Is Crocs A Good Brand? Brand Ratings For Crocs

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Crocs are one of the most recognized brands in the world and what might surprise many is that not only are their classic crocs fabulous they also sell some amazing flip-flops, sneakers, casual shoes, slippers, loafers, and more…

The crocs are huge sellers and have ratings ranging from excellent to amazing. The Crocs brand is world-famous and whether you love them or think they are ugly there can be no doubt about their extreme comfort and fabulous durability.

Sidenote: If you think crocs are ugly you should see some of the other brands selling shoes like crocs.

Crocs are all about comfort, style, and fun. That’s why they invented Croslite – soft foam that delivers lightweight cushioning. And because our shoes are designed to be worn in the water as well as the land, they also come in a multitude of colors and fun prints.

Crocs Brand Ratings

CriteriaRating (out of 10)Description
Reputation and Trustworthiness8Crocs has gained a solid reputation for comfort and versatility, although some critics have questioned their aesthetic appeal. The brand has maintained trust among its loyal customer base.
Quality and Durability7Crocs shoes are generally known for their durability and resilience. While they may not be as sturdy as some premium footwear brands, they offer decent quality for their price range.
Innovation6Crocs has made strides in terms of innovation, primarily in the realm of material technology. However, they have yet to introduce significant breakthroughs in terms of design or functionality.
Customer Support8Crocs provides reliable customer support, addressing inquiries and issues promptly. They have a user-friendly online platform and helpful customer service representatives.
Value for Money9Crocs offers excellent value for money, as their products are reasonably priced and deliver long-lasting comfort. They provide a cost-effective option for individuals seeking comfortable footwear.
Sustainability and Ethical Practices6While Crocs has taken some steps towards sustainability, such as using eco-friendly materials in certain lines, their overall commitment to environmental and ethical practices is moderate.
Brand Authenticity9Crocs has established a distinctive brand identity, recognized for its unique clog-style shoes. They have remained true to their original design and are easily identifiable in the market.
User Experience8Crocs generally deliver a positive user experience, offering comfortable shoes that require minimal break-in time. However, their fit may not be suitable for everyone, leading to mixed user experiences.
Longevity and Stability7Crocs has been in the market for a considerable period and has shown stability as a brand. However, they face challenges in terms of staying relevant in a competitive footwear industry.
Industry Recognition and Awards7Crocs has garnered recognition and awards, particularly for their comfort and innovative use of materials. However, they may not be considered at the forefront of the fashion or footwear industry.

Below I have listed the most popular Crocs with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand…

Classic Crocs Have Amazing Ratings

The famous Classic Crocs are immensely popular and an Amazon bestseller that has over 130,420 consumers with an amazing 88% of them rating these crocs 5 out of 5 stars…

Crocs Men’s and Women’s Classic Clog | Water Shoes | Comfortable Slip On Shoes

crocs Women's Classic Mule Ice Blue - 8 B(M) US Women / 6 D(M) US Men

Example of comments from Crocs:

They’re dorky, but wow my feet have never been happier! There’s a reason they’re so popular. I’ve been happy with my Crocs for years and glad I no longer do off brands that don’t last nearly as long.

  • Most comfortable shoe or clog ever. They are also ugly but they are so ugly that they are cute.
  • My chiropractor recommended wearing crocs since I started having plantar fasciitis problems.
  • It is an authentic Crocs brand and is of great quality.
  • To be able to comfortably walk is so amazing! Buy these if you have pain in your feet!!
  • They are in style and Crocs is the best brand.
  • I have owned a lot of the knock-off brands in the past and I can honestly say that comfort-wise, they do not hold a candle to real Crocs.
  • Spend a little bit more on the real thing. So worth it!!!
  • I have been wearing Crocs for 20 years. I like them and I like this pair. They suit my lifestyle. You can wear them in water, and wash them in the dishwasher, just like brand new.
  • They are amazing! We have tried other brands before as well, but crocs are great, nonslip when the pavement is wet, comfortable, and wearable inside and out!
  • I love this brand as they are GREAT to wear in the garden!!
  • These were the perfect gift for my husband! The croc brand is of great quality, they fit true to size, and my husband says the arch support is amazing!
  • You can’t ever go wrong with crocs. Best brand on the market.
  • Love the brand, great for gardening, quick dog walk, and when dirty just throw them in the machine.
  • These things last forever and are so convenient to slip on, and super comfy.
  • Original Croc brand, fit true to size couldn’t ask for more.

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Cold Weather Crocs Have Amazing Ratings

The following Warm & Fuzzy Cold Weather Crocs are immensely popular that have over 27,162 consumers with an amazing 88% of them rating these crocs 5 out of 5 stars…

Crocs Men’s and Women’s Classic Lined Clog | Warm and Fuzzy Slippers

Crocs unisex adult Classic Lined | Warm and Fuzzy Slippers Clog, Black/Black, 8 Women 6 Men US

Example of comments from Crocs:

These are by far the best to use as slippers. I have gone through many pairs of slippers claiming that their memory foam lasts. Some lasted longer than others, but the CROCS are money. The soft rubber soles are the key. And the liners keep my feet warm.

  • Just do yourself a favor and get these. They are amazing on your feet.
  • Real Crocs Rule. Huge quality vs off-brand replicas.
  • Actually got these for my husband and he now uses them all the time. He has pretty bad foot pain, and Crocs are just right for him!
  • Fantastic quality and fit. Love the brand.
  • It is always a good brand and again I got a good product.
  • THESE ARE AMAZING! I have many chronic pain/nerve/Autoimmune issues and CRPS so I am always on search for a comfortable shoe (which is almost impossible because of my CRPS) but these CROCS, which I said I would never buy, are the best shoes I have ever purchased.
  • I would recommend it for anyone that needs a bit of extra insulation for fall and winter days around the house. Would buy from this company again!
  • They feel like slippers! I was going for that. Crocs are inherently comfortable, but the lining in these makes them feel like an incredible pair of slippers.
  • However, they are MUCH sturdier than slippers and can be worn anywhere.
  • I use these as slippers around the house to help with arch support and they are great for keeping my lower back happy!
  • What a great around the house casual slipper. Warm, lightweight, and good grip.
  • I use them as house slippers. This style was specifically recommended by podiatrists for people with foot pain and I love them.
  • This is exactly what I needed for the plantar fasciitis I have been dealing with for the past six months in both heels of my feet.
  • I use these as slippers every day. I love the soft lining, and they are sturdy enough that if I have to go outside with them, it’s okay.

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The Crocband Clog Is Another With Amazing Ratings

The following Crocband Clogs are immensely popular and have over 46,396 consumers with an amazing 81% of them rating these crocs 5 out of 5 stars…

Crocs Men’s and Women’s Crocband Clog | Slip-on Shoes | Casual Water Shoes

Crocs unisex-adult Crocband Clog | Comfortable Slip On Casual Water Shoe Navy Men's 13, Women's 15 Medium


Example of comments from Crocs:

I’ve been a Crocs fan for years, I have many styles from sandals to flats to clogs, and these are my absolute favorites! Such a cute, sporty look.

  • I love my Crocs! I was happy to find this cuter version.
  • The brown looks great, Crockbands look better than standard.
  • Don’t hesitate to buy these off of Amazon if you’re looking to get a pair. Definitely gonna buy more colors in the future!
  • Love the wide toe box and how they look. Great for being a busy mom!
  • Fantastic look and very comfortable!
  • Keep in mind they are still Crocs, but they look better than the standard model.
  • This style looks more like a shoe and feels great even with flat feet.
  • They are very nice looking, very stylish, however more importantly they are sooooo comfortable.
  • If you’ve been on the fence about buying a pair of Crocs, just do it, you won’t be sorry.
  • I loved the look of these and bought them. I wasn’t ready for how comfortable these would be! They are amazing.
  • They fit nice and are extremely comfortable.
  • Love them. I got them because the soles with the stripe remind me of Converse shoes. I like having Crocs that look cool actually.
  • Very comfortable with a nicer look than your average Crocs.
  • These have an old school sneaker look.
  • So comfy to change into after work, keeping my feet warm in the winter, when flip flops aren’t practical

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The Crocband Flip Flops Has Excellent Ratings

The following Crocband Flip Flops are another popular seller and have over 28,741 consumers with an excellent 79% of them rating these crocs 5 out of 5 stars…

Crocs Men’s and Women’s Crocband Flip Flop | Slip On Sandals | Shower Shoes

Crocs Crocband Flip Flop | Slip-on Sandals | Shower Shoes, Black, 11 US Women / 9 US Men


Example of comments from Crocs:

This is the only brand I will buy and wear. They last 4-5 years for me and I wear them year round. Divide that into the price and that becomes a very cheap flip flop for a year. They wash up great and dry pretty darn fast. Also like the fact they come in so many colors.

  • Crocs is a name brand that means Quality.
  • These Crocs Flip Flops are the most comfortable, quality pair of flip flops I’ve ever owned!
  • Like walking on air! I love Crocs and so does my wife.
  • They are the most comfortable flip-flops I’ve ever worn. 
  • Crocs are anatomically designed and I will never own another brand!
  • They are extremely comfortable and truly unisex.
  • One pair I’ve owned for 5 years and they’ve not broken, despite heavy use.
  • The comfort is unparalleled. If you have ever worn crocs, expect the same level of comfort.
  • You can walk for hours in them. They are easy to clean, have a moderate grip, and are extremely sturdy.
  • Love these flip flops! Because of my plantar fasciitis, I can’t wear most brands of flip flops, but the Croc flops (as I call them) are so comfortable and never bother my feet.
  • They are the greatest flip-flops I’ve owned.
  • They’re more comfortable than any other pair I’ve had, don’t retain foot odor and despite hard wear, the toggle in the middle never ripped like so many others before them.
  • Croc brand is comfortable and not flimsy.
  • I Will not buy any other flip-flops than the croc brand. By far the most comfortable and durable flip-flops.

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The Crocs Women’s Sneaker Shoes Has Excellent Ratings

The following Crocs Women’s Sneaker Shoes have over 3,841 consumers with an excellent 79% of them rating these crocs sneakers 5 out of 5 stars…

Crocs Women’s Literide Pacer Sneaker Shoes

Example of comments from Crocs:

They are INCREDIBLY light. They provide amazing amounts of cushion. They allow tons of air flow. They dry off amazingly fast, which is the best part for us.

  • I’ve never found a shoe that allows me to have no foot pain during my 10-hour shift till this one.
  • Since putting them on for the first time, I’ve been wearing them around the house saying “ahhh” and “holy smokes” just feeling my heels squish into the layers of cushions.
  • We never thought that we’d be excited by Crocs Sneakers, with actual laces… But here we are, blown away!
  • These are cool shoes. Undoubtedly. If you don’t look too closely they could pass for name-brand sneakers.
  • Who knew crocs made tennis shoes!? These are great. Comfortable and nice looking.
  • I wear them to work out and to work. My feet no longer hurt after standing for hours at my job.
  • I was looking for a nice shoe that would not irritate my Morton’s Neuroma and these did the trick. No more pain!
  • They’re comfy with that really squishy footbed. They will be my go-to for casual outfits.
  • I wear them washing the car, going to the beach, giving a bath to the dogs, and when going out on a rainy day. They are very comfortable and easy to clean.
  • Was looking for a light breathable travel shoe. These are feather-light and have an extra cushion so it feels like you’re walking on clouds.
  • These are great shoes! Super easy to clean and comfortable.
  • Bought them for my Costa Rica trip and they were the perfect shoe to hike in the rainforest, walk through water, and wear every day.
  • I’m a mechanic who is allowed to wear normal shoes and I love these. I walk 10-20 thousand steps a day at work so I think they hold up.

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The Crocs Men’s Casual Shoes Has Excellent Ratings

The following Crocs Men’s Loafer Shoes have over 1,566 consumers with an excellent 70% of them rating these crocs sneakers 5 out of 5 stars…

Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz Playa Lace-Up Sneaker Comfortable Casual Loafer Shoes

Crocs Men's Santa Cruz Playa Lace-Up Sneaker | Comfortable Casual Loafer, Khaki/Stucco, 7 M US

Example of comments from Crocs:

Amazing shoes! They are very comfortable to walk in and boy do they look great. They match well with above-knee shorts (make sure to wear no-show socks!), jeans, chinos, etc. I specifically bought it for a wedding in Hawaii and it went great with khakis and my Hawaiian-style shirt.

  • Comfortable like the ugly Crocs. Not ugly like the ugly Crocs.
  • I’ve never worn Crocs before but now I see why everyone loves them.
  • Super comfortable and this particular shoe works when I wear shorts or jeans – the gray matches any color shorts.
  • I wear them without socks when I’m wearing shorts – comfortable without socks, unlike other shoes where it feels sweaty. I wear them with socks when I’m wearing jeans.
  • Stylish, not like typical crocs.
  • The shoes are light and comfortable. I’ve already worn them to work a few times and they feel great throughout the entire day.
  • I have to do a lot of walking at work and have been very satisfied with these so far.
  • Best ever for comfort helps with plantar fasciitis.
  • Dressy enough look that my wife says I can wear them to church! Very comfortable as you expect.
  • Extremely comfortable just as expected from the Crocs family.
  • They are very comfortable shoes that last longer than you’d expect them to.
  • People are often shocked when I tell them they are Crocs shoes.
  • Amazing comfort. The most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had. It’s like walking on air. 
  • Nice shoes to wear to work… comfortable lightweight and appealing to the eye.
  • My husband is a teacher and on his feet 8 hours a day at least. He loves these! He hasn’t complained of foot pain since we got them.

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The Crocs Men’s Loafers Has Amazing Ratings

The following Crocs Men’s Loafers are very popular and have over 14,040 consumers with an excellent 83% of them rating these crocs loafers 5 out of 5 stars…

Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz Comfortable Loafers | Slip-on Shoes

Crocs Men's Santa Cruz Loafer | Comfortable Men's Loafers | Slip On Shoes, Khaki/Khaki, 10 US Men

Example of comments from Crocs:

People ask about them fairly regularly because they LOOK so comfortable. I don’t think there’s been a single person who wasn’t SHOCKED when I told them that they were CROCS!

  • I put on these Santa Cruz and it’s like walking on clouds. Super comfortable!
  • They’re so simple to slip on and off, but don’t want to fall off by themselves as sandals or flip-flops do.
  • I do a lot of multi-day motorcycle camping, and the comfort these Crocs bring to my feet at the end of a long day of riding in leather boots is incredible!
  • They are so comfortable. You can wear them with shorts and pants. They go well with your wardrobe. Absolutely comfortable!
  • Very comfortable, and although still solidly in the casual looking department, I find these much more wearable in public as a man than standard Crocs.
  • People are blown away when I tell them the shoes are Crocs because they look nothing like the traditional Crocs but they come with the comfort provided by Crocs.
  • I call them Adult Crocs, shhh no one knows you’re wearing Crocs!
  • Croc comfort without the traditional Croc look? Win-win!!!
  • Another pair of comfy Crocs. These are a “fancier” style of Croc but they are very comfortable and seem to be of great quality as well.
  • I’ve been dealing with foot problems for a while now; these things changed my life. Crocs hit a home run with these.
  • If you like Crocs you will love these, it’s a nicer looking show on the outside but a Croc on the inside! 
  • They look nice enough for church but feel like a Croc! Winner!! Winner!!
  • These don’t look like crocs but are so crazy comfortable like traditional crocs.

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The Crocs Women’s Strappy Flip Flops Has Excellent Ratings

The following Crocs Women’s Flip Flops is another well-liked product that has over 4,174 consumers with an excellent 77% of them rating these crocs flip flops 5 out of 5 stars…

Crocs Women’s Capri Strappy Flip Flop | Casual Comfortable Sandals

Crocs womens Crocs Women's Capri Strappy | Casual Comfortable Sandals for Women Flip Flop, Metallic Bronze, 8 US

Example of comments from Crocs:

This particular flip flop made by Crocs is the most comfortable and attractive they make. The support is just as good as any of the expensive name brands that I have tried. I literally can wear these all day long and my feet to not hurt nor does my arch ache.

  • Crocs outdid themselves with this one! The comfort I have learned to rely on with a step up on the cuteness level; I just love them.
  • I’m in love with Crocs. They are absolutely the most comfortable shoes ever!!
  • Cute…cute…cute. I can walk and shop all day in these – literally hours – and I don’t have any back pain.
  • I get compliments every time I wear a pair, which is great because comfy shoes aren’t always stylish.
  • Supports my feet and I do not tire when doing lots of walking.
  • I have walked around in them all day while traveling and they keep my feet feeling great.
  • These flip flops are a great support for my plantar fasciitis.
  • They have a good cushion for my heels and not too much arch.
  • If you want to dress up a casual summer outfit and be comfortable at the same time, these will fit the bill.
  • These are my favorite shoes! They’re comfortable and cute.
  • Love this flip flop! Looks great enough to wear to work with my dress pants!
  • Cute and comfy. I can wear these when I’m doing a lot of walking (Disneyland) and they are still comfortable at the end of the day.

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The Crocs Women’s Swiftwater Sandal Has Excellent Ratings

The following Crocs Women’s Swiftwater Sandals are another very highly regarded product that has over 15,337 consumers with an excellent 76% of them rating them 5 out of 5 stars…

Crocs Women’s Swiftwater Sandal | Cute Sandals for Women

Crocs Women's Swiftwater Sandal Slide, tropical teal/light grey, 4 M US

Example of comments from Crocs:

These sandals are so comfortable and convenient. I use them around the house, in the garden, to the swimming pool, walking on the beach, walking around the neighborhood.

  • These are very cute, very flattering and I’m pretty sure, even though I’ve only worn them around my house, they are going to be my summer favs.
  • They are extremely comfortable, a lot more supportive than a flip flop or a ballet flat.
  • The shoes look lovely. Very adaptable. I can dress up or dress down easily with them.
  • By far, the most comfortable sandals I have ever owned.
  • They are super comfortable with great arch support and extremely easy to clean.
  • Whenever they get dirty, I give them a quick rinse and scrub, and they dry rapidly.
  • I recently went on vacation and forgot my walking shoes. I walked in these sandals for about 8-9 hours per day for a week and I barely felt them.
  • These really are amazing sandals.
  • I LOVE these shoes. As a person who promised herself to never buy a pair of Crocs… Wow- I want to buy MORE. Beyond comfortable.
  • Very Very comfortable, and cute. I find myself wearing these a lot. There is more arch support than most flip flop type sandals.
  • I wear crocs all the time, have several pairs as they are so comfortable. They are my go-to everyday shoe!!

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The Crocs Women’s Serena Flip Flops Has Excellent Ratings

The following Crocs Women’s Serena Flip Flops is another highly rated product with an excellent 72% of them rating them 5 out of 5 stars…

Crocs Women’s Serena Flip Flop | Comfortable Sandals

Crocs Women's Serena Flip Flop, Black/Black, 8 M US

Example of comments from Crocs:

These are so comfortable and they are really cute on, plus they don’t look like your typical crocs. My heels really hurt after walking for just a short time and these really help, I can walk or stand in them for hours.

  • A cool unexpected design for this brand.
  • These shoes are fantastic and I’ve worn them all summer. They’re comfortable. They look great.
  • I wore these shoes in NY every day for a week. They are super comfy and pretty darn cute.
  • These are so cute on and they are comfy as heck!!
  • I get lots of compliments when I wear them.
  • These sandals are like walking on pillows!
  • All of the women in our family wear these! They are SO comfortable. You can dress them up or down.
  • These are SO comfortable. They look nice and are crocs, so definitely a win. Can easily be dressed up or down.

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What Are Crocs Made Of?

Durability, lightweight comfort, and patented Croslite material make Crocs the most comfortable shoes in the world. That’s why they’re perfect for everyone, everywhere, every day, all year long. Each pair of Crocs is made of Croslite, a proprietary material that feels like foam, it molds to your foot like an extension of your body, and lasts forever.

They’re odor-resistant, easy to clean on any surface, and they dry quickly. Now that’s comfort you can really sink your feet into! It’s what makes Crocs the original “great-fitting clogs.”

  • Croslite is a proprietary closed-cell resin material with unique qualities that are engineered to create truly comfortable shoes designed to go anywhere, do anything, and be worn anytime.
  • Croslite is used in all Crocs shoes to give them their signature soft, lightweight feel that makes them so comfortable to wear.
  • The closed-cell resin is derived from natural gas and other earth-friendly resources including glycol, which is used to make antifreeze. The manufacturing process carefully controls the formulation and mixing of the resin and other ingredients to achieve optimal performance properties.
  • Croslite has many benefits. It’s lightweight, buoyant, non-marking, non-absorbent, and soft.
  • Plus it offers maximum comfort and cushioning!
  • Croslite is engineered to be strong yet lightweight, so it can support your body weight without adding extra weight to your shoes.
  • Crocs products are designed with Croslite to provide you with an unparalleled comfort experience — so you can feel great all day long!

Croslite, created by mixing natural gas and liquid resin, is the foundation of all Crocs shoes. This proprietary formula is molded into the shape of each individual shoe, creating a mold that lasts the life of the shoe. Croslite material is lightweight (only 2 pounds per cubic foot), soft, and comfortable to wear; it is also non-marking and odor-resistant.

Croslite is an unusual product because it is the first major footwear material to be made from all-natural ingredients. The resin used in Croslite comes from soybeans and the hardeners from pine trees. Croslite has been around since 2001 and is used for Crocs’ clogs and sandals. In addition to being a healthy, organic product, Croslite is also lightweight and soft to the touch.

The Croslite material is designed to be soft and comfortable to wear, especially when you are wearing the crocs all day long. The crocs are designed with an open-air cushioning system that helps to keep your feet cool when you are wearing them in hot weather. They also have molded footbeds that conform to the shape of your feet, which makes them even more comfortable to wear. These shoes are perfect for wearing in wet conditions because they drain water effectively so your feet stay dry during all seasons.

Can You Eat Crocs Shoes?

Believe it or not, people want to know if you can actually eat crocs, and no – not the ones found lurking beneath the water ready to eat you. They want to know if you can eat croc shoes.

First of all what a stupid thing to even try to do – unless you have been stranded somewhere, starving to death, and fortunate enough to be wearing your crocs at the time. Because the good news is (believe it or not) that technically you can eat your crocs because they are made of non-toxic materials.

Yes, you can eat crocs. You can also eat socks or any other shoes that are made from resin. The resin is a type of plastic that is made from petroleum products and natural gas. It’s a little more flexible than polyvinyl chloride (PVC) but it’s still non-toxic. There are even small amounts of resins in some food products, such as marshmallows.

The bad news is that they won’t taste good enough to be worth eating, even if you’re starving. Crocs are made from a synthetic resin called Croslite, which is a trade secret. But it’s not the kind of thing you would want to put in your mouth on purpose. You could probably chew up and swallow a croc without too much difficulty, but the taste and texture will be very unpleasant.

However, it must be said… Crocs shoes are not designed to be eaten and their manufacture doesn’t involve adding any chemicals or ingredients that may harm your body.

And while Crocs do not contain any toxic substances, they do contain all the substances you’d expect to find in a plastic shoe: phthalates, formaldehyde, and other chemicals that cause allergies.

In summary, Crocs were introduced into the world in 2002 and have polarised the world with some saying they are so ugly they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them however everyone agrees they are top quality and comfortable.

What many people are unaware of is the new design of crocs that have the same comfort without looking like crocs.

All in all, Crocs is most certainly an excellent brand.

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