so there would be less mess if one were spilled on them

9. Game Room or Entertainment Room

Whether you enjoy watching sports with friends, playing video games, or just listening to music, there’s nothing better than having cold drinks and snacks close by when enjoying your

It can be very convenient to have a mini-fridge in your game room because it allows you to store drinks and food in one place, without having them everywhere else. It also helps keep things cool, which makes it easier for everyone involved with the game room.

If you like playing board games or card games, then having a mini-fridge can really help keep things organized and easy to reach. If you don’t want something bulky taking up space in your game room, then this is an excellent option. Many people also like the fact that these items are made from plastic, so they won’t break easily if dropped or knocked over by something heavy.

Easy access to drinks and snacks – Having a drink nearby is important when playing games. A mini-fridge in the game room makes it easy to have a cold drink nearby while playing. The same is true for snacks. If you are going to spend time in your game room, you should have something to eat or drink there too.

Keeps drinks cold during long gaming sessions – When playing games, sometimes you want to stay in the game room for hours at a time. You may even want to play games overnight. Having a mini-fridge in the game room allows you to keep your favorite drinks on hand at all times. This way you do not have to leave the room multiple times throughout the day just to get another drink. Instead, you can simply open up your mini-fridge and grab what you need without disrupting your gaming session.

10. Home office

Some people who work from home have a separate room for an office, but others do not. This can be a real pain if you want to store all your food and drinks in the kitchen, which is often very far from the desk if your office is in the living room or in a bedroom.

A mini-fridge in your home office is a great way to keep snacks and drinks close by while you work.

It’s convenient

Having a refrigerator within arm’s reach is incredibly useful. Instead of having to go all the way to the kitchen every time you want a snack or want to quench your thirst, you can keep it all in the mini-fridge in your home office. Especially important for those looking for healthy snacks for weight loss! It gives you more time to spend on work instead of spending time fetching food from other areas of the house.

It’s affordable to have one

If you have space in your home office, then you may as well invest in a mini-fridge. With such a wide range of fridges available, including retro fridges and pink fridges, there will definitely be something that suits your needs and personality! The cost of owning one is quite low as well since most modern-day fridges are energy efficient and require very little maintenance.

It’s cool

If it’s summer, the last thing you want is to get up from your chair and feel all warm and sweaty while walking down to your kitchen. A mini-fridge will keep you cool and hydrated so that you can focus on your work. It’ll also save time since you won’t have to wait till the water cools down before drinking it. You can just pull out a bottle of cold water right away!

It helps with snacking

A lot of people tend to overeat at lunchtime or during breaks. But if you stuff yourself during these times, then there are chances that you might not be able to focus on work later in the day.

11. Kid’s room or teen’s room

It’s great to have an extra refrigerator in your kid’s room (some kids won’t even leave their rooms) or a teen’s room where they can store snacks, drinks, and food items that are just for them.

Your kid’s room is an ideal place to keep your mini-fridge. The following are the top reasons why this is so:

Your kid’s room is away from your room

If you are a parent, you understand the importance of keeping some boundaries between your children and yourself. As much as you love them, you need some private time. Keeping a mini-fridge in their rooms will help you to do this easily. You can get them a cooler and drinks to keep in it so that they don’t have to disturb you every time they need a drink.

Your kid’s room is close to their bathroom

This means that if anything spills on the floor, it is easy for one to clean up the mess with ease. In addition, it will be hard for the spills to get into other areas of the house because there are no openings on this part of the house leading to other areas of your home.

Your kids will be more responsible

Giving your kids a mini-fridge will make them more responsible because they will know that they have been trusted with something very important in the house; therefore, they will take care of it in order to avoid damaging it or getting themselves in trouble with it.

Kids love snacks

This is probably the number one reason why getting a fridge for your kid’s room would be beneficial for him or her. And it isn’t just us who think so either.

Not only will they have constant access to drinks, but having a snack at night to munch on before going to bed can be quite beneficial for them as well. The majority of children nowadays live an unhealthy lifestyle, and this could be an opportunity for you to help them change that fact.

12. Basement bar area or game room in the basement

The basement is the perfect place to put your mini-fridge. A basement may seem like a strange place to keep a refrigerator – but it’s actually a very good idea. Here are some reasons why your basement is a great place for your mini-fridge:

It’s out of the way

The basement is often the most underutilized room in any home. Even if you don’t use it much, there’s always plenty of space for storage. It’s also not very likely that anyone will be walking through or using this part of your home on a regular basis, so your food and drinks won’t be at risk of being disturbed or accessed by others.

This makes the basement ideal for storing things that need to stay at specific temperatures like wine bottles or ice cream cartons without having them take up precious countertop space in more commonly used rooms like kitchens or living rooms!

You’ll save energy

If your basement is cooler than the rest of your house, it will help keep everything inside your mini-fridge at the right temperature without having to work as hard.

Avoiding kitchen clutter

Your kitchen probably has limited counter space, so moving the mini-fridge to another room frees up some space for other stuff.

It’s convenient for hosting parties in the basement

If you use your basement for entertaining, having a mini fridge down there means you won’t have to keep running upstairs for more drinks or snacks when you could be socializing with your guests instead

In summary, there are a lot of reasons why you might want to have a mini-fridge in your room. Maybe you need it for storing your medication or keeping food fresh, or perhaps you just want one so you can keep some snacks close by.

Whatever the reason, it’s important that you know where to put your mini-fridge. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the location for this important appliance.

Don’t Put a Mini Fridge Near a Window

If you’re going to be putting your mini-fridge near an open window, make sure that there is nothing that can block the airflow from the back of the fridge. The vents on the back can get hot and if they are being blocked this can cause them to malfunction or overheat and break down.

You should also make sure that there isn’t anything blocking the vents on top of the refrigerator. If there is something blocking them, it could cause them to overheat and break down. If they are being blocked, they won’t be able to circulate cool air properly and this could cause them to malfunction or even break down completely

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