18 Brands With A Fox Logo (Listed By Industry)

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The fox can symbolize many things. At the lower end of the spectrum especially if including it as a part of a brand is cunning, slyness, and sneaky, all attributes you would certainly not want to proudly display as what your company stands for.

However, it can also mean cute, clever, mischievous, cheeky, playful, protective, and just downright gorgeous as in foxy! Here are 18 brands incorporating the fox as part of their logo in a good way:

Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser that’s backed by Mozilla. The fox logo represents the browser’s name and is supposed to be a clever, versatile mascot that can appeal to both tech-savvy users and everyday folks.  The fox represents the internet—it’s a symbol of freedom and knowledge, and it also looks cool!

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Fjällräven Fjällräven is a Swedish brand that’s loved by outdoor enthusiasts across the world. Their fox logo is a symbol of their commitment to creating high-quality, functional clothing that will stand up even in the roughest conditions.

The fox logo was originally designed by the founder of the company. The fox is meant to represent how people should go out and explore nature—just like a fox!

Fox and Owl Wholesale – The Fox and Owl Wholesale clothing brand is a faith-based apparel company that uses the fox as its logo. Fittingly, the fox is known for its intelligence, cunning, and resourcefulness. The company’s mission is to uplift its customers by helping them to become more resourceful in all areas of life—personally, financially, and spiritually.

Fox Originals Fox is a company that designs and sells clothing, workwear, and city branding. The brand was launched with the aim of creating wearable garments for men and women that would withstand the test of time and become classics in today’s wardrobe. The designs were aimed at being timeless, classic, and wearable for all occasions.

The founders wanted to convey the idea that their clothing would be stylish and edgy without being too expensive or pretentious. Their designs are simple yet elegant, and they offer great value for money.

Fox Racing Sportswear Fox Racing Sportswear is the most recognized and best-selling brand of MX apparel in the world. They specialize in producing high-quality clothing for motocross, off-road racing, and other extreme sports.

The fox logo is symbolic of a number of things. First, it represents speed and agility. It’s also used as a symbol of good luck—it’s believed that if you see one running across your path, good things will come your way soon after.

Finally, it represents freedom: because foxes are intelligent animals that hunt for food on their own terms and run wild without being controlled by humans or other animals or objects like cars or fences, foxes have been used as symbols of independence throughout history.

Foxo Clothing – The Foxo Clothing brand features a fox logo because of its playful, spirited nature. The fox is an animal that embodies the characteristics of cunning, intelligence, and curiosity. It’s also known to be loyal and protective of its friends.

Foxo Clothing makes clothing for men who want to look good without sacrificing comfort or function. They offer a wide range of men’s activewear options including t-shirts, polos, shorts, pants, jackets, and more. The company is committed to providing quality products at affordable prices so you can look good and feel great without breaking the bank!

Maison Kitsune Maison Kitsune is a French music label and clothing brand that uses a fox logo to represent its brand. The fox represents the company’s “personality,” which is “vibrant, playful, and fun,”.

The fox also symbolizes Kitsune’s “sense of style” and “innovation.” Kitsuné’s clothing line features urban streetwear with a punk edge and a heavy dose of kitsch.

Running Fox Running Fox redefines the concept of sportswear, skilfully mixing activewear elements with urban style. This brand is for those who want to be comfortable and stylish at the same time.

The fox logo represents speed and agility, which is what you need when riding a horse or running on foot. It also shows confidence, which is important when you’re out in nature with your animal companion.

Wolsey Clothing Wolsey Clothing is the oldest British menswear brand. Wolsey prides itself on its attention to detail, and each piece is made with care by skilled craftsmen, using only the finest fabrics and materials.

The Wolsey fox logo is a symbol of the company’s dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and class—all of which are hallmarks of their designs.

FoxTrot Outerwear – FoxTrot Outerwear is a clothing line that offers high-quality tactical outerwear for hunting, fishing, camping, and recreational activities.

The fox logo is inspired by the fox’s keen sense of smell and its ability to hunt. The fox logo also represents the name of the company as well as its services.

Greyson Clothiers Well known as the golf brand with a fox logo Greyson Clothiers is a leader in high-performance men’s, women and youth golf, lifestyle, and activewear apparel built from technical fabrics.

The Greyson Clothiers fox logo was designed to reflect the brand’s core values of fashionability and functionality. The fox in their logo is shown wearing golf cleats on a green field—a reference to their focus on high-performance clothing for golfers.

The fox is also holding a club in one paw—a reference to the fact that they aim to provide functional clothing for every sport imaginable.

Peter Millar Golf Shirt While Peter Millar doesn’t have a fox as a brand logo the company deserves a special mention in this section because they do produce a number of golf shirts featuring a fox logo.

Peter Millar golf shirts are styled to perfection for everyday life. They are made with high-quality fabrics that will change your perception of what you can wear while playing golf or just hanging out with friends. The company specializes in making high-quality clothing that will last through years of wear and tear.

Silver Fox Golf CoThe Silver Fox Golf Company is named after the founder’s father – the silver fox, so the logo is based on that nickname. It is a symbol of wisdom, experience, and knowledge.

Silver Fox Golf Co.’s mission is to provide quality products at affordable prices for all golfers, regardless of skill level or gender.

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Fox Chapel Publishing Fox Chapel Publishing is a publisher of bestselling Wood Working, Wood Carving, Scroll Saw, Wood-turning, and Pyrography books, and magazines. They have helped thousands of people learn more about their craft and grow as artists.

Foxes are known for being cunning, resourceful creatures that thrive in the wild. And while Fox Chapel Publishing has its roots in the wilds of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, they’re also known for its ability to adapt to change in order to stay relevant in an ever-shifting publishing landscape.

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Little Fox Kids’ Shoe Company – We know how hard it can be to find stylish shoes for your little boy or girl, so we were thrilled to discover Little Fox Kids’ Shoe Company.

Little Fox Kids’ Shoe Company is a company that specializes in classic children’s leather shoes. They have different styles of shoes for both boys and girls, including sandals, loafers, sneakers, boots, and more. The best part? All of their shoes are made with high-quality materials and come in a variety of colors and patterns!

What does the fox logo mean? It’s a reference to the company’s name, but it also represents what you can expect from the company: quality products that are durable, yet stylish.

Roving Fox Shoes Roving Fox Shoes is a footwear brand that makes shoes in both men’s and women’s sizes.  The fox logo on Roving Fox Shoes’ products represents the company’s commitment to not only making high-quality footwear, but also caring about its customers.

The company says that it wants each person who wears Roving Fox Shoes to feel like they can “roam free,” or move around freely without any restrictions from their footwear.

Wildling Shoes – Wildling Shoes is committed to sustainability and makes a range of barefoot shoe styles for babies all the way up to adults. You can get zero drop sandals, minimalist running shoes, and even some cute flats—all with a fox logo on the outside.

What does the fox mean? We’re glad you asked! The fox represents Wildling Shoes’ commitment to quality materials that are good for you, the planet, and your wallet. The company uses only high-quality fabrics from companies who pay fair wages to their workers, which means they’re not just looking out for animals—they’re looking out for people too!

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