Is Joico Shampoo & Condtioner Good for African American Hair?

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Is Joico Good for African American Hair?

Joico has been a staple in the salon community for over 40 years. Their promise is to deliver healthy hair. But does the promise extend to African American hair?

Some Joico products are good for African American hair, but not all products created by Joico will work. Joico has three product lines that are likely good choices for African American hair: Defy Damage, HydraSplash, and K-Pak.

This article will discuss the best Joico products for African American hair. It’ll also touch on other brands and their shampoos that are popular in the black hair community. Finally, there’s a brief overview detailing strengthening techniques for African American hair.

Are Joico Products Good for Black Hair?

Some Joico products are good for black hair, but not all. Joico has three product lines that’ll likely work well for black hair:

  • Defy Damage
  • HydraSplash
  • K-Pak

All three lines have two categories: care and treatment. The care products are basic products, shampoo, and conditioner. The treatment products vary and provide complementary products aligned with the product lines’ claims.

Defy Damage

Released in 2019, Joico’s Defy Damage line is recommended for all hair types. It’s specifically geared to protect hair from environmental damage, anything from daily heat styling, UV exposure, and environmental pollution.

This product line boasts less breakage and stronger hair. Defy Damage also maintains color vibrancy when used in color-treated hair.

Products in Defy Damage line are:

  • Defy Damage Protective Shampoo
  • Defy Damage Protective Conditioner
  • Defy Damage Protective Masque
  • Defy Damage Protective Shield
  • Defy Damage Sleepover
  • Defy Damage Invincible


The HydraSplash product line is recommended for fine to medium hair, but it may work well for black hair because it’s designed to moisturize. HydraSplash promises 24-hour hydration, resulting in moisturized, soft, light-feeling hair. It transforms fine, dry, and brittle hair, common characteristics of black hair.

The products below are all part of the HydraSplash product line:

  • HyrdaSplash Hydrating Shampoo
  • HydraSplash Hydrating Conditioner
  • HydraSplash Hydrating Gelee Masque
  • HydraSplash Replenishing Leave-In


Joico Moisture Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner Set


K-Pak Reconstructor

Joico’s K-Pak promises to repair years of damage and prevent breakage. It claims to restore hair after just one use. Joico says K-Pak is a powerful reconstructive line that strengthens hair where it’s needed.

The K-Pak product line includes:

  • K-Pak Reconstructing Shampoo
  • K-Pak Reconstructing Conditioner
  • K-Pak Clarifying Shampoo
  • K-Pak Revitaluxe
  • K-Pak Hydrator
  • K-Pak Reconstructor
  • K-Pak Liquid Reconstructor

Which Shampoo Is Best for Black Hair?

The best shampoo for black hair depends on the curl type and porosity of the hair. In general, Joico Shampoos will work well. However, you may want the Defy Damage Shampoo, the HydraSplash Hydrating Shampoo, or the K-Pak Reconstructing Shampoo. The right one for you depends on your particular needs.

When searching for the best shampoo for your hair, it’s best to identify your hair type, characteristics, and what your hair is lacking. It may take trial and error to find the best product for your hair.

Joico Shampoos

Of the Joico products, the Defy Damage Protecting Shampoo, HydraSplash Hydrating Shampoo, and K-Pak Reconstructing Shampoo are the top contenders for black hair. These products work so well because of their ingredients. All three products have Joico’s SmartRelease Technology.

The SmartRelease Technology is a liposome delivery system. It provides a continuous release of rosehip oil, arginine, and keratin into the hair for extra moisture and strengthening.

In addition to the SmartRelease Technology, each shampoo has many natural ingredients. Defy Damage Protective Shampoo contains a protective lipid and moringa seed oil. HydraSplash Hydrating Shampoo has coconut water and sea kelp. K-Pak also contains keratin, guajava fruit extract, and evening primrose oil.

Other Shampoos

Outside of Joico, there are three other hair care brands that are popular choices for black hair. These brands tend to cater to and market to the black hair care community.

  • Carol’s Daughter: Carol’s Daughter is a prominent name in black hair care. The Black Vanilla Moisture and Shine Shampoo are commonly used and recommended. It’s reported to be significantly moisturizing.
  • Shea Moisture: Shea Moisture has several lines, all of which are made of organic ingredients. The Shea Moisture Black Castor Oil Strengthen and Shine Shampoo is a good choice for black hair.
  • Cantu: Cantu’s Sulfate-Free Cleansing Cream Shampoo is another good choice for black hair. Cantu is a lower-priced brand all-around, so it may appeal to those on a budget. This particular shampoo is said to reduce static and frizzy hair

How To Take Care of African American Hair

Hair fragility is defined as dry, brittle hair. It’s more prone to breakage, even with minimal handling. Generally speaking, African American hair tends to be fragile.

The causes of African American hair fragility is the shape of the hair follicles and the curls. Oval-shaped hair follicles have multiple breaking points. Curly hair has difficulty passing sebum, a natural moisturizer, down the hair shaft.

Moisturize Hair

The best way to strengthen black hair is to moisturize it. Moisture retention is imperative. Hair that’s thick, curly, or dense will likely require a thicker moisturizer. Using a set of moisturizing hair care essentials like the Joico Hydrasplash Hydrating Set (available on addresses hair dryness effectively, including hydrating shampoo, conditioner, and special leave-in treatment.

Cleanse Hair

Hair washing can damage hair. While it’s recommended that African American hair is washed once a week, hair that’s very dry may need less frequent washing, perhaps only once or twice a month with weekly co-washing (conditioner washing). In fact, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends hair washing once a week or less if the hair is tightly coiled.

After washing, skip the typical bath towel and opt for a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair instead. This will further reduce hair breakage. Finger detangling is also another method that helps reduce hair breakage.

Condition Hair

Deep conditioning once or twice a month is an effective way to moisturize and strengthen hair as well. Some may opt for an oil treatment a couple of times a month. Either of these options adds moisture to the hair. Many also choose to use a leave-in conditioner with moisturizing properties.

Prevent Heat Damage Due to Heat Styling

Heat styling is a common use of all hair types. However, heat dries hair, and over time it can be damaging. There are several things that can be done to prevent heat damage, listed below:

  • Use a heat protectant.
  • Use ceramic-coated tools.
  • Use the lowest heat setting.
  • Minimize heated tool usage.


Joico has several products that work well for African American hair. Joico has three lines that may meet the needs of African American hair: Defy Damage, HydraSplash, and K-Pak. Although you may still need to go through some trial and error to find the right hair treatment plan for you, all of these products are proven to be effective.


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