Can You Make French Fries With A Cuisinart Food Processor?

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There were no tasks that a Cuisinart Food Processor couldn’t conquer. And there were no foods that it couldn’t transform.

In fact, the Food Processor is so versatile, you’ll wonder how you ever did without one.

With cut-to-size blades for s edding and slicing softer foods at a variety of thicknesses, blending and grinding blades with unique shape and texture serrations, and even special blade combinations for mixing dough or chopping nuts.

A food processor is great for making delicious, homemade french fries! The large, wide bowl can hold several potatoes at a time, so it’s easy to make a lot of fries at once.

Plus, the blade is designed for processing food, so it can quickly and easily slice the potatoes into even, quarter-inch-thick slices.

However, most food processor models (including Cuisinart) do not come with a blade specifically designed to process potatoes and other similar vegetables.

If you want to make fries using your food processor, you’re going to need to buy a specific blade. And even then, you might find that your fries don’t turn out quite as crispy and delicious as you’d like.

Below you will see how people are cutting perfect french fries in the convenience of their own kitchen, using an innovative new french fry cutter by Cuisinart.

Simply place the potato into the stainless steel cutting cylinder, press down, and outcome perfectly shaped french fries.

The power run motor provides fast and easy operation as it slices t ough potatoes quickly and easily…

Cuisinart French Fry Cutter

The Cuisinart French Fry Cutter quickly transforms potatoes into delicious, homemade French fries! With the touch of a button, simply insert the potato and spin it t ough the cutter.

For best results, use a high starch potato such as Russet or Idaho. The dual stainless steel blades slice the fry for you into even strips that are 1/4-inch wide.

This tool saves you time from cutting them yourself with a knife, and cleanup is easy – just remove the suction bottom and dishwasher safe cutter blades.

Cuisinart TXAMZ 6-by-6mm Fruit, Vegetable and French Fry Disc, Fits 14-Cup Processor

Cuisinart TXAMZ 6-by-6mm Fruit, Vegetable and French Fry Disc, Fits 14-Cup Processor

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It should be noted that the Cuisinart fry disc works really well for cutting smaller french fries. Short and skinny because it is 6mm (almost quarter of an inch) . So if you want bigger fries you might be better off using a different device.

Can You Use A Food Processor To Slice Potatoes?

Yes, you can use a food processor to slice potatoes! With its s edding, slicing, grating, and pureeing capabilities the food processor is also capable of chopping potatoes for your favorite potato salad or making homemade hash browns.

The Cuisinart has an amazing repertoire of functions, but can you use it to slice potatoes?

Indeed. Using the slicing disc, you can cut potatoes into evenly sliced pieces.

Using the s edding disc, you can make hash browns. Using the chopping disc, you can dice the potatoes.

The safety interlock feature prevents you from accidentally opening the slicing disc when the other discs are attached, and the pulse function helps ensure you have control over the thickness of the potatoes (when using the slicing disc).

The following is a very old video but it just goes to show if you could slice potatoes with a food processor way back in 2011 how much more so now with more modern food processors…

How Do You S ed Potatoes With A Food Processor?

For years, the only way to cut potatoes was with a good old-fashioned knife. This works, but not as well as using a food processor.

Since the blades of a food processor can easily slice t ough the potato into the fan-like shapes of thin, long fries, uniform slices are never a problem.

To prepare the potatoes, simply wash them thoroughly and either peel them or cut the potatoes into halves or quarters.

Then, using the s edding blade (if you have one), set the potatoes in the feed tube and let the food processor do the rest.

Once again here is a video from 2011 showing how easy it is to s ed a potato – modern food processors make it even easier!

Can You Use A Food Processor Instead Of A Mandolin?

A mandolin is an extremely useful kitchen tool, letting you prepare uniform slices of vegetables in a matter of minutes, and slice potatoes and other root vegetables without risking hand fatigue.

But when it comes time to clean up, mandolin users often find themselves stymied, because the device’s blades are so darn sharp that they can’t just be wiped off.

Not to mention any lost skin from your knuckles when you get it wrong!

Fortunately, a mandolin is only one tool in a well-equipped kitchen, and for anyone who owns a food processor, there’s a great alternative for slicing uniform slices of vegetables.

So, of course, you can use a food processor to cut vegetables. The processor blade is thick, which means slicing will be more even. It’s also easier and safer to clean than a mandolin.

If your food processor has an S-shaped blade, you can use it in place of a mandolin. It will produce the same thin slices with relative ease.

In summary, cutting your own fries is not only cheaper but fresher than picking up a bag from the grocery store.

By using a food processor to make homemade french fries you have total control over their size and texture.

The food processor comes with a stainless steel blade and pushers for use with slicing, dicing, and chopping ingredients.

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