Are Teva Sandals Good For Walking? (What about Running In Tevas?)

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Teva sandals are great for walking, hiking, running, and just about every other outdoor activity. Their versatile uppers give you a custom fit with great arch support, and their high-performance outsoles offer traction and grip on multiple surfaces. Teva is committed to making the best outdoor footwear for men, women, and children…

Sandals by Teva are good for walking and promise to improve your outdoor experience. The rubber outsoles give you grip when you’re on rough terrain, the adjustable straps make sure that no matter what they’re a perfect fit, and the short overall height keeps them easy to get into if you’ve got your hands full.

It’s the secret to the magic—the Teva footbed is molded from the shape of a human foot and made with arch support. It lets Teva sandals conform to your feet as you walk, making them feel natural and comfortable…

Do Customers Actually Wear Tevas For Walking?

They are, in fact, great for walking…and many other optional activities. Tiva uses Croslite foam because it’s lightweight, supportive, and designed to conform to your foot. It provides both comfort and support – and the uppers of their sandals have been treated with polyurethane to resist stretching and drying out so they stay cleaner longer.

Let’s see what the owners of Teva sandals say about wearing them for walking by looking at the following example…


Teva Women’s Original Universal Sandal


Teva Women's Original Sandals with Universal Strapping System and EVA Footbed, Light Green Multi, 5

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I was in dire need of a sandal I could easily throw on and walk miles in. I live in a fairly hot climate and walk everywhere, and I needed something that was as comfy as those Reefs. I saw these for a few dollars less and decided to try them out, and I’ll just say this: I’m NEVER going to buy another brand of outdoor sandal.

  • These sandals are comfortable and provide the support I was looking for to do a lot of walking without wearing a pair of sneakers.
  • I wore these to Disney World and walked 9.5 miles 1 day and 10 the other.
  • Love wearing them on walks with the dogs!
  • I walked all day the first time I wore them and had zero blisters or rubbing on my skin like some shoes during the break-in period.
  • Right away, these looked much more composed and better on the foot and felt better while walking as well.
  • Comfort and stability when walking.
  • They were easy and comfortable to walk in. My legs did not hurt at the end of the day.
  • I bought these for vacation, for a lot of walking and they were perfect.
  • LOVE these sandals! The color is great and the fit is great but what is most important is the feel – I could walk forever in these!
  • I walk on the treadmill most days and the threads above my foot have not frayed and the arch support is everything I need in a shoe.

I wore them for two and a half week in Florida and walked around in theme parks wearing them ALL DAY. Never got a single blister, was very comfortable, and my feet were able to breathe.

  • I have gone walking, hiking, exploring, in the sand, water, floods, you name it these things are awesome and the moon pattern is my favorite!!
  • They are absolutely indestructible and I wear them almost every day in the summer I’ve walked in ocean water, mud, sand, and they still show little signs of wear.
  • If you like walking around parks, downtown, beaches then this shoe is for you! Total game changer for me. This is my new favorite summer shoe!
  • They dry really fast and are comfortable for walking. Perfect camping shoes.
  • These are super cute with a nice sole but they are still lightweight enough that they are comfortable to wear for a walk or just to the pool.
  • Walked all over Europe with these and they were so worth the money! Felt like I was walking on clouds.
  • Whether rain or shine, hiking in the mountains, or just walking around the mall, these are great sandals for any weather or condition.
  • I wear this to do everything, from biking, taking a walk, going to the beach (and in the ocean), and even gardening!
  • They are so comfortable. I’ve worn them hiking and even walking around NYC and my feet never got sore or tired and they never gave me blisters.
  • I bring them for camping/hiking trips and wear them every day for walking or running errands.

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Can You Run In Tevas?

There’s no sand dune on the planet—or trail for that matter—that can slow you down in Teva sandals. Call it crazy, but we’re yet to meet a surface (dirt, mud, snow) our outsoles can’t handle.

Yes! The Teva is a fast and loose running sandal with an open toe webbing system. It’s the first option for athletes who want to be barefoot but need a little more protection than an open-toe style offers.

You might be wary of minimalist running shoes. You might think about how they’re not made for distance running, or anything other than a smooth, paved surface.

But then you slip your feet into Teva hinges, strap them on, and take off. And run. And as you do, the benefits of the minimalist approach become clear. The foot is a natural shock absorber.

The ground beneath you is ever-present support. For comfort, for cushioning–this is where it’s at.

Can You Wear Socks With Tevas?

Short answer: Sure! There’s nothing wrong with wearing socks with Tevas.

Teva sandals are versatile and great-looking. The classic design has crossed over from serious outdoor events to everyday casual wear. They’re designed with straps so that you can wear socks if you want, and have a lightweight, slip-resistant rubber sole that provides traction on any surface but still feels good on your feet.

People often ask us, “Can you wear socks with Tevas?,” and the answer is a resounding Yes! Whether or not to wear socks while enjoying your favorite outdoor activity is completely up to you. There’s no right or wrong way to do it—it’s a personal preference. They designed our EcoTread sandals with an open toe and strap so that you could wear them however your feet feel most comfortable.

The footbed of a Teva sandal is the lightest, most comfortable, and ergonomically designed footbed in the world. A modern design that is anatomically engineered to follow the natural contours of your foot. A patented design that eliminates pressure points and arches that you can wear barefoot or with socks.

Are Tevas Good For Arch Support?

If you love the outdoors but hate the lack of arch support you get from flip-flops, Teva may be just for you. With high-quality materials and innovative construction techniques, Teva sandals are made to support your feet no matter if you’re trekking or just going to work.

Teva sandals make a style statement with genuine leather and unique strap patterns. And they’re great for arch support – their comfort-contoured Polyurethane midsoles cradle your feet to keep you comfortable all day. Teva sandals designed in the USA, are inspired by the world.

Teva sandals provide a barefoot-like feeling when walking or hiking on trails. Teva sandals also feature durable rubber soles and the ability to resist water penetration.

Teva has designed all of its women’s sandals to give you the arch support that you need in addition to allowing you to go anywhere and do anything in comfort.

A growing number of hikers and day-trippers are learning the Teva Brand flip flop was created for a purpose other than making casual beachwear. Tevas are good for arch support, this means they can even be worn as an everyday sports shoe or hiking shoe when you’re on the go.

In summary, Teva Sandals are comfortable, look great, and are highly functional. Some people wear these sandals in the water, on the trail, or just about anywhere!

Some of the most popular shoes in the world, Teva sandals are renowned for their durability, fashion, and comfort. Invented by an Israeli army veteran, they were made for hard work and adventure.

Today Teva sandals are a favorite among nature lovers and those who enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

The patented sole is made from rubber with a unique springiness that provides cushioning underfoot while transferring energy back through the foot to make your steps more efficient.

The plush, soft, adjustable footbeds hold your feet securely in place, providing stability as you walk. And our anatomic footbeds provide all-day comfort and support.

Not only can these sandals be hiked in for a day on the trail, but they can also endure your gym workout too! Many of Teva’s Original Sport Sandals feature molded rubber outsoles with deep lugs that double as a traction system for water sports.

These sandals are good to go into the rain forest and hike the trails on a warm, sunny day, or in a cool city to escape the heat.

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