Can Merrell Sandals Get Wet? (What About Washing Your Merrells?)

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Merrell sandals can be worn for almost any outdoor activity. From hiking to swimming, Merrell sandals are designed to keep your feet comfortable and protected in any weather condition…

But can they get wet?

Yes, Merrell sandals can get wet and stay that way for hours! In fact, some of the world’s leading athletes rely on wet traction in Merrell water shoes when they’re racing across a pool, stream or lake.

It is fine if you wear them to the beach or in the water and then wear them right back out in the sun. The material that makes up our sandals has excellent water resistance—and will dry quickly after getting wet…

What Customers Say About The Merrells Getting Wet

This summer, you can get Merrell sandals that are fun, comfortable, and versatile for summer sports, including hiking, camping, and paddling. These sandals have a durable, waterproof leather upper with a breathable mesh lining. They are lightweight, durable, and extremely supportive.

What Customers Say About The Merrells Getting Wet

The EVA midsole makes them lightweight and flexible; the rubber outsoles provide exceptional traction. These sandals are sure to give you a great fit and feel every time you go for a walk.

Merrell sandals, shoes, and boots are made for active people. Merrell shoes are carefully designed to protect your feet from the elements, and protect the environment around you.

They’ll make your life easier with innovative designs that support your lifestyle. Merrell footwear is designed in Colorado, and all of its products are developed using high-performance technology to keep you comfortable while protecting the planet’s resources.

Let’s see what the owners of Merrell sandals say about wearing them in the water…

Hiking Sandals for Women, Comfortable Sports Walking Sandals

Comfortable Hiking Sandals for Women, Lightweight Rubber Outsole Walking Sandals for Camping, Sports Sandals with Adjustable hook and loop Straps Size 8

Wore these while hiking all over Hawaii, up and down cliffs, t ough water, mud, and forest areas. Super comfortable the whole time. The soles are rubber-like foam, so they don’t absorb any water, which was great. Love them!

  • They are great shoes for in and out of the water and it’s nice to wear a sandal that isn’t a flip flop, the piece that goes in between my toes sometimes gets uncomfortable on flip flops.
  • I’ve been searching for sandals that are water-worthy and actually FIT.
  • They are water-worthy for my upcoming summer trips.
  • Great water/hiking shoes.
  • They have great traction and they don’t get slick/slippery when walking t ough water.
  • Comfortable for walking and works well in water.

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Can Merrell Shoes Be Machine Washed?

Merrell, the world’s leading producer of outdoor shoes, has long been known as a company that can’t be beaten when it comes to the quality of its products.

Can Merrell Shoes Be Machine Washed?

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One of its main advantages is that they are made in the USA (yes…even when you buy some of their shoes online). Another advantage is that they’re made to last. Merrell shoes are made for the long haul and can withstand repeated hand washing.

But have you ever considered how your favorite pair of Merrell shoes might fare if you tried to wash them in a washing machine?

Merrells are not designed for the rough and tumble of the washing machine. Merrell recommends that you do not nachine wash your shoes. Instead you can hand-wash your shoes in cold water and lay them flat to dry. Washing your Merrells is easy. Simply hand wash with mild soap and warm water. Be sure to rinse off all soap residue to avoid attracting more dirt.

If you want your Merrell shoes to look their best and maintain a fresh, new feel, then it’s important to treat them properly to help them stand up to the elements.

Merrell shoes are designed to be worn in all conditions, from hiking to exploring urban settings. For optimal performance on the trail or out in the city, look for a general cleaning every 30 days.

When you pack up your gear at the end of every day, remember to brush off any surface dirt. After extended, rugged use, wash with mild soap and warm water.

Be sure to rinse off all soap residue to avoid attracting more dirt.  If you have oil stains on your shoes, try rubbing alcohol to clean first.

In summary, a lot of athletes ask us if Merrell sandals can get wet. The answer is… Merrell sandals can, in fact, get wet.

Merrell sandals can get wet

Merrell sandals are some of the best when it comes to comfort and versatility. Their footwear is anatomically engineered so that they last and provide a more natural range of motion, giving you enhanced stability and traction.

Along with lightweight construction, they feature Merrell’s patented air cushioning system – delivering advanced shock absorption in each step, so you can walk all day in total comfort.

Can my Merrell’s handle snow and water? Merrell sandals are ideal for everyday wear in any weather and every season, and the answer is yes!

No matter if you’re on land, sea, or swamp, as long as your feet are happy, Merrells will do the job for you.

Yes. Merrell sandals can get wet. Merrell waterproof sandals are all made with water protection features, including sealed seams, water-repellent coatings, and heat-welded TPU at critical seams that hold water out.