Can You Use Dry Ice In Yeti Cooler? (What Do Customers Say?)

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Open your door to the world of possibilities with a Tundra cooler…. This ice chest is built to fit your adventure, whether it’s a day at the beach, a weekend camping trip, or an expedition into the field…. Tundra coolers are 100% leakproof, built with Wild exclusive rotomolded construction that is virtually indestructible.

Use your Yeti cooler for more than just keeping drinks and food cold…. Dry ice transforms your Yeti into a portable refrigerator that can keep drinks and food fresh, even days after opening.

Treat your drinks to the snowy chill of dry ice…. Simply add a shaved ice block into the Yeti cooler, and watch as it turns any beverage into an icy cold drink in just seconds.

What Users Say About Using Dry Ice In The Yeti

Dry Ice can be used to keep your Yeti cooler longer…. Place a few blocks inside the Yeti and both sides of the divider will act as “cold plates” for your cans or bottles…. Dry ice can also be used in place of ice to keep things cold in a Yeti without altering the cold plate configuration.


YETI Tundra 45 Cooler

YETI Tundra 45 Cooler, Coral

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Oh…and you can use dry ice for incredible long term cooling…. No other cooler can withstand the extreme cold temperature of dry ice.

  • I had no idea, but Yeti recommends using rock salt as an alternative to keeping ice even colder…. Or dry ice!
  • This is an awesome cooler, keeps beverages very cold, and the Yetti, dry ice works very well also!
  • The Yeti is a great way to keep food and drinks cold for extended periods of time.
  • It’s perfect for day trips, picnics, and tailgating.
  • Experience the cool power of dry ice!

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Is It Safe To Put Dry Ice In A Yeti Cooler?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to put dry ice in your Yeti Cooler if it is a hard cooler…. Dry ice does not generate heat and creates a cooling effect within a cold space such as a Yeti cooler which makes it perfect for keeping your Yeti Cooler colder longer…. DO NOT use drye ice is any of their soft coolers.

The question of whether or not dry ice is safe for a Yeti Cooler typically arises from a concern that the pressure from the expanding gas inside the cooler might cause the cooler to burst.

This could never happen with a Yeti Tundra Series cooler, as the Tundra coolers have been built with extra reinforcement to handle the high volume of pressure generated

One of the biggest trends in outdoor gear is dry ice, also known as “snow” or “snow ice.” The product is a form of carbon dioxide, which is used by the drink industry to chill drinks without the use of ice.

The carbon dioxide is hooked up to a pressure pump attached to the container of drinks…. The carbon dioxide is then put into a tank that is filled with liquid nitrogen which is then pumped into the cooler.

How Long Will Dry Ice Keep In A Yeti Cooler?

Dry ice will last longer in a Yeti Cooler than it will in a standard cooler…. This is due to the fact that the special THERMA-FIT and highly insulating Roto-moulded construction designed to keep your ice frozen for up to 5 days.

Dry ice is the perfect way to keep your frozen foods cold and safe-keeping for long trips to a hot location or onboard an airplane…. We know that Yeti coolers are capable of amazing feats, but how long will that 15 lbs of dry ice last in our coolers?

In short, how long will dry ice last in a Yeti cooler? As long as you need it to…. We’ve seen them last from 2-7+ days (and one report of over 2 weeks!), depending on the size of the cooler and how much dry ice you use.

Depending on the size of the cooler and how much dry ice you use…. The larger coolers hold up to more than double the weight of dry ice versus the smaller coolers, therefore keeping items colder for longer periods of time.

Dry ice is a great way to keep food cool while traveling or during an emergency situation…. The Yeti cooler has been designed and tested to keep your dry ice-cold for extended periods of time.

Will A Yeti Explode With Dry Ice?

Yeti Coolers have been used by hunters, fishermen, and people in the oil field who subject their coolers to harsh conditions…. So, if you’re wondering “will a Yeti cooler with dry ice explode?” the answer is no.”

Dry ice is pretty amazing stuff…. Its temperature drops to –109.3 degrees Fahrenheit (-78.5 Celsius), which is way colder than the temperature of space (which is just above absolute zero)! Will dry ice make a Yeti cooler explode? No, because dry ice isn’t 100% airtight…. The gas in the dry ice can slowly escape the container and shouldn’t build up pressure that’s strong enough to explode a Yeti cooler.

A popular myth is that a Yeti cooler will explode if you put dry ice in it…. Yeti coolers are not 100% airtight, meaning the gas produced from dry ice can escape…. When used correctly, dry ice should not harm your cooler.

How Do You Use Dry Ice In A Yeti Cooler?

The Yeti cooler is the ultimate party cooler, and it’s easy to add dry ice for an instant party…. The Yeti Tundra cooler is the ultimate cold-holding apparatus: Its quart-sized model is rated to hold ice for a full five days, thanks to its insulated walls that lock in cold within the thick polyethylene shell.

Dry ice works wonders for keeping you and your food and drinks cooler on warm days…. Simply pack the Dry Ice directly into the Yeti Cooler and let it go to work.

The Dry Ice will not damage your cooler, but remember to use gloves when handling as it can cause cold burns to the skin.

Just place the dry ice inside the cavity in between a few bags of food and drinks, then top it off with foam insulation so everything stays cold for days.

Here is an example of dry ice in use…

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The Tundra cooler is made of the highest-quality, UV-resistant polyurethane available…. It’s puncture-resistant, so it’s able to maintain its shape even if you step on it.

You can take this cooler everywhere from the tailgate party to that hunting lodge in Siberia…. It’ll keep your drinks cold and your catch fresh…. It’s bear-proof and guaranteed for life against defects in workmanship and materials.

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