Can You Leave A Masterbuilt Smoker Outside?

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Yes, You Can But…

Using an electric smoker outside is an ideal way to enjoy any weather. The only problem is that the question comes up all the time, “can you leave a Masterbuilt smoker outside?” The best way to do this is to place it under a covered deck or porch so that it doesn’t get too much exposure to the elements.

If you can’t store it in a shed or other space, then yes, you can leave a Masterbuilt smoker outside, but you must ensure that it is protected from the weather. Just remember that they are very weather resistant but not 100% waterproof. A leaking valve or broken door seal could end up ruining the electronics if it is rained on too much.

Whether you use your electric smoker year-round or only when the weather is good, it’s always best to put it in a space that’s covered and free from rain or snow. There are times when you can leave your smoker outside but for the most part, it’s a good idea to store it inside a shed or other outbuilding.

All Masterbuilt smokers are designed for outdoor use. You can leave your smoker outside on a covered or uncovered patio as long as you provide protection from leaks and water splashes.

The Masterbuilt Smoker (electric) is built to withstand the elements. Its stainless steel body coupled with a powder coat paint makes it weather-resistant to the four major regions of the country.

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Can You Leave Electric Smoker Outside In Winter?

These units are actually pretty well protected from the weather, but I wouldn’t say they are designed for being left out during winter. They have open sides which allow air to circulate around the food. If the grill is left outside during winter, it will be subjected to extremely cold winds and temperatures, which can potentially damage it.

If you store your smoker outside during winter months then the only thing that would damage it over time is rust. If you have a patio, a shed or a porch where you can store it then you should be fine. As long as it’s kept dry, your smoker will last a long time.

So the answer is simple, YES! You can leave your electric smoker outside in the winter months, but with a few precautions. You don’t want to do this for months on end, but if you simply plan on using it for a week or two in the winter, you shouldn’t have too many issues at all.

If you are planning on leaving your smoker outside during winter, make sure it is well protected from the rain and freezing temperatures with a shed, patio cover, or other structure.

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Can My Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Get Rained On?

Although rain and electric smokers don’t mix well, you can rest assured that your electric smoker will survive a sprinkle or two. If things do get a little wet, unplug your smoker and allow plenty of time for it to dry out before using it normally again.

Masterbuilt smokers are some of the best electric smokers around, but they do come with their drawbacks. Rain is one of them. While lighter showers can be safely ignored by most units, prolonged periods of rain could still cause some issues.

Masterbuilt’s electric smokers are built tough, so you can rest assured your investment is protected. However, if your unit does happen to get rained on, don’t panic. Clear out any excess water from the base of the smoker, and remove any debris or build-up on the metal plates inside of it. Do not let the smoker dry with any standing water within it.

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Can I Use My Masterbuilt Smoker In The Garage?

When using your smoker in a garage, it’s important to make sure that there is enough airflow to effectively disperse the smoke. Be sure to keep the garage door open and have a fan going near the smoker to help push air through. This will keep your kitchen, and possibly your entire home, from smelling like a barbecue all day – a definite plus!

You can certainly smoke in the garage provided you’ve got a window or some other form of ventilation. You definitely want to make sure that the door is open while you’re smoking.

The best solution is to set it up right at the front of the garage with the door wide open. Generally speaking there should be no issues with the actual usage of the smoker in your garage but you could pay the price with a long, lingering smell of smoked meat.

Now that’s a nice smell when fresh but after a few days that stale smokey meat smell won’t be appreciated by other members of your family especially if your garage is attached to your house.

So after you have finished using your smoker in the garage make sure you open the garage doors and windows and air it out as much as you can. However, that might not be so easy because the reason you are probably using it in your garage in the first place is because of bad weather.

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Can You Use An Electric Smoker On A Patio?

Electric smokers are perfect for backyards, patios, and rooftops. For the best possible smoking experience, you’ll want to search for a place that minimizes wind, is well protected from rain and snow, is level, and has an outlet nearby to plug in your smoker. Generally speaking, your patio can be a great place to smoke.

Electric smokers are much safer because they use fans to blow out the smoke rather than just releasing it into the air. Just be sure to place your smoker on a sheltered, nonwindy part of the patio, especially if the wind is blowing toward your house.

The Masterbuilt would be a superior smoker for placing on a balcony, patio, or the side of your house. It is away from the house and safely placed on a level surface. It would not smell up your home, will not call attention to itself by being in plain view, and you could monitor the smoking process without going outside.

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In summary, it would be best if you sheltered your Masterbuilt Smoker when not in use indoors in the garage, backyard shed, or under a covered patio. Even on the covered patio, you would need a waterproof cover as well.

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