Are Belkin Screen Protectors Good? (Belkin Screen Protector Warranty)

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Screen protectors are pretty much a necessity for most smartphones these days. It can be pretty annoying if you don’t have a protector on your phone, especially if you have an iPhone and have to deal with those dreaded scratches.

There’s little doubt that the Belkin screen protector will keep your phone’s screen safe from scratches and dents that would otherwise be caused by everyday use.

Belkin screen protectors are clear, easy to apply, and will keep your screen looking as good as new. They’re made with the highest-quality materials, are easy to apply and remove cleanly, and provide excellent clarity.

Are Belkin Screen Protectors Good?

Yes. Belkin is a renowned name in the world of tech accessories and peripherals and its wide variety of quality screen protectors live up to the brand’s reputation. Belkin screen protectors offer multi-level protection and are thoroughly tested to withstand deep-level damage caused by impacts and drops.

These screen protectors also protect a phone’s screen from surface-level damage from contact with solid objects, e.g. coins, keys, etc. They have the highest level of scratch protection available.

Apart from damage protection, Belkin also manufactures privacy screen protectors and some of their protectors are designed to be removed when not needed. Overall, Belkin screen protectors are versatile and are an ideal choice for smartphone users.

Belkin has developed an impressive reputation for its screen protectors.

Tougher than competitor’s models

Belkin’s screen protectors are made with an extremely tough material called TrueClear, which is far more scratch-resistant than any other manufacturer’s product. The protector also has a smudge-resistant coating that keeps fingerprints at bay.

Other manufacturers’ products often use cheaper materials and coatings that don’t stand up to regular wear and tear, but Belkin offers a clear advantage here. As long as you use your phone normally and keep it in a case, it should last longer than average.

Easy installation

Belkin offers two different styles of screen protectors — traditional glass ones and plastic ones with an anti-glare coating. Both are very easy to install thanks to the included applicator tool, which squeegees out any bubbles so you end up with a perfectly clear surface. This is particularly important on phones that can be hard to see outdoors or in bright light.

Wide compatibility

Belkin sells screen protectors for almost every type of phone out there, from iPhones to Androids, Windows Phones to BlackBerrys, and many others.

Are Belkin Screen Protectors Worth it?

Belkin screen protectors are relatively expensive however their pricing is justified by the number of features and characteristics they are packed with.

  • These high-quality screen protectors have attractive features like an anti-scratch, and anti-glare, ultra-thin design that preserves the device’s touch sensitivity, oleophobic oil to prevent smudges and fingerprints, and more.
  • The level of protection Belkin screen protectors provide is also unmatched.
  • Thanks to the custom-made alignment tool that they come with, these screen protectors can be applied neatly without any bubbles.
  • No Rainbow Effect – Belkin screen protectors don’t suffer from the rainbow effect as some other brands do. The rainbow effect is when certain colors seem to make multi-colored rainbows on your screen due to its texture (this is especially true with cheaper screen protectors). With Belkin screen protectors, you get crystal clear viewing with no rainbow effect at all.

Considering all these, it can be safely concluded that Belkin screen protectors are well worth their price tag.

Do Belkin Screen Protectors Have Warranty?

Yes. In Europe and America, Belkin screen protectors come with a limited lifetime warranty. In other parts of the world, the brand offers a 2-year limited warranty. During the warranty period, if your screen protector gets severely damaged or scratched, you can send it back to Belkin for a replacement.

An important thing to note is that the warranty claim is only valid if the screen protector is used on the original device to which it was first applied. If you remove the protector from that device and apply it to another one, the warranty won’t apply and you won’t get a replacement product.

How Do I Claim My Belkin Warranty?

The process to claim your Belkin warranty may slightly vary depending on the place you purchased the screen protector from. Generally, the claim process includes the following steps:

  1. Register your product at Belkin’s official website.
  2. Then contact Belkin via any of its available channels, i.e. Phone, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  3. You will be required to provide proof of original purchase. Once you do this, you will be instructed on how to forward your receipt to claim your warranty. You may also need to send the damaged screen protector to Belkin for evaluation.
  4. If your warranty claim is valid, Belkin will send you the replacement product.

Does Apple Install Belkin Screen Protectors?

Yes. Belkin and Apple teamed up to ensure those iPhone users have a little more screen protection when they buy the device. Furthermore, Apple also installs screen protectors on their old devices as long as the protectors are manufactured by Belkin.

In fact, it is highly recommended that you have Apple install the Belkin screen protector on your device. This is because applying a screen protector on your own can be challenging as there is always the risk of getting air bubbles.

Not to mention aligning a screen protector perfectly with your device’s screen and its notch may also prove to be difficult.

Apple stores apply screen protectors with the ScreenCare+ Application System that prevents any bubbles or dust from getting in between the surface of the device and the protector, hence providing the optimal result.

Which Belkin Screen Protector is Best?

Belkin offers a variety of models of screen protectors, including the Tempered Glass Antimicrobial, the UltraGlass Antimicrobial, as well as screen protectors with Privacy features. The best Belkin screen protector for you depends on your specific preferences and needs.

If price is not a concern and you want the best possible protection for your device, then the Belkin UltraGlass screen protectors are a recommended choice. They provide the ultimate scratch and impact resistance as they have been extensively tested against hard metal objects, e.g. coins, keys, etc.

On the other hand, if you want to ensure maximum privacy, then it would be a good idea to buy Belkin screen protectors with Privacy features, such as the UltraGlass Privacy Antimicrobial.

On top of all the features of a quality screen protector, e.g. protection from scratches, impacts, fingerprints, smudges, etc., these screen protectors have a privacy filter that shades the screen when viewed at an off-angle, hence helping you prevent others from spying on what you are doing.

How Long Does a Belkin Screen Protector Last?

Belkin screen protectors are very durable. With proper care, these screen protectors will last indefinitely. Generally, how long a screen protector lasts depends on many factors. But Belkin is so confident about their products’ longevity that they offer a limited lifetime warranty for them.

Thanks to their high-quality build and rigorous testing, Belkin screen protectors can easily outlast the other components in your device, e.g. the battery.

Providing that you are careful and don’t drop your phone, you might only see some minor scratches or cracks on your screen protector in the long run.

In summary, if you are tired of constantly cleaning your phone’s display. Sick of scratches on your phone that make it hard to read? Then you need a Belkin screen protector.

They’ll protect your phone’s display from scratches so you can browse the web, check email or watch videos without being annoyed by pesky marks on your screen.

Belkin has been a leader in consumer electronics accessories for years. You can find their products in everything from cell phones to baby monitors and everywhere in between.

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