Is Mahabis A Good Brand? (Comfortable Slippers)

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What Is The Mahabis Brand Known For?

Mahabis is known for creating slippers that are revolutionary in design. The founders’ vision is that you should be able to live in comfort, allowing you to enjoy every moment that life brings. Their designers have done just that by creating the most comfortable, stylish slippers available.

So what makes a Mahabis slipper so great? They’re as comfortable as your favorite flip flop, as cute as your favorite ballet flat, as convenient as your favorite sneaker, and as easy to slip off and on as your favorite pair of UGGs.

A new breed of slipper, changing the world one step at a time. Designed to be worn anywhere and enhance every activity, the Mahabis brand has set out to change what you think of when you imagine that perfect pair of slippers.

From the moment you slip your feet into a Mahabis slipper, you know that this is something different. A better way to relax. A more stylish way to run errands. They use high-quality natural materials and craftsmanship so that your feet can breathe and relax, no matter what you’re doing in your Mahabis slippers.

Below I have listed some of Mahabis’ most popular products so you can see how good this brand is…

Mahabis Classic Slippers

The following Mahabis product has an AMAZING 81% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

If you are looking for affordable luxury, comfort, and style then the Mahabi Slippers are definitely worth a look. These incredibly comfortable wool slippers feature a soft, temperature regulating fleece lining, an innovative hybrid sole engineered to provide maximum comfort and ride quality without sacrificing style or walk-ability. They also have a unique design that allows the front to roll up when not in use, further assisting with the fit.

Combining premium wool slippers with a soft, temperature regulating fleece lining, these professional looking slippers will be the ideal choice for anyone looking for fashionable shoes with added comfort and durability.

The unique design is thoughtful and very clever. It’s definitely one of my favorite shoe designs. They also come in different sizes so you have plenty to choose from whether you are looking for something simple or extravagant…


Mahabis Classic Slippers


mahabis Classic Slipper Larvik Dark Grey/Skien Black 36 (US Women's 5-6) Medium

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These premium quality wool slippers feature a neoprene heel cradle designed to make your feet feel supported, secure, and snug. your heel will be held gently in place as you go about your day. The versatile hybrid sole is made with performance-grade TPU, so you can wear these slippers anywhere, indoors or out.

  • The adaptable foam footbed molds to the shape of your foot for comfort and cushioning.
  • It’s not just about looks, this is about ensuring that you get the most out of your shoes
  • The rubber outsole is nicely cushioned making these well suited to both indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Perfect for appearance or performance at any time!
  • The comfortable hybrid sole molds to the shape of your foot and have been specifically engineered to prevent blisters and keep your feet dry.
  • They are made from premium quality wool which is heat regulated to keep your feet warm and dry.
  • The raised EVA foam footbed is specifically engineered to fit both small and large feet and created to accommodate varying levels of arch support.
  • The anatomic shape design is both supportive and flexible making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor wear.
  • The hybrid sole allows you to wear these when you wish to feel more like a walking shoe and still look stylish whilst doing it.
  • These Mahabis Classic Slippers are made from natural sheep’s wool and the perfect way to add luxury into your life without breaking the bank.
  • The neoprene heel cradle provides support and makes your feet feel secure.
  • While the soft fleece lining is temperature regulating so you can wear them all day long.
  • The combination sole will give you a great grip on most surfaces, from hardwood floors to carpeting.

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Mahabis Curve Slippers

The following Mahabis product has a good 68% of consumers rating it 5 out of 5 stars…

Find yourself tired of your leather soles hurting your day-to-day walk? Want to stay comfortable but don’t want to spend hours pulling out your old pairs of shoes? The Mahabis curve slipper solves this problem by combining state-of-the-art technology with classic styling.

The Mahabis Curve is a premium pair of women’s slippers. Built with a neoprene heel cradle designed to make your feet feel supported, secure, and snug, the Mahabi Curve also features a Pura-Latex rubber sole designed to improve shock absorption and grip. The extra support and comfort provided by these slippers make walking all day long feel like a breeze.

If you are inspired by the natural world and think nature has the best fashion sense, then these Mahabis Curve Slippers will blow your mind…


Mahabis Curve Slippers

mahabis Curve Classic Slippers, Comfy, Premium Unisex House Shoe for Indoors and Outdoors Larvik Dark Grey/Skien Black 39 (US Men's 6.5, Women's 8) Medium

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These slippers are top of the line and will set you apart from your competitors who utilize inferior materials, creating a long-lasting and comfortable – even loving – relationship with your feet.

  • The Mahabis Curve slippers are lightweight, flexible, and mold to the shape of your foot for maximum comfort and cushioning.
  • The adaptive insoles are designed to stay put and prevent blisters or blisters from forming on the sensitive areas of your feet.
  • Made to Fit: Mahabees curve slippers are designed to fit like a glove, fitting comfortably without straining your delicate ankles.
  • They have an uplifting curve for improved gait as well as comfort, complemented by their unique cut which allows customization to personal taste.
  • Modern and sophisticated, these slippers are sure to look fantastic on any outfit.
  • The elegant design is sure to impress the person wearing them, as they will not only look good but will be adapted to their unique style without any issues through the use of the unique fabric used.

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Mahabis Breathe Summer Slippers

Breathe your way through summer with this super-lightweight slipper. Made from a breathable fabric that stretches to fit, the woven design floats over your foot for smooth, light contact with the ground. Carefully placed eyelets allow air to flow through the shoe freely, keeping your feet cool in warmer months.

The Breathe Mahabis are excellent for indoor wear during the summer. These soft slippers are so lightweight, they feel like you’re barefoot, but without any of the accidents that can happen when running around your home barefoot.

The absorbent lining absorbs sweat and repels dirt, meaning that these are perfect both indoors or out. These are hand-made exclusively for us in Italy by skilled craftsmen—so you know you’re getting something beautifully made…


Mahabis Breathe Summer Slippers

mahabis Breathe Summer Slippers and Lightweight Breathable House Shoes Jaipur Peach/Alta White 36 (US Women's 5-6) M

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These breathable summer slippers are made of fabric with an open weave that quite literally lets your feet breathe. A flexible, light shoe, it’s like an indoor/outdoor summer floppy. Machine washable, it dries quickly and can be soft-dried.

  • The Breathe Summer slide from Mahabis is a breathable, comfortable alternative to traditional flip flops.
  • The biodegradable upper is made from a mix of bamboo and a natural fabric lining.
  • The open knit lets air circulate around your feet for maximum breathability, and the neoprene heel cradle makes your feet feel great all day long.
  • A perfect shoe for walking around the city streets or loungewear, you can trust that it will keep your feet cool and comfortable as you go about your day.
  • A neoprene heel cradle adds some extra comfort as well as stability.
  • Designed to be worn outside or inside, these lightweight slippers are breathable and flexible while the open knit lets air circulate around your feet for additional breathability.
  • With this pair of Mahabis Breathe Summer Slippers, you will feel the comfort and style of this unique sneaker flip flop combo.
  • The neoprene heel cradle supports your foot against chafing, blisters, or hot spots during extended wear, making it ideal for wearing around your house.

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In summary, however you choose to wear them, their slippers are so comfortable they feel like an extension of your feet. Their range of colors is designed to blend in with any lifestyle setting. Whether you’re hanging out at home or entertaining friends on the sofa, put your feet first with Mahabis.

The sense of quality from the craftsmanship around every stitch tells you everything you need to know about our commitment to make memorable products for people who live their lives on the go – wherever the road may take them.

Ain’t nothing like them. Ain’t nothing like the great indoors. but if you have to be out on the road, on the beach, on the floor, on the subway, on your way to work, or just moving that body… only Mahabis will do.

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