Why Your Wahl Clippers So Loud? Why Do They Vibrate? (What To Do About It)

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Why Are My Wahl Clippers So Loud?

Being able to clip your own hair is an empowering experience. You don’t need to schedule time out of your busy life to go to a barber. However, after you start using Wahl clippers, you might discover that can make a very loud sound. Does this mean they’re broken?

Whal clippers make loud noises when the blades are out of alignment, require oiling, or need to be cleaned. Usually, a few drops of clipper oil and some adjustments to the screws are enough to fix the problem. Maintain your clippers properly to avoid loud noises and other issues from happening.

If your Wahl clippers are being very loud whenever you use them, you may need to look into them. Just make sure to follow these directions and you’ll be back to clipping your own hair in no time!

Why Are My Clippers Vibrating So Much?

Hair clippers use several blades that start moving when the clipper is turned on. These blades cut your hair as you hold the clippers against your head or beard. Most of the time, you will get a smooth and painless cutting experience, but on occasion, your clippers can seem to vibrate pretty heavily in your hands! This can certainly mess up your haircut, but thankfully there is an easy fix.

Your clippers vibrate whenever their blades are out of alignment. If they are out of alignment, they won’t deliver a perfect haircut. If your model has a taper lever, move it upward and use a screwdriver to loosen your clipper’s screws.

You don’t want to pull them all the way out, but you do need to make sure the clipper is loose enough to move around. Then, slowly and gently shift the clipper blade. The top blade should be about 1/32 of an inch (less than 1 mm) away from the bottom blade, and the bottom blade should not move.

Be slow and precise with your movements. Once it’s done, tighten the screws again on the now flawlessly aligned blade. Keep everything nice and slow. Once you’re done, place a few drops of blade oil on the clippers. After that, give your blades a test run and get back to shaving!

How Do I Clean My Wahl Buzzer?

If you haven’t cleaned your clippers since you took them out of the box, they might stop having a smooth cut and become too loud. Make sure to clean them thoroughly before going for your next haircut.

You can clean your buzzer by running your brush t ough the clipper blades. Do your best to brush those excess hairs into the trash can. Drop a few drops of blade oil onto the blades to help keep them clean. 

You should have received a small brush and some blade oil with your clipper. These are the two tools you should always have at hand whenever you’re working on your Wahl Buzzer or any other clipper. Keep them close to the clipper so you don’t misplace them, and monitor your clipper oil to ensure you have a ready supply for your needs.


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The cleaning should be done before and after every haircut. It will help extend the durability of your blades and give you the sharpest haircuts.

It’s easy to forget to clean and maintain your clippers, especially if you’re in a hurry. Still, doing maintenance to your clippers should be a priority. It’s the best way to prevent them from breaking and becoming too loud in the first place!

How Often Should You Replace Wahl Clippers?

Regardless of how well you maintain them, clippers won’t retain their edge forever. You should start taking notice whenever your blades seem dull and stop giving you clean cuts. For most Wahl Clippers, blades will last for about t ee to six months, depending on how often you use them and how well you maintain them.

You should replace your Wahl Clippers when the blades start getting dull or when the clippers start giving you a patchier and rougher cut. This happens about every 3-6 months.

Once you feel your blades are starting to get dull, you have them either sharpened or replaced. You can sharpen the blades yourself, but it takes a lot of skill to make sure the grind is even. Most people are very heavy-handed and tend to over-sharpen one side and under-sharpen the other. In most cases, it’s best to have your blades resharpened by a professional.

How Do I Make My Hair Clippers Quieter?

To make your hair clippers quieter, you can try to adjust the tuning screw. Locate the screw on your clippers and use a screwdriver to turn it to the left. The clattering sound should become smoother. Turn the screw a bit more, and then turn the clippers on and off a few times.

If the smooth sound stays, then you’ll be good to go. If the loud sound keeps coming back, then you should get the blades professionally sharpened and repaired.


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You can also replace your clippers and look for a new set that gives you a quieter sound. It’s normal for clippers to become louder after their intended lifespan. Sometimes the best solution is to look for a new set.

This Wahl Rechargeable Clipper is a popular choice that offers a lot of features without breaking the bank. If you want to spend more to get something more durable, take a look at the Wahl Professional 5 Star Series.

Final Thoughts

Your Wahl Clippers can start being loud for several reasons, but all of them tend to revolve around maintenance and repair. If you take the time to clean and maintain your clippers, you’ll find that they’ll keep their smooth and quiet sound.

Just make sure to clean your blades, realign them when necessary, and monitor their sharpness. Also, don’t be afraid to take a screwdriver to the clippers to get a look inside of the machine. Then you can get back to cutting your hair and giving yourself a sharp look, without a hair out of place!


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