What Happened to Laura Geller? (What Is Laura Geller Doing Now?)

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What Happened to Laura Geller?

If you’ve heard rumors the business is going under, don’t fret. Laura Geller’s beauty products and bubbly, New York personality have made her an iconic presence on the Qvc.

Her products have been around since the nineties, and it’s likely you, your mom, or your grandmother have found yourself using one of her many beauty products in the past.

Laura Geller still sells her products on Qvc, and you can also find her make-up products on her online store or in department stores. She appears on Qvc frequently and has her own YouTube channel where she gives make-up tutorials. She recently launched a “Beauty At Any Age” campaign.

Though there have been fears that the business was being sold and Geller would no longer be involved, no sources give that information any truth.

In fact, Laura Geller and her brand have been quite active on social media. Below, we explore your top Geller-related questions, proving most rumors false.

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Why Is Laura Geller Not on Qvc Anymore?

The Geller brand is closely associated with the Qvc channel and its TV marketing shows. In fact, Geller made her first appearance on the Qvc in the nineties.

One of the most looked-up questions about Geller is why she isn’t on the network anymore. If you haven’t been able to catch her, don’t be alarmed. Laura Geller is still on the Qvc; her showtimes have just changed.

Laura Geller is still on the Qvc website and sometimes airs on the Qvc channel. To find when this program is airing, you can search the program guide on Qvc’s website. To find her products, you can type “Laura Geller” into the search bar atop the page. 

Though the schedule is quite inconsistent, you can count on seeing Geller on QVC 1, QVC 2, and QVC 3 during the week. You can also tune in anytime to her YouTube channel for her on-brand New York accent and always fun make-up tutorials.

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What Is Laura Geller Doing Now?

She’s been a staple of the Qvc, and her products have stood the tests of time. So what’s she up to now? Laura Geller isn’t only still selling make-up and giving makeovers but advocating for women who are classified as “old” in the eyes of the media.

Laura Geller recently launched a campaign in the Spring of 2021 to celebrate the beauty of aging. Her products can be found online at multiple virtual marketplaces (such as Qvc and Macy’s, as well as her website), still airs on the Qvc, and is pretty active on YouTube now.

Laura Geller was interviewed by Allure in 2021 for her controversial decision to only allow women over forty to model her product. Geller and her brand have been active in their messaging, landing a deal with Fran Drescher last Spring.

Their company launched a campaign in December of 2021 with supermodel Paulina Porizkova, another advocate for more representation in the media of aging. The new campaign is focused on aging with grace and celebrating the long history of Laura Geller’s beauty products.

Laura Geller also brings her bright personality and signature New York accent to YouTube with frequent tutorial videos. She has used the platform to campaign for her brand and share a glimpse into her life.

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Who Owns Laura Geller Now?

Laura Geller is still a considerable part of the Geller band, but does she actually own the company?

Laura Geller’s makeup is owned by AS Beauty LLC. Laura Geller was previously owned by Glansaol, which filed for bankruptcy in 2018. Before this, she sold most of her shares to Tengram Capital partners (who later sold to Glansaol) but remained highly involved in the company.  

She’s still the acting president of her organization, Laura Geller LLC.

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Is Laura Geller Makeup Going Out of Business?

Laura Geller makeup isn’t going out of business as of currently. The brand is doing well and continuing to operate normally, carrying orders to completion on a daily basis.

We suspect these rumors have been heightened due to old information about the bankruptcy of a company that owned Laura Geller. In 2017, Glansol bought Laura Geller from Tengram Capital Partners to Glansaol LLC.

Then Glansaol filed for bankruptcy in 2018. Laura Geller and a few of its other assets were purchased by As Beauty LLC. Life after bankruptcy has been modeled by As Beauty and what they did with Laura Geller post-bankruptcy.

For now, nothing is confirming that Laura Geller is going out of business or that it’s even a possibility.

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Are Laura Geller Products Made in China?

Laura Geller started selling make-up in the nineties and did makeovers long before then in New York City. Just because her product has been around for some time, though, doesn’t mean the manufacturing hasn’t changed with the times.

Some Laura Geller products are made in China. Laura Geller products are made all over the world, including in Italy, Germany, and China. The beauty product brand manufactures most of its products overseas but follows strict regulations from the US. 

According to information from Ethical Elephant, a blog focusing on finding vegan and ethical products, Geller’s products are made in specific regions of Europe and China. In Italy, baked highlighters and foundations are made.

In China, shadow pallets are made, and Laura Geller eyeliners are made in Germany. Their products are marked as “around the world,” so this isn’t an all-inclusive list.

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Though there may be some rumors spreading about the company, Laura Geller and her make-up brand are safe. You can still find her products on a number of different websites and watch her on Qvc.

Additionally, you can find her on YouTube, where she posts videos once a week.

Additionally, Laura Geller’s beauty has become an active voice in fighting against ageism and misrepresentation in the media.

Her Beauty at Any Age campaign just signed on a new supermodel to be the face of the campaign and is likely going to launch more media in the new year.

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