When Can You Wear White Pants? (What About In Winter?)

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What is So Good About White Pants?

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you should start wearing white pants. They are the best kind of pants. They are the most versatile and timeless of all colors, and they also look great on anyone.

White pants can go with anything. You can wear white pants during any season. You can wear them during any holiday or event. You can wear them to almost any occasion (maybe not weddings). And they will always look amazing.

There is a time to be practical and there is a time to be fashionable. When you have decided that you want to look fashionable, make sure that you are wearing white pants. No one should ever wear another color of pants unless they are also wearing white pants as well.

Let’s look into where and when you can wear white pants and a few negatives they might create as well…

When Can You Wear White Pants?

You can wear white pants anytime throughout the year. White pants and white clothing in general is very chic and expensive-looking.

While many people believe that white shades are only reserved for the summer season, there’s nothing wrong in wearing them in the winters.

In fact, clothing such as white pants looks elegant during this time and it shows some unexpected and stylish guts.


Gloria Vanderbilt Women's Classic Amanda High Rise Tapered Jean, Vintage White, 8 Short


No matter when you wear white pants, you just need to make sure that you are keeping the season in mind and dressing accordingly.

For instance, during winter, you should wear white pants that are crafted with cold weather in mind, e.g. those made with wool fabrics. Pair them with plush fabrics in classic shades and you are all set.

Can You Wear White Pants After Labor Day?

Yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear white pants after Labor Day. Back in the old days, there was a fashion rule about not wearing anything white after Labor Day. However, those days are over.

And even though you may still run across a few family members or friends who would never dream of wearing white pants after Labor Day, you should know that the fashion rules have changed over time.

Wearing white pants, or anything white really, after Labor Day is no longer a faux pas.

However, if you are still hesitant to wear white pants because of that old fashion rule, you can always try alternate fabrics and shades. For instance, you can try white cashmere instead of white linen or choose more toned-down whites. You can also make a switch to the slightly warmer, darker tone that is close to cream or beige.

Can You Wear White Pants to a Wedding?

The general answer to this question is no, you shouldn’t wear white pants or anything white to a wedding where the bride will be wearing a white wedding dress. The reason behind this is that you don’t want to steal the spotlight from the bride as it is her special day and the dress brides wear is often a white one.

If you wear white pants to a traditional wedding, then it is likely that other guests at the event will frown upon you and it is also a possibility that you will upset the bride.

White is generally associated with being a bride and getting the deserved attention from everyone during the event. The only exception to this rule is if you are attending a wedding where the bride won’t be wearing a white dress.

Some cultures traditionally use different dress colors than most western weddings. However, it is still recommended that you ask about it before wearing white pants to a wedding as you wouldn’t want to show up wearing the same shade as the bride.

Why Do Painters Wear White Pants?

There are both historical and practical reasons behind this. In the 17-18th centuries, painters made their pants from white canvas ship sails. It is also said that they wear white pants, and white clothing in general, because it was adopted by union workers who wanted to differentiate themselves from other, non-union workers.

In time, fabrics and colors were used to differentiate social classes and distinguish the membership of a person to a group by their activity.

Also, painters wear white pants and uniforms to hide the splotches from stuff like spackle, plaster, etc. as it is the most common shade they often work with.

White pants have also been attributed to plasterers and painters considered less messy trades. By staining a white garment or wiping a brush, it is easier to see if the color has been altered.

Can You Wear White Pants in the Winter?

Yes. Many people associate white clothes to the summer season but there is nothing wrong with wearing white pants and other clothing of this shade in the winter. In fact, this trend is often seen on the fashion week runaways and many fashion influencers have increased its popularity.

You can wear your white pants in the winter with just about anything. However, it is recommended that you mix patterns, textures, and accessories to create a unique style around your white pants.


Dickies Men's Painter's Utility Pant Relaxed Fit, White, 34x32


It is recommended that you start neutral. When you keep it neutral and light on top, the winter white on bottom won’t look so jarring. If you are aching for some layers, simply put on a leather jacket or a denim jacket. These are great items to wear with white pants.

Do White Pants Make You Look Bigger?

White pants can certainly make you look bigger. Generally, it happens due to the nature of the color. Just as black absorbs all the colors and reflects nothing, it is considered the most slimming color, white makes us look bigger as it’s the opposite.

Especially if you are bottom heavy, white pants can make you look bigger and wider than dark pants, unless you know which ones to purchase and how to style them.

You have got to know your tops, your shoes, your accessories, and the type of white pants to wear to achieve the optimal look. Furthermore, you should also avoid anything that is too tight. Wide-leg white pants are a good choice.

Why Do White Pants Turn Yellow?

White pants tend to turn yellow over time, particularly if they are worn often. It could happen due to a number of different reasons.

  1. One cause is a mixture of minerals, mostly because of body sweat and oils with the ingredients in deodorant or antiperspirant. This combination makes the white pants yellow.
  2. Another reason is too much chlorine bleach. If your white pants are exposed to too much chlorine bleach, it can turn them yellow or grey.
  3. Perfume is another cause of yellowing.

Some things you can do to prevent your white pants from turning yellow is washing them after every wear, applying stain removal before washing, using white vinegar instead of bleach, and performing touch-ups of perfume to prevent it from staining the white fabric.

In summary, in addition to looking great, white pants are also in season for the summer and therefore a great addition to your wardrobe. And because they go with everything, you can wear them in a number of different ways.

So if you’re looking for a way to update your wardrobe and make some new fashion statements, consider adding a pair of white pants to your lineup. They will make a big difference in your look and give you many options for mixing and matching outfits.

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