Is Anjou A Good Brand? (Aromatherapy, Makeup Brushes, Mirrors)

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What Is The Anjou Brand Known For?

Anjou is an established company that started in the year 2015 and is currently headquartered in Fremont, CA…. However, due to their mission statement to provide the best quality of nature contained in their essential oils, they have offices globally.

These offices are situated in areas where they can extract and process their natural products where they grow at their best.

Anjou has been very much focused on providing their customers with 100% pure and organic skin and body care products that they have sourced the ingredients from every corner of the world.

The fact that they sourced their natural products in every corner of the earth can be proven by the detailed labels indicated in each of their products.

For example, the Anjou Coconut Oil Cold Pressed, which has been sourced from the Philippines, or their Anjou Lavender Essential Oil, extracted from the rich nature of South Africa.

Their team of experts has been engraved with their beliefs and conviction that natural ingredients will thrive best and grow healthy in their own natural environment.

With the proper use of the available technology today, they safely extract and distilled the essential oils from their origin plants with new and effective methods such as supercritical carbon dioxide extraction; thus, the perfect blend of science and nature.

Below I have provided some examples of some of the most popular Anju products with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Anjou Has Excellent Oil Diffuser Gift Sets

The following Anjou oil diffuser set is so highly regarded that an amazing 89% of consumers rate it 5 out of 5 stars…. This would make the perfect gift idea as it is nice and affordable while working fabulously…

Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Set 300ML Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser & Cool Mist Humidifier with Essential Oils

Anjou Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Set 300ML Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser & Cool Mist Humidifier with Essential Oils, Extra-Quiet, Waterless Shut-Off, Up to 8h Aroma for Home Office

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Example of comments from Anjou:

The essential oils smells really great…. I love it! The diffuser is nice and I love it’s size…. Not too small and not too big…. It’s perfect! The brand company 10/10, they offer customer services, warranty and want to hear about your feed back.

  • Awesome product! Very easy to use and my whole house smells great!
  • I love the aesthetic of it as well…. I definitely recommend this brand!
  • Cute little diffuser…. It looks great and the fragrance it diffuses is amazing. The timer functionality is great.
  • Amazing product!! Comes with everything you need to start your Aromatherapy session…. Great scents…. Nice look in the house.
  • My house smells amazing and even my kids find the scents calming and relaxing and they beg me to put it on!
  • This is an amazing product and would make a wonderful gift as well!
  • The stream of air is amazing…. There is a high and low level.
  • It also has lights which can rotate or you can pick a color.
  • It’s much quieter than my older one.
  • The essential oil mechanism that you pour your essential oil into, so it seeps into the water slowly, is genius.
  • My house is filled with wonderful aromas again.
  • I’m honestly happy that I went with this company….

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Anjou Is A Good Brand For Makeup Mirrors

The following Anjou makeup mirror is very popular and is also highly regarded with an excellent 72% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars….

The light is bright, the look is stylish and functional…. Runs on batteries so no cords to trip on and it has the ultimate portability…

Makeup Mirror LED Lighted with 1X / 7X Magnification, Anjou Vanity Mirror Battery-Powered

Makeup Mirror LED Lighted with 1X / 7X Magnification, Anjou Vanity Mirror Battery-Powered, Removable, Double Side, 360° Rotation for Countertop Cosmetic Makeup

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Example of comments from Anjou:

The light on this is amazing. You can see just about everything on your face and not have to go into different rooms to get the right light…. I also don’t have to worry what I will look like once I go outside. The light perfectly shows your skin in the most natural way.

  • Love it!! It’s super bright and really clear….the perfect mirror!!
  • The best part is the light is on BOTH sides of the mirror….
  • It’s also light-weight and easy to prop up if you need it to be higher.
  • I’m very impressed and may buy them as gifts for friends!
  • This mirror is perfect for makeup lovers….
  • You will notice if your eyeshadow not blended well, you can see where your lipstick should line across the lips and how many blemishes you have.
  • I absolutely LOVE this mirror…. It has the most perfect lighting!
  • I would recommend this to everyone who does their makeup regularly. 
  • Great investment…. The low price REALLY makes it even more worth it.
  • You can see EVERYTHING in this mirror….

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Anjou Is A Good Brand For Makeup Brushes

The following Anjou makeup brush set has reached Amazon Choice status and is very popular and affordable…. It has thousands of helpful with over 76% of them rating this brush set 5 out of 5 stars…. When you consider another 14% rate it 4 stars that is 90% of very positive feedback and of course these would also make a wonderful gift idea…

Makeup Brushes, Anjou 16pcs Makeup Brush Set

Makeup Brushes, Anjou 16pcs Makeup Brush Set, Premium Cosmetic Brushes for Foundation Blending Blush Concealer Eye Shadow, Cruelty-Free Synthetic Fiber Bristles, PU Leather Roll Clutch Included, Rose

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Example of comments from Anjou:

Awesome Product and Great Company to purchase from! The brushes are amazing and I LOVE that they come with their own makeup brush roll and everything fits as it’s supposed to…. I love that there are so many brushes…. Having so many makes it so easy to grab the perfect one for what I need…. So many options but each brush seems to have it’s perfect purpose…. I also really love that the eyebrow/eyelash comb brush is included.

  • These brushes are fantastic and the company truly cares about making sure you’re satisfied with your purchase.
  • This is the perfect makeup brush set!
  • The brushes are beautiful and so soft and come with a great case so they stay in shape and clean.
  • I absolutely love them and you can’t beat the price either….
  • This brush set is perfect for beginners, intermediate, and professional makeup artists. Get it now!
  • The makeup application is perfect with these brushes without any bristles falling out.
  • Amazing quality for such a low price.
  • They are pretty as well if you want to put them in a vase as I did.
  • A shockingly good set of brushes! I’ve had them long enough now to have used and washed them several times.
  • No bristles have fallen out, and the quality has stayed just as good as the first day I used them.

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Essential oils, especially those which are natural and organic, are among the most sought after products today because of their therapeutic benefits.

The benefits of essential oils are numerous, which ultimately result in their popularity in our current trend.

In order to meet the increasing demand, several companies with their own brands are now manufacturing essential oils.

One of the recent brands that manufacture essential oils is the Anjou brand.

Despite its young age in the industry, its popularity is slowly rising and is becoming one of the most recognized natural and organic brands that create essential oils.

Essential Oils - Anjou Top 18 Aromatherapy Oils Premium Fragrance Oil Organic Pure for Diffuser Yoga Massage & DIY Personal Care, Classical Set 5ml/Bottle

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  • Anjou Products Are Safe and Affordable

Considering that Anjou’s products are 100% made of natural and organic extracts from plants, they are certified safe for human use.

Hence, you can pamper your skin and body all you want depending on the essential oil that you are going to use and for what purpose you are using them.

Their products, especially their essential oils, are creatively designed to copy the origin plant’s scents from which they have been extracted.

Their expert efforts have now scented essential oils, including lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, and sweet orange.

In addition to this, their products undergo a meticulous internal selection process to make sure that they are safe and healthy for their clients.

After which, they will then send these products to the FDA or the USDA for testing and approval…. Once approved by the FDA and the USDA, they will again undergo final checking before they are shipped to their clients’ doorstep to ensure that nothing will go wrong.

This is how Anjou is concerned with the well-being of the general public.

What is more interesting is that Anjou aims to provide its products to the general public at a low price…. As a matter of fact, their scented essential oils can be sold per set, which is more affordable compared to its individual prices.

In each set or collection, six (6) different scented essential oils are boxed for your full satisfaction.

  • Anjou Provides What Their Customer Needs

Aside from the fact that Anjou has focused its goal on bringing their quality products in each home at an affordable price, they have also decided to tailor their products to their customer needs.

As a result, they have manufactures quality essential oils and other products that will make you feel confident and comfortable with your body.

In addition to this, they also encourage their consumers to live more naturally and healthily…. They have proven this by creating preservative-free ingredients in their product.

Actually, their slogan, which goes “Be pure, be healthy, and be beautiful with Anjou,” says it all…. Hence, no worries when it comes to Anjou products because they have proven that they are one of the best.

Where To Buy Anjou?

You can see all of the Anju products available and purchase them online at their Amazon Store.

In summary, at the incredibly low prices, the Anjou products sell, and combine that with how incredible the customer are you really can’t go wrong with this company.

So Anjou most certainly gets a big thumbs up for being a good brand…. I am so impressed by their entire range of offerings including the essential oils, the essential oil diffusers, their sets, makeup mirrors, and makeup brushes.

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