Can You Put Hot Liquids In A Kitchenaid Blender? (Well – Sort of)

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It depends on what KitchenAid Blender you are using. While you will find people who are making things like bullet-proof coffee in almost any of the Kitchenaid blenders you are better off not putting hot liquids in any that have a plastic pitcher.

And it is not always a good idea to do so if you have a glass pitcher!

KitchenAid does have a blender that can handle hot liquids. It is the Pro Line® Series Blender with Thermal Control Jar and if you want to use a blender that can handle hot liquid this is the one designed to do so.

You don’t actually put hot liquid into the Kitchenaid it will heat it up for you. This is a much safer way than pouring hot liquids into a blender as we will see further below.

This blender features a glass jar that is tempered, which means it was heated to a very high temperature to make it stronger and more durable, it can withstand not only hot liquids but also ice cubes.

Have Customers Put It To The Test With Hot Liquid?

Here are some comments made by consumers concerning using this blender with hot liquid…

I have since been experimenting and my favorite accidental find is turning boring old cocoa mix and cold water into a perfectly hot, velvety smooth luxury cup of cocoa!

  • From Hot sauce made from blending peppers to vegetable smoothies and my famous basil pesto never tasted so good. Very powerful and easy to use.
  • My husband made hot cocoa for the kids and it worked perfectly.
  • There is no comparison between a standard blender and a commercial quality one. We have used it nearly every day (hot soups, cocktails, smoothies.
  • I make smoothies, soups, and dressings daily and am amazed at how easy it is to use this blender.
  • It can pulverize even the hardest ingredients and the soup setting really makes the liquid steaming hot.
  • You can make Gazpacho and hot soups in this blender.
  • I juice greens every morning, make my almond butter and almond milk, and hot soups on a regular basis.
  • Next, I made some potato soup. Again WOW! it came out nice and thick and creamy and HOT! Delicious!
  • Soups are another easy recipe with this blender and they are also creamy and stay hot with the thermal control jar.

This Blender Has A Thermal Control Jar

This really cool. So you just put your ingredients into the Kitchenaid and it will make it steaming hot in minutes.

Plus, as you will see in the demonstration below while the liquid on the inside of the thermal control jar is hot you can touch the outside of the jar with no problems.

So not only is this ultra-smart it is also incredibly safe as well.

See how to make soup and watch it come out steaming hot…

Why Is It Dangerous To Put Hot Liquid In A Blender?

It’s dangerous to put hot liquids in a blender because the liquid heats and expands, possibly causing the top of the blender to open. If the top of the blender opens, lids or pieces could break off and be projected outwards or upwards.

And sadly, I had to learn this the hard way.

I like making bullet-proof coffee and I used to try to make it with an old blender.

I would try holding the lid down with a tea towel but I lost count of the number of times the lid still blew off and I would wear hot coffee.

And would have to clean up the resulting mess.

So it is dangerous because the heat builds up and the lid will blow off.

Then I tried a Nutribullet and a Magic Bullet.

Much better results and not as dangerous however there are a number of issues and of course, the machine isn’t actually designed for the job.

  • The first issue is you can sort of taste the plastic so you definitely need a glass jar.
  • Secondly, over time the plastic jar wears out. It gets lots of scratches on the inside.
  • Third, because of the scratches, it gets hard to clean and it looks ugly with coffee stains.
  • Fourth, the hot water eventually bores a little hole in the plastic that holds the blades and it starts to leak and needs replacing.

So, even when you do find a way it is only temporary. I ended up buying a stack of spare cups and blades on eBay – the Nutribullet didn’t do too bad a job and would last a few months before I had to replace parts. But you still won’t get rid of the plastic taste.

That’s why this KitchenAid blender is so good and of course, you can make way more than bullet-proof coffee.

You can make anything from delicious hot soups to ice-cold smoothies.

In summary, the Pro Line® Series Blender blends a variety of frozen, chilled, and fresh ingredients for the perfect smoothies, cocktails, soups, hot drinks, and more.

This countertop blender features thermal control jar technology that preserves temperature for up to an hour to keep your blended beverages and sauces at the ideal serving temperature.

The thermal control jar warms up liquids before blending for better flavor and temperature consistency.

Blending hot liquids is every blender’s nightmare. Kitchenaid’s Pro Line® Series Blender with Thermal Control Jar addresses this issue by including a thermal control jar, which ensures your sauces, bullet-proof coffee, and soups are blended just right!

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