What Is Calvin Klein Steel? (Men Love It)

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What is Calvin Klein Steel? Steel Micro Calvin Klein underwear is a revolutionary undergarment that combines the comfort of cotton with the performance of modal. The ultra-fine fibers of modal are both silky and strong creating an underwear line you can move in all day long.

This collection also features your favorite Calvin Klein classic briefs in an amazing new Steel Micro fabric you will love.

It has the same resistance to damage caused by abrasion as regular cotton underwear. But it also has the strength of steel. Washing won't shrink it or tear it or cause it to lose its shape or color.

Steel Micro Calvin Klein underwear is a line of men’s briefs and boxers made with a special fabric called “Calvin Klein Steel.” And it’s there for you, so you can feel confident in your skin. The new fabric is strong, light, smooth, stretchy, comfortable, and resistant to wrinkling.

Calvin Klein Steel Micro underwear is made of a soft durable fiber that feels like cotton or silk, with the advantage that it doesn’t wrinkle or fade. It also has the comfort of the hottest new technology, and ancient fabrics. The stretchy Calvin Klein Steel Micro underwear is designed to release heat, wick away moisture, and keep you cool.

Let’s look at some of the products available in the Steel collection…

Calvin Klein Steel Boxer Briefs

Calvin Klein Men’s Steel Micro Boxer Briefs feature eye-catching colors and patterns printed with high-quality inks. These micro boxer briefs are breathable, lightweight, and very comfortable. You’ll turn heads whether you show ’em off or keep them under wraps.

Calvin Klein Steel Micro boxers have been designed from the inside out to fit your body shape. The boxer briefs have a comfort stretch waistband which allows for a flexible fit.

Reach a new level of comfort and support with Calvin Klein steel. These minimalist boxer briefs are crafted from a soft cotton-blend fabric for an undeniably smooth look, with a supportive fit thanks to our steel fiber technology. Lightweight but durable, they’re the ideal everyday option for active guys who want comfort and durability in one understated package.

Calvin Klein Men’s Steel Micro Boxer Briefs

Calvin Klein Men's Steel Micro Boxer Briefs, black/black/black, Medium

Maximize your support, minimize your styling. These Calvin Klein Steel men’s underwear have a higher rise that balances comfort with style.

  • From the perfect fit to all-day comfort, poise, and confidence in any situation, they let you express your true self through your underwear.
  • Walk tall in men’s underwear built to withstand the daily grind.
  • The Steel Collection, featuring our best-selling micro boxer brief, combines innovative fabric technologies with classic shapes for all-day comfort and support.
  • Compression fit boxer briefs made with sweat-wicking fabric for high performance.
  • Calvin Klein’s most comfortable underwear just got even more comfortable – with a deep, rich color and a soft, smooth feel that’s unbeatable.
  • Calvin Klein also improved performance with a new microfiber that wicks moisture better than ever before.

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Calvin Klein Steel Micro Hip Briefs

You can tell the quality of Calvin Klein Men’s Steel Micro Hip Briefs. It is made of high-quality materials. The main thing you’ll probably notice about these is that they’re very well-fitting and comfortable.

The pouch of this underwear is made out of super-soft microfiber fabric. It gives your package the support it needs without being too tight or restrictive. They’re meant to be both functional and fashionable; their style will certainly draw attention (and possibly envious looks) from everyone who sees them on you, whether at the gym or elsewhere.

When you try these on, you’ll notice that they give your package a noticeable boost. This is due to the pouch’s contour fit, which wraps around your package in all the right places to make sure that you look your best at all times. The leg openings are also designed for maximum comfort; they’re wide enough to allow for easy movement but not so wide as to expose any part of your body that you want to conceal.

Calvin Klein Men’s Steel Micro Hip Briefs

Calvin Klein Men's Steel Micro Hip Briefs, White, Small

Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs are designed to flatter your masculine frame. Designed with a supportive pouch that lifts and supports for all-day comfort.

  • Calvin Klein Men’s Steel Micro Hip Briefs are the ultimate in comfort and style.
  • Made of soft micro modal, these briefs are lightweight and breathable, making them perfect for any occasion.
  • Calvin Klein Men’s Steel Micro Hip Brief is constructed with a sleek microfiber pouch that flatters the package.
  • Critical seams are placed in hidden areas to ensure durability and comfort.
  • Calvin Klein Steel Micro Hip Briefs are lightweight, all-season underwear.
  • Stretch, pouch, and no-show styling.
  • Cotton-like performance helps keep you cool and dry.
  • “Steel” microfiber fabric feels soft, smooth, and dry against your skin, preventing it from becoming damp or clammy.
  • And the flat seams are soft, so they don’t chafe or rub you the wrong way.

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In summary, Calvin Klein underwear is crafted from its most comfortable material yet. The Steel Micro Calvin Klein underwear collection features a brushed microfiber front and a sleek, contoured pouch for a look that’s as tough as it is sexy.

Underwear was created for men who want to feel secure at all times. Each piece of Calvin Klein Steel underwear includes several layers of fabric. The outer layer is just cloth, which feels soft against your skin. But inside that are two more layers of the special material–that’s how you get the strength, without losing the smoothness or softness or lightness.