Can Dewalt Batteries Be Used In Other Brands? (Interchangeable – Yes/No)

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Do Dewalt Batteries Work With Other Brands?

You have discovered how Dewalt makes fabulous batteries and would like to use them in your other brand tools or you no longer have Dewalt tools but still own a battery or two and would like to put them to use in other tools you might have…. Sounds like a good idea but are Dewalt Batteries interchangeable with other brands?

Where does the confusion begin? You see Dewalt is now owned by Black & Decker and in fact, the same company also owns Craftsman (yes they purchased it from Sears), Porter-Cable, Bostitch, Lenox, Facom, Stanley, Irwin, and more.

So all these companies are now owned by the same mob so surely they are nice enough to make every single one of them compatible with each other’s batteries – right?

Wrong!! That’s not how company acquisitions usually work…. You see, while big companies like Black and Decker purchase another tool brand the original tool brand still continues to operate as its own distinct entity.

So while long-term certain changes may be made they usually just continue on the same…. Just that they are under new management…. Quite often they leave the original brand and their entire manufacturing process as is and nothing really changes – at least on a surface level.

So…… you still get a Dewalt battery just like you always did even though it is owned by another company…. The end result is that despite all of the brands being owned by the same company the batteries are not interchangeable with each other.

Therefore, the answer is a definite NO…… Dewalt batteries do not work with other brands.

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What Tools Are Compatible With Dewalt Batteries?

You can interchange your battery with any of the Dewalt tools that have the same voltage rating…. So if you have a 12volt battery that your 12volt drill is currently using and you also own another Dewalt tool that also requires 12volts then the battery is interchangeable.

Can You Use an 18v or 20v Battery On 12v Dewalt?

No, it is not a good idea to use a higher voltage battery in your power tool…. Always stick to the recommended battery voltage size…. Plus, not only is a larger voltage size too powerful for a smaller tool it will also be too large to even fit into a smaller voltage tool anyway.


Dewalt batteries are compatible throughout the entire range of Dewalt tools so long as they are of the same voltage.

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Only Use Dewalt Batteries For Dewalt Tools

Will you be able to use your old battery in a new power tool? Or will it fit? Most manufacturers offer batteries and chargers compatible with their own brand only and Dewalt is no different.

DEWALT 20V MAX Battery, Lithium Ion, 4-Ah & 2-Ah, 4-Pack (DCB3244)

So just to be clear:

  • No, you can not use Dewalt batteries with Craftsman.
  • Dewalt and Milwaukee batteries are NOT interchangeable.
  • You CAN NOT use Dewalt batteries with Stanley.
  • No, you can’t use Dewalt batteries with Porter-Cable.
  • What about Black and Decker? After all, this is the company that owns both brands – right? Same answer…… No, you can not use Dewalt batteries with Black and Decker.
  • Are Black And Decker And Dewalt 20v Batteries The Same? No, while they both have many of the same features they are not the same and are not interchangeable.
  • Do Dewalt Batteries Fit Bauer Tools? – Nope
  • No, Dewalt Batteries will not fit Kobalt tools either.
  • Will Dewalt Batteries Fit Hercules? No -even the might Hercules himself couldn’t get a Dewalt battery to work.
  • And just in case I missed any other brand such as Ryobi, Worx, etc, the answer is the same…. No, no, no.

So what are Dewalt batteries good for?

Drum roll, please…… they are good for Dewalt tools. Yes, they are actually good in the tools they are designed for. Stick to using the best equipment and the best batteries designed for that equipment and you will save yourself a lot of headaches.

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In summary, if you’re looking for a specific type of battery, then the brand name should be the only consideration…. For example, if you need a battery that will fit into a Dewalt drill, look no further than another Dewalt battery.

Batteries are all different sizes…. It’s important to get the right battery for your power tool, otherwise, it won’t work properly…. When you replace a battery, make sure your new one is compatible with the tool.

This means the voltage, size, and connector type should be identical to the original…. That’s why it is always best to get a battery from the original manufacturer…. Even if the battery appears to fit which most of the time they don’t, you would be surprised by the number of issues it can cause.

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