Can You Use Other Cleaners With Bissell Crosswave?

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Can You Use Any Solution In Bissell Crosswave?

Do you have to use Bissell’s cleaner in your Crosswave or is it okay to use any cleaner? What about Pine-Sol is it okay? Or bleach is that okay? What about Fabuloso? After all, it’s Fabuloso -right? And for that matter what about homemade solutions like vinegar and water? Let’s find out…

Many people are using a wide variety of different solutions other than the ones supplied by Bissell but does that mean it is okay? It may surprise you to know that the Crosswave manual actually says that if you do so you may void your warranty.

You can find the information on page 5 of their manual (available online) and here is the exact wording…  Always use CrossWave formulas in your machine. Other solutions may harm the machine and void the guarantee. 

Now, most of our suspicious minds think they are just saying that to force us to buy their solutions and shake a few more coins out of us. But nonetheless, if you have a brand new Bissell Crosswave and you don’t want to risk voiding your warranty it is best to stick with Bissell’s official products.

There are people who say they are using other solutions just fine however you need to be aware that BISSELL designs their machines to use specified formulas. You run the risk of damaging your machine and/or not getting all of the cleaning benefits the machine is capable of.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Other Cleaning Solutions in Your Bissell Crosswave?

As long as you’re using this type of machine it’s best to use a detergent that doesn’t produce foam. Some people worry that without the foam to scrub the carpet with, the machine won’t get their carpets clean. But the machines don’t need foam to get your carpets clean.

Here’s the thing, if you use the wrong detergent foam can bypass the water separator and enter the motor, dulling or fouling the electrical components and can even result in destroying the motor. The detergent buildup at the bottom of the tank can also cause damage.

  • BISSELL models are designed for use with their own solution. Using other solutions will shorten the life of your machine, void its warranty, and could cause it to malfunction.
  • Harsh detergents, caustic cleaners, anything containing bleach, ammonia, acids of any kind, even those sweet-smelling essential oils, all can damage your Crosswave. These solutions can eat into various parts of the machines and ruin them.
  • Another thing to consider is that Bissell knows what they are doing and specifically design their cleaning solutions to achieve the ultimate cleaning results without leaving streaks behind.

Using other solutions just makes things much harder, and didn’t you buy the Bissell in the first place for quicker and easier cleaning?

Can You Use Pine Sol With Bissell Crosswave?

When it comes to cleaning floors, you want to make sure you’re getting the job done right. Pine-Sol is a common multi-purpose household cleaner that has been used for decades, but should it really be used in your Bissell CrossWave?

No – don’t do it. It’s tempting to add PineSol or some other pine-scented cleaner, but PineSol and other pine-based cleaners can damage the seals and gaskets inside your Crosswave.

After a while, you may see that the nozzle head will leak at the seals because the Pine-Sol has eaten away at them and you will have to replace your machine sooner than necessary.

Can You Use Bleach In Your Bissell Crosswave?

Bleach can weaken the materials of your machine, causing them to wear out faster. Bleach can also cause corrosion of metal parts in your machine, including the pump and motor. This will potentially cause leaks which may lead to you losing your cleaning solution and/or water, and damage to your flooring.

You can not use bleach in your Bissell Crosswave because bleach can cause the rubber gasket inside of the machine to deteriorate. The bleach will cause it to swell or shrink, which may result in a leak.

Also, bleach can cause a chemical reaction with the plastic components in your machine, including those within the tank and those that make up the spray wands. The result of this reaction could be discoloration of these parts as well as a loss of function.

If you have already used bleach in your machine, please fill the machine with plain water and agitate for one minute. Then run clean water through the machine for an additional three minutes to flush out all traces of bleach.

Can You Use Fabuloso In A Bissell Crosswave?

You can not use Fabuloso in your Bissell Crosswave because if you use it in your Bissell Crosswave will damage the machine.

Once again, Bissell Crosswave is designed to work with solutions specifically made for your machine. Using an incorrect solution may cause damage to the machine or void the warranty.

The correct solution for your Bissell Crosswave is the one they provide. This solution is specially made for your machine and will help you achieve optimal results when cleaning your carpets and floors.

Can You Use Vinegar And Water In Bissell Crosswave?

You may think that vinegar can’t be considered in the same vein as those other dastardly Bissell Crosswave enemies mentioned above – but alas – that is simply not so.

The chemical reactions of vinegar are more powerful than you might have imagined and you should never use vinegar in your Crosswave.

So, the solution to what solution you can use in your Bissell Croswave is to stick to the solution Bissell provides. I know… I’m a mathematical; genius. Well… not really, because Bissell came up with the solution.

In summary, your BISSELL Crosswave is a powerful, high-tech solution to cleaning your hard floors. With the Crosswave, you can clean and shine your bare floors in an easy time-saving manner. Still, at times it can be confusing when deciding which floor cleaner to use to best suit the type of mess you are cleaning up.

While you will find people leaving comments on various forums and even within the product about using other cleaning solutions in their Bissell Crosswave the simple fact of the matter is you are better of sticking with the tried and true formula’s Bissell makes.

BISSELL machines use HE (high efficiency) detergents. These detergents clean up faster and dissolve completely, resulting in minimal foam and better rinsing of the carpet fibers. That means less carpet soil left on your floors and more carpet cleaning solution available to work on stains and odors.