Can You Use A Cast Iron Skillet On A Blackstone Griddle? (& Why)

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Ironically, when asked to explain what a Blackstone griddle is many people say it is like having a giant cast-iron skillet. Everything you can cook in a cast-iron skillet you cook on a Blackstone in a greater volume…

So it begs the question why would you want to put a cast iron skillet on a Blackstone Griddle when it is doing the job of a cast-iron skillet anyway?

As it turns out there are actually good reasons why some people want to use a skillet or even pots and pans on their Blackstone.

So let’s dive in and see if you can and why on earth you would want to…

Can You Use A Cast Iron Skillet On A Blackstone Griddle?

Of course, you can use a cast-iron skillet on a Blackstone Griddle. In fact, you may even be better off using a cast-iron skillet over a non-stick skillet, because cast iron won’t scratch or damage the surface.

The skillet’s heavyweight makes it more effective for cooking foods that require additional browning, like steaks, burgers, and vegetables.

Some people even like the taste cast iron skillets impart to food when compared to non-stick skillets.

Using a cast-iron skillet is very handy for cooking your favorite dishes.

Here is an example of how to use a cast-iron skillet on your Blackstone to make Nachos.

Why Would You Want To Cook With A Skillet On A Blackstone Griddle?

Using a skillet on the griddle is a great way of cooking the most mouth-watering pancakes, eggs, french toast… or even to sear a steak.

Cooking with a skillet on a griddle might seem a little out of place, but it can actually be a great alternative to cooking with a skillet on a stove.

A skillet on a griddle can be faster and more convenient than cooking on a stovetop, and it provides a flat cooking surface for anything that doesn’t need to be turned.

As such, you should consider using a skillet on a griddle if you want to save time and space while cooking.

Here is another example of combining cooking on your griddle and using a skillet on your Blackstone. This guy is making Chicken Parmesan.

Cooking Breakfast In The Blackstone Griddle With The Help Of A Cast Iron Skillet?

Butter, sugar, syrup? You name it, a skillet in combination with a Blackstone Griddle can cook it. And not just-food. It’s great for melting butter and making all sorts of sauces.

Get your daily dose of culinary inspiration and push your griddle and skillet skills to new heights. It’s a truly functional pairing to cook breakfast in a cast-iron skillet.

Here is another video showing you how…

Can You Boil Water On A Blackstone Griddle?

Can You Boil Water On A Blackstone Griddle? The answer is Yes. Simply place a tiny saucepan, a big pot, or even the kettle onto the cooking surface and tilt it slightly so the boiling water can drip onto the non-stick cooking surface.

Log onto YouTube and you’ll find thousands of videos showing people boiling water on a Blackstone griddle.

Everyone from a first-time weekend griller to the most seasoned barbecue professional wants to test it, but why?

They boil water because it is a quick, simple test to prove how evenly a griddle distributes heat. No hot spots. No cold spots.

Blackstone has taken the grill that meets your kitchen and made it better. Just like kitchen stoves need to be able to heat up and boil water, a great griddle needs to be able to do the same.

The Blackstone Griddle is the first griddle designed specifically for that purpose. By utilizing a flat surface area and strategically placed air control valves, the griddle heats up quickly and helps keep your water temperature above boiling so you can easily make pasta, oatmeal, eggs, soups, hot chocolate, and more.

There really is no limit to what you can cook on a Blackstone and here is another excellent example for cooking spaghetti…

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In summary, the traditional cast iron skillet has a thick base that evenly distributes heat for optimal cooking and it is ideal for using on a griddle.

Cast iron is wonderful cookware. Aluminum pans are generally soft and lightweight but they also have a tendency to warp and produce unwanted hot spots on the griddle.

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