Shoes Similar to Altra: 8 Altra Shoe Alternatives

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Shoes Like Altra

Altra is a company that specializes in zero-drop shoes, and it also sells minimalist shoes with a 4mm heel-to-toe drop. Even within this category there are many different types of terrain and running styles that people can use to consider which shoe best suits them.

Although other companies make zero-drop shoes, Altra has three advantages: a wider toe box, a better fit through the midfoot, and more cushioning.

The best alternative to an Altra running shoe (Available on Amazon) will depend on what you like and dislike about them. Do you love the wide toe box, but want something a little less chunky?

Or maybe you’re not a fan of the zero-drop design, but you love the stability offered by the FootShape toe box. Whatever it is, there are plenty of options out there.

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8 Shoes Similar to Altra

If you are a serious runner, then you have probably heard of the company Altra. They have become one of the largest names in the running shoe industry.

If you are looking for shoes that feel more like a barefoot running experience, then Altra is your brand. They are minimally built shoes with a zero-drop platform and offer plenty of room for your toes to splay out naturally.

If you are an avid runner and want to try something new, then these 8 brands will give you a similar experience to Altra but with some unique features and benefits.

1. Xero Shoes

A popular alternative to Altra , Xero Shoes look a little different. They are made with a thin sole, which makes them very lightweight. The thin sole allows for maximum ground feel, but it does not provide much in terms of cushioning or protection. These shoes are perfect for minimalist runners who want a bit of extra protection but still want the barefoot-like feeling.

Similarities between Xero Shoes and Altra

Xero Shoes and Altra shoes are both minimalist running shoes that promote natural running techniques by keeping your foot in a neutral position. Both brands have zero-drop soles, which means that the heel is the same level as the forefoot, allowing for natural foot movement.


Xero Shoes Men's HFS, Dawn Gray, 12


Xero’s Comfort-First Design promotes natural movement by placing your foot in a neutral position instead of forcing it into an unnatural position like most shoes do.

Both Xero and Altra have wide toe boxes that allow your toes to spread out naturally, which helps strengthen muscles and ligaments in your feet to reduce injury risk. They also create room for your toes to splay naturally for better traction when running on uneven terrain.

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2. Vibram FiveFingers

Vibram FiveFinger shoes literally have five fingers on the bottom of their outsole and toes on the upper. Like Altra, Vibram’s goal is to simulate as much as possible the feeling of running barefoot while still providing some protection from debris and injury. Vibrams also come in many different options so that you can find exactly what you need based on your running style and preferences.


Vibram FiveFingers Men's V-Train 2.0 Fitness and Cross Training Shoe (Black/Black, Numeric_11)


Similarities between Vibram FiveFingers and Altra

There are several differences between Vibram shoes and Altra, but also a few similarities. The biggest similarity is that both companies make zero-drop shoes. Zero-drop means the heel height is the same as the forefoot height, which places the foot in a more natural position.

This can help reduce stress on the feet and legs, leading to fewer injuries. Another similarity is that both brands have added cushioning to some of their models for greater comfort.

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3. New Balance Minimus

The New Balance Minimus (Available on Amazon) is another popular option that is similar to Altras. Like Altras, they have a zero-drop platform and wide toe box, which gives the foot more freedom to move and splay without restriction during your run.

They also have an excellent level of cushioning and are durable enough for everyday use. Perfect for runners who want something ultra-comfortable.


New Balance Men's Minimus 10 V1 Trail Running Shoe, Black/Silver, Wide


Vibram FiveFingers Is An Excellent Altra Alternative

You can’t go wrong with either the New Balance Minimus or the Altra. Both shoes provide a lot of protection from impact and a good amount of cushioning. They also allow your feet to move naturally, which is key for healthy running.

The only real difference is that the New Balance Minimus offers more freedom of movement on the forefoot compared to the Altra.

For this reason, I recommend the New Balance Minimus to runners who have never tried barefoot-style shoes before, as they will have to build up their calf muscles and tendons to be able to handle the increased movement in the forefoot.

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4. Vivobarefoot

The original barefoot shoe brand, Vivobarefoot (Available on Amazon) was founded in London in 2004. Their flagship shoe model is the Primus, a versatile urban trainer with a minimalist sole that’s just 4mm thick. The Primus has a wide toe box and zero heel elevation,  making it very similar to Altra in construction and ideal for forefoot strikers.


Vivobarefoot Geo Court II, Mens Everyday Barefoot Classic Designed for Premium Comfort


Similarities between Vivobarefoot and Altra

Altra, like Vivo Barefoot, has built its brand around the concept of zero-drop shoes. The company’s Zero Drop™ technology, a feature incorporated into many of its models, consists of a proprietary footbed with a cushioned midsole that’s positioned on an equal level with the heel and forefoot.

Both brands have the same philosophy about running in a more “natural” way, promoting proper running form and posture, and encouraging a mid or forefoot strike. This is achieved by giving the runner maximum ground feel and a platform to land on that is as flat as possible.

There are also similarities in their product lineups. Both companies make road shoes (usually a minimal construction) as well as trail shoes with moderate cushioning and lugged outsoles.

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The Minimalist Trail Running Shoes (Available on Amazon) is easy on the joints and perfect for those who want to feel light and free while running. The super flexible sole allows the feet to move naturally through the gait cycle. They are zero-drop and offer a wide toe box for added comfort, as well as a mesh upper for breathability.

These zero-drop running shoes have a wide toe box and are lightweight, which makes for a great run. They have a very similar look to the Altra Timps, but they’re slightly wider without being too bulky.


WHITIN Men's Trail Running Shoes Minimalist Barefoot 5 Five Fingers Wide Width Size 12 Low Zero Drop Male Parkour Road Sport Toe Box Gym Workout Fitness Breathable Beach Black Gum 45


Similarities between WHITIN and Altra

WHITIN shoes have a zero drop construction in which the heel and toes are at the same level so that the user’s foot is completely flat from heel to toe.

This helps prepare users for running on natural surfaces where there is no elevation under the heel. WHITIN shoes also encourage a mid or forefoot strike, allowing for an increased range of motion for an overall smoother stride.

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6. Inov-8

The Inov-8 is a versatile trail shoe that can be used for everything from short runs to long races. It offers a nice combination of cushioning and protection for a variety of terrain and distances.

Inov-8 and Altra are both well-known trail shoe companies. Inov-8 is primarily known for its aggressive outsole designs that allow for great traction on a wide variety of surfaces.


Inov-8 Women's F-lite G 300 Cross Training Shoes - Black/Gum - 9


Inov-8 is also known for its minimalist approach to upper construction, which provides a comfortable, lightweight feel. Altra is known for its Zero Drop technology that allows the foot to be in a more natural position while running on the trails. Altra is also known for the FootShape toe box.

Both brands make shoes that focus on comfort and performance. Both brands offer a wide selection of trail running shoes to meet the various needs of runners.

For example, Inov-8 has shoes that range from minimalist to highly cushioned. Similarly, Altra has shoes that range from Zero Drop to Max Cushioning. Both brands have loyal customers who are drawn to their different technologies and designs.

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7. Hoka One

The Hoka One One Torrent 2 is Hoka’s lightest trail shoe to date. With deeper lugs than some other Hoka models, this shoe will provide the grip you need on the trails without adding too much weight. It’s much less bulky than some of their other models, and will feel fast underfoot!

Both brands have a strong following and are well known for their uniqueness and innovation. In fact, both brands are so innovative that many of their models in the past have not been well accepted by runners, but they have persisted and improved on their shoes until they found success with many of their models.


Hoka One One Men's Clifton 8 - Outer Space / Vallarta Blue - 10.5D


First of all, both Hoka One and Altra shoes have a wide toe box, which is something that has been proven time and time again to be beneficial to a runner’s form. The reason why a toe box needs to be wide is that when you run, your toes splay out naturally. This is good because it provides you with more stability and balance while running.

Most shoes do not allow your toes to splay out freely and this can cause pain in the forefoot area or even tendinitis if there’s too much pressure on the metatarsal bones. In addition to being more comfortable, a wide toe box helps lower the risk of injury because it allows your foot to move naturally without causing any pain or discomfort.

Both Altra and Hoka One also use “zero drop” technology in their designs, which means that the heel of the shoe is at the same level as your forefoot.

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8. Brooks

The Brooks Caldera 5 (Available on Amazon) is a soft and protective trail running shoe designed for longer distances on both smooth and rocky trails. With an outsole designed with technology borrowed from mountain bikes, this shoe offers great traction on any surface

Similarities between Brooks and Altra

Brooks and Altra are two of the biggest names in running shoes, and for good reason — their products are top-notch. Both brands have a loyal following among serious runners, but how do they compare to one another? We’ve broken down the two brands’ offerings by shoe type to help you decide which brand is better for your needs.


Brooks Cascadia 16 Yellow/Black/Grenadine 10.5 D (M)


Trail running shoes: Brooks Cascadia vs. Altra Lone Peak

The Brooks Cascadia 12 is a popular trail running shoe with a durable outsole that’s built to tackle nearly any terrain. A mid-foot rock plate provides some protection from rocks and other potential hazards on the trail. The shoe has a 10mm drop and weighs around 11 ounces, which is on the heavier side for a trail runner.

Altra’s Lone Peak 3.0 is a popular zero-drop trail runner that provides plenty of cushioning underfoot. It also has a midsole rock plate that protects against sharp objects on the trail, making it an excellent all-around option for off-road use.

It weighs around 10 ounces, which is lighter than the Cascadia 12, but slightly heavier than other zero-drop options on the market.

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In summary, Altra is a shoe company that makes running shoes that are zero drop. Many other companies make zero drop shoes from minimalist to maximalist.

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