Can You Wear Tevas In The Water? (What About Washing Them?)

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Teva has been a leading brand in the outdoor market for years. The company’s shoes have been worn by trekkers, mountaineers, river guides, and adventurers of all stripes and levels of experience.

Tevas are famous for their comfort and durability. How nice it is also that you could splash through a stream or paddle across a lake in your favorite Teva sandals or shoes…

You can wear Teva sandals in the water, the shower, and to do dishes. Each pair of Teva sandals is handcrafted with premium materials designed to thrive in rough conditions and demanding environments.

The secret lies in Teva’s patented strap technology, which locks the foot down without any buckles or adjustments – The straps intuitively wrap around any foot for an instant fit that goes on and off effortlessly. No matter how rugged the surface beneath your feet, Teva’s wraps will stay in place to ensure comfort and durability for years.

Teva sandals aren’t just for water anymore. On land you get great traction and comfort from our original webbing; in the water, they slip on like a glove. Whether you’re lounging on the beach or splashing in the surf, your feet will feel right at home in this versatile sandal…

Yes, You Really Can You Wear Tevas In The Water

Teva Sandals have been compared to walking on air when you wear them in the water. With a combination of Tiva’s trademarked Mush or Noose technology and our patented Sea-Band support system, Teva sandals provide great cushioning and comfort for fishermen, boaters, divers, and other water enthusiasts.

Here is a short promo video that shows people wearing Tivas in and around the water…

Do Customers Actually Wear Tevas In The Water?

The Teva Tirra Sandal embraces the relaxed, happy-go-lucky spirit of our original sandal. This water-ready sandal is made for poolside mingling or a walk along the beach. The adjustable back strap makes it easy to be able to focus on whatever your day holds.

Let’s see what the owners of Teva sandals say about wearing them in the water…


Teva Women’s Original Universal Sandal


Teva Women's Original Sandals with Universal Strapping System and EVA Footbed, Light Green Multi, 5

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I bought these shoes for a trip to Cancun and Tulum because I wanted something comfortable that I could wear in the water for snorkeling and cenotes since I knew it would be rocky. They are amazing! They fit perfectly and are adjustable which is awesome after flights. I wore them the whole trip for hikes, into cenotes and the ocean and on the beaches. They held up really well and I know they will be a favorite at home too.

  • I got it for my lazy river tubing trip because I want to be able to walk underwater with shoes.
  • Currently out in Costa Rica and needed shoes that would withstand all of the water – rain, waterfalls, beach, etc. These are absolutely perfect!!!
  • Super comfy, perfect for water!
  • Tevas are a universal go-to sandal for everyday summer wear, as well as a great water shoe.
  • Love them! I specifically bought them to be water shoes at the rocky beach but they’re so comfortable I’m wearing them all the time.
  • I have worn this hiking and in the water and they did not rub/irritate my feet or absorb too much water.
  • I have gone walking, hiking, exploring, in the sand, water, floods, you name it these things are awesome and the moon pattern is my favorite!!
  • The sandals are perfect for walking into streams or lakes that have a lot of rocks in them.
  • They are absolutely indestructible and I wear them almost every day in the summer I’ve walked in ocean water, mud, sand, and they still show little signs of wear.
  • I use to wear Tevas when I worked for a White Water rafting company and they were the best!

These are the BEST EVER! I am avid adventurer and owned Chacos before. Tevas FOR THE WIN! They are way more comfortable and easier to wear in and out of the water. Also love the Velcro to fit them on and off.

  • I was in need of hiking sandals and water shoes, and these happened to be the perfect combination.
  • Perfect water shoes. I’ve had zero issues with these Tevas and they have been my go-to for camping/ grocery store and around the house.
  • I also didn’t have to worry about having to take off my shoes if I wanted to go in the water for a quick cool down.
  • It is now part of my go-to outdoor gear! It’s perfect for camping, easy hiking, and kayaking.
  • They’ve got great support whether in water or on land.
  • I used them for a day of tubing on the river and they were comfortable, durable, stayed on all day despite being in water rapids, and are so worth the money.
  • Tevas are great for water sports.
  • I use them for summer activities involving water. They are great!
  • The water doesn’t hurt the sandals and dries quickly.
  • Took these to Thailand. Wore them in the sand, dirt trails, and saltwater. So comfy and practical for travel!

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Teva Women’s Tirra Sandal, Bering Sea


Teva Women's Tirra Sandal,Bering Sea,8 US

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It is comfortable, gives great support, and you could even wear it as a water shoe, because water doesn’t affect it at all — you can hose it off if it gets muddy!

  • I forgot to mention they go in and out of the water with no problem… I wear them to the beach all summer.
  • Great for underwater
  • I work on my feet and underwater, so was looking for some durability and support for my high arches.
  • They’re very comfortable! Watering your yard or going for a walk – they’re just right!!
  • These Teva sandals are the BEST. Very comfortable and you can go into the water with them.
  • The arch is great and I got my feet a little wet watering the garden but the shoes dried fine.
  • Good sandals for walking around, in, and through water!
  • They’re waterproof so I can go hiking or go to the beach. Great shoes!
  • Versatile hiking, walking, water sandal.

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Do Teva Sandals Float?

Teva sandals are made with triple-layer polyurethane foam bottoms so they’re extra comfy and great for swimming and water sports.

Teva sandals float! That’s right. If you flip one open-toed or two-toed Teva thong upside-down and submerge it fully in water, the Teva can “float” on the surface of the water.

Teva sandals are designed to be the ultimate in comfort, performance, and fun. Our proprietary EVA footbed is inspired by the rugged terrain of the Southwest, yet has been engineered to provide maximum cushioning and arch support for all-day comfort wherever your feet take you.

The On/Off Lace System pairs with our adjustable straps to provide a custom fit that will keep you going for years to come. Durable yet lightweight materials make Teva footwear some of the lightest on the market.

Are Teva Sandals Washable?

All Teva sandals are constructed in a way to be both machine-washable and waterproof. However, it is strongly suggested that you wash them by hand, cleaning them with warm soapy water, and letting them dry naturally (not in a dryer), to help prolong the life of your sandals.

Teva Sandals are durable and rugged, and they can be washed, however, they will need to air dry. The first thing you’ll want to do is rinse the sandals with a garden hose or bucket of water. This will help remove dirt and debris quickly.

If there are any stubborn stains that didn’t come out with the initial cleaning, we strongly recommend using a brush or sponge to scrub around those areas in warm soapy water.

Do not use abrasives like steel wool on these or any other part of your sandals. From here, simply lay your Teva Sandals out to fully dry.

So yes, Teva sandals are machine washable and can be placed in the washing machine on a delicate cycle. After a good cleaning, your Teva sandals will look like new!

Are Teva Sandals Slippery?

No. The bottom of the sole is wide and textured to grip as well as deliver that shock-absorbing comfort Tevas are known for.

The Teva’s unique design of a single-piece molded nylon shell evades many common problems of wet, slippery footwear. It also features our Altitude Commitment technology, which combines a midsole foam with a high-performance rubber outsole. Combined this means less pronation, more sensitivity, and less fatigue.

This makes them great for hiking or swimming and gives you the sure footedness you need to make that move on a slippery log or step off a waterfall into the pool below.

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In summary, the company wanted to make Tevas so awesome you’d never want to take them off, so they made them functional enough for the beach, urban enough for your commute, but durable enough for everything in between.

Then they decided to see just how much water they could handle. And it turns out they can actually hold up pretty well in water. In fact, about 25% better than the average shoe. So if you’ve ever wanted a pair of Tevas that can actually get wet, now’s your chance.

Comfortable, stylish, and versatile enough to go from a hike on the trail or running errands around town.

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