Brands Like Allsaints (10 Allsaints Alternatives)

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AllSaints collections are designed for both men and women, offering everything from coats and jackets to dresses and swimwear.

Brands Like Allsaints

The label’s signature style is based on simple and minimalist clothing with attitude and edge, often sourced from high-quality materials like leather, lambswool, suede, and cashmere.

This is the kind of brand that makes us feel like we can put on a unique outfit every day and not have to worry about following any sort of style rules. If you love All Saints, then you probably don’t want to wear anything else.

10 Brands Like Allsaints

AllSaints is known for its rock ‘n’ roll-inspired looks, which can be worn by both men and women. The brand offers a wide range of clothing items that include t-shirts, shirts, dresses, jackets, and jeans among others. If you love their unique take on fashion, here are some brands like AllSaints you need to check out!

1. Whistles

Whistles and AllSaints are both high-end clothing retailers. They have similar styles, fit, quality, and price points. Both have classic pieces that last season after season and investment pieces that are worth the splurge.

There is an attitude of coolness at Whistles, where each piece is designed to be worn with other complementary garments or on its own as statement pieces.

Here are 5 reasons why I love them both:

Similar Styles

Both brands have a similar style: simple, chic, modern, and wearable. They both make classic pieces with a twist that become wardrobe staples.

Great Fit

Whistles and AllSaints clothes fit great. The dresses usually have an hourglass shape and the jackets/coats make your waist look smaller. The jeans also fit really well. If you like the way they fit but they’re just a little too long don’t worry! Both stores will hem them for you for free!


Whistles and AllSaints both make good quality clothes so you know that your investment pieces will last for years to come!

Product selection

Whistles seem to have a similar inner circle of products that are worn every time a new collection is released. I’m talking about the T-shirts, the knitted sweatshirts and the longline coats.

AllSaints does the same thing. In the last few years, it’s been the leather jacket, the jeans, and the cotton shirt.

The advantage of this approach is that it allows customers to build their own look from a base of these core products, rather than having to buy everything in one go.

Cut and fit

The cut and fit of Whistles’ clothes are extremely similar to AllSaints’. It’s true that they’ve got a slightly different target audience (Allsaints can get away with its clothes being edgier), but there are more similarities than differences.

2. French Connection

French Connection and Allsaints both have the same DNA: a rebellious, independent, and modern fashion brand.

French Connection is well known for its unique and stylish designs, especially among the younger generation. They are also well known for their trendy high-quality clothing. Many of their clothing items are highly fashionable and they have a wide range to choose from.

A lot of people think that French Connection is just another brand but in fact, it is a very old company that has been around for many years.

French Connection Womens Teddy Faux Shearling Faux Fur Coat Beige XS

French Connection started out as a fashion line but it has evolved into more than just a clothing line. One of the main reasons for this is because of how popular it is with celebrities and models.

The reason why French Connection has become so popular is because of its unique designs and quality materials that make them stand out from other brands. They also use some very high-quality fabrics like silk, cashmere, and wool which give them a luxurious feel. Their style and designs are also very trendy which makes them stand out from other brands in terms of style.

French Connection has always been known as being one of the top brands in terms of the price range because they offer their clothes at very affordable prices so that anyone can afford to buy one or two pieces at a time without breaking the bank.

3. Ted Baker

Ted Baker is a British fashion brand. AllSaints is a British fashion brand. Both brands have been around for a long time. Both brands are very successful at what they do.

So what’s the difference between these two brands? Well, while they may share a similar aesthetic and philosophy when it comes to design, there are some major differences between them that can be seen in each of their clothing lines.

The first thing you’ll notice is that Ted Baker has a more laid-back feel to its clothing than Allsaints does. This is because how their designs tend to focus more on comfort and style rather than fashion.

For example, many of their pieces feature soft fabrics like cotton or linen instead of more traditional materials such as wool or leather.

Ted Baker mens Crewneck Stretch Cotton Tshirts, 3 Pack Base Layer Top, Multicoloured, Large US

Both brands are British!

Ted Baker was launched by Ray Kelvin around 1988 in Glasgow, Scotland. AllSaints was founded by Stuart Trevor and Kait Bolongaro in 1994 in Shoreditch, London.

As you can see both brands have their roots in Britain and have been going strong for over 20 years now which is a really impressive feat considering how fickle the fashion industry can be.

Both brands pride themselves on attention to detail

One of the things that makes Ted Baker and AllSaints so popular with its loyal customers is their eye for detail as well as their constant drive to innovate and always stay ahead of the game.

The Ted Baker range includes everything from clothing, shoes, and accessories to fragrance, homeware, and gifts.

4. Guess

Guess and Allsaints are both brands that sell high-end clothing and accessories to consumers. While Guess is known as a high-end denim brand, Allsaints focuses more on cashmere and outerwear.

These two brands are similar in so many ways. They’re both trendy, cost-effective, and well-made. Here are three reasons why Guess is just like Allsaints:

In-House Design

Guess has its own design team, which is rare for a fast-fashion company. The brand designer also serves as the brand’s creative director, which allows Guess to maintain a more consistent aesthetic across its products.

GUESS Womens Floral Print Short Fit & Flare Dress Multi 4

Allsaints, on the other hand, has a creative director who oversees all aspects of the brand; this includes its marketing, store design, and product design.

Denim Focus

Denim is an important category for both brands: Guess sells denim clothing for men and women, while Allsaints focuses on denim apparel for women only. Both brands have also expanded into denim accessories (i.e., bags) and footwear (i.e., shoes).


The loud and vibrant prints that are very much in fashion now are an important part of both Guess and Allsaints clothing lines. There is also a strong emphasis on digital prints in the collections.

5. Superdry

The Superdry products are known for their high quality and are inspired by Japanese graphics combined with vintage Americana style. As a result, many customers have stated that Superdry is similar to Allsaints as they have noticed several similarities between their products.

Japanese Graphics

In both Superdry and Allsaints, customers have stated that they have noticed the similarities in their Japanese-inspired graphics. The style of clothing is very similar to both brands and the type of graphics used on their clothing lines have been compared to be similar to each other.

Superdry Men's Polo, Flint Steel Grit, M

High Quality

Customers have also commented that they feel that both Superdry and Allsaints are known for manufacturing high-quality products which is one of the main reasons why these two brands are similar to one another. The people who wear Superdry find it a cool brand for teens. Superdry t-shirts are very stylish, comfortable, and fashionable.

Superdry is known for making high-quality clothing that will last a long time. The clothes are made from natural materials such as cotton or wool which means they are comfortable to wear all year round.


The design team at Superdry has created some very cool styles and it’s not just limited to jackets anymore either – they’ve got everything from jeans through to dresses!

6. Jack Wills

Jack Wills and AllSaints are similar in ways that you might not expect. Both brands have a similar lifestyle. Jack Wills is a quintessentially British lifestyle brand, whilst AllSaints is a quintessential London lifestyle brand.

Both brands have a similar customer base, young, affluent, and stylish people who appreciate quality and originality. Both brands also have a similar approach to retailing, they’re both very much multichannel retailers with stores, concessions, and successful e-commerce businesses.

Jack Wills is a young and trendy British fashion brand, but it is often compared to the older and more established AllSaints.

They both have a heritage

Jack Wills claims that they were founded in 1999 in Salcombe, Devon with a vision to create “The best possible clothes” for the public school alumni who would be their target market (albeit an invented one). All Saints on the other hand was founded by Stuart Trevor and Kait Bolongaro in East London in 1994.

The two brands both offer menswear and womenswear

Jack Wills sells clothing items such as polo shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts along with accessories such as hats and bags whilst All Saints sells leather jackets, knitwear, jeans, and t-shirts. If you compare the styles of the two brands you can see that Jack Wills has a more collegiate feel whilst All Saints has a more grunge-influenced style.

Both appeal to the same younger audience but with different price points

They both have an affinity for marketing to a younger audience, with Allsaints aiming their marketing campaigns at those aged between 18 – 35. Jack Wills markets themselves as being aimed at ‘The Fabulously British’, specifically targeting those between 15 – 25 with the company founder claiming they used to target those aged 18 – 25 but the brand had become so popular in schools that they needed to adjust their strategy.

7. Karen Millen

Karen Millen is a British fashion brand that specializes in women’s clothing, including sexy evening dresses and gorgeous evening gowns. Karen Millen is also known for its designer shoes, bags, and accessories.

This is a summary of the most important similarities between these two brands.

The Collection is All About Timeless Silhouettes

The new collection is all about classic silhouettes that you can wear season after season, year after year. These are the pieces that will never go out of fashion and will take you from day to night with ease.

From mini skirts to high neck dresses and lace shirts to leather jackets, there’s something for everyone in this collection.

You Can Expect Top Quality Fabrics and Finishes

As with all Allsaints clothing, Karen Millen has maintained the brand’s signature quality fabrics and finishes. This means that each piece is comfortable to wear while being sturdy enough to last through every wash without losing its shape or color.


AllSaints has a very distinctive style of clothing and all of their clothes have an urban edge to them. Karen Millen has always stayed true to its roots by sticking with the same sort of design since the company was first started in 1988 by two friends who wanted something different from what everyone else was wearing at that time.

The style of Karen Millen dresses is simple and elegant. A lot of girls prefer to wear Karen Millen dresses because they feel comfortable with it. And the most important is that they look beautiful in the eyes of others.

8. Phase Eight

Phase Eight and AllSaints are both British high street brands that are loved by the fashion set. While it may be a little unfair to make comparisons with AllSaints (ASL), given that ASL is a much larger business, there are similarities between the two companies, and both are seen as being at the ‘premium’ end of the UK high street.

They are British exclusive

Both brands are based in the UK, with Phase Eight founded in 1979 and Allsaints established in 1994, making them both British-born companies. This means they have a strong heritage and legacy as well as values, which reflects through their clothing.

Their styles are similar

This is because they are both young and contemporary brands; they only design what is on-trend, instead of creating trends themselves.

Both brands love to experiment with bold colors and prints, as well as play around with different textures such as leather and fur. The clothing is all very fashion-forward, which attracts a younger customer base that likes to keep up with the latest trends.

They are popular amongst celebrities

Both brands boast a strong celebrity following, mainly due to the fact that their styles are so current and trendy. Stars who have been seen sporting items from these brands include Emma Stone, Jessica Alba, and Victoria Beckham for Allsaints, as well as Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried, and Jennifer Lopez for Phase Eight.

9. Monsoon Accessorize

Monsoon Accessorize is similar to Allsaints in the way it pairs everyday items with more exotic pieces. They both stock some of the more traditional clothing lines such as Topshop, Lipsy, and French Connection, but they also have their own signature collections that offer something different.

Monsoon Accessorize is similar to Allsaints in many ways. For example, both have similar Bohemian styles but are also very different.


Monsoon has a lot of long-sleeved dresses, and they are all very Bohemian. Some of them even have ruffles on the sleeve or the bottom. They are usually loose-fitting around the waist area and then cinch in at the waist with a belt.

They are usually ankle-length, but there are some shorter ones. They always have patterns on them, such as flowers or paisleys. In general, they use dark colors such as maroon or black. Then they use lighter colors for the accents in the pattern and trimming.

This style is very similar to Allsaints because they also sell dresses that are loose-fitting and cinch in at the waist. They also use dark colors for the main color of the dress and then lighter colors for trimming and accents on it, as Monsoon does.

Allsaints has a lot of different styles though; I think Monsoon is more consistent with their style throughout all their products than Allsaints is.

10. Topshop

Topshop is an exciting fashion brand for women, men, and children. It creates new styles of clothes and accessories all the time. Allsaints is a fashion brand that offers luxury clothing for women and men. Both brands are similar because they offer high-quality clothes and accessories. They share other similarities as well.

Both Brands Offer High-Quality Clothes

One similarity between Topshop and Allsaints is that both brands offer high-quality clothes. Their clothes are made with premium materials, such as wool and cotton.

These materials are long-lasting, so they will not wear out over time. The clothes also feel great to wear because they are soft against your skin.

Both Brands Make New Styles of Clothing

Another similarity between Topshop and Allsaints is that both brands make new styles of clothing every season. They create several different types of clothing for each season, such as autumn/winter and spring/summer. You can find new styles of shirts, jackets, pants, dresses, shoes, bags, belts, and more in the latest collections from these brands.

Both Brands Offer Stylish Accessories

Topshop and Allsaints have one final similarity: both brands offer stylish accessories for women and men to wear with their clothes.

Other Considerations

ComparisonIn-Depth Answer
AllSaints vs MadewellMadewell is known for its classic, American casualwear, particularly denim. It offers a wide range of everyday clothing with a focus on comfort and relaxed styles. AllSaints, in contrast, is known for its edgy, British rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic, with a focus on leather jackets and a more muted color palette.

When choosing between them, consider the style you’re aiming for: classic and comfortable with Madewell, or more edgy and fashion-forward with AllSaints.
AllSaints vs ReissReiss offers contemporary, design-led menswear and womenswear. It is positioned as a slightly more premium brand compared to AllSaints, with a focus on tailored and sophisticated pieces.

AllSaints offers a more casual, urban edge. If you’re seeking smart, sleek designs for professional settings, Reiss might be the better option, while AllSaints is your go-to for more casual, trendy items.
AllSaints vs Saint LaurentSaint Laurent is a high-end luxury brand with a reputation for pioneering designs and a chic Parisian aesthetic. AllSaints provides more accessible fashion with an emphasis on urban style and contemporary looks.

The price point of Saint Laurent is significantly higher, reflecting its status as a luxury fashion house. Choose Saint Laurent for high-fashion investment pieces and AllSaints for more affordable, trendy items.
AllSaints vs SchottSchott is an American classic known especially for its leather jackets, which have a rich history and association with American culture. AllSaints also offers leather jackets but with a distinctly British rocker vibe.

Schott jackets are more traditional and often heavier, while AllSaints’ are more fashion-forward. Your choice might hinge on the specific style of leather jacket you prefer and the cultural aesthetic you’re drawn to.
AllSaints vs YSLYSL, short for Yves Saint Laurent, is a luxury brand much like Saint Laurent, offering high-end products with a refined and elegant style. AllSaints operates in a different market segment, aiming at consumers looking for accessible, contemporary fashion.

YSL stands out in haute couture and ready-to-wear luxury fashion, so if you’re looking for an upscale, designer item, YSL is the choice, while AllSaints suits everyday modern wear.
AllSaints vs John VarvatosJohn Varvatos is known for its men’s designer clothing that combines old-world craftsmanship with modern innovation. It’s a brand that appeals to those looking for a sophisticated edge to their wardrobe. AllSaints, while also edgy, leans more towards a youthful, street-inspired look.

If your style is more about refined rock ‘n’ roll luxury, John Varvatos might be your pick, whereas AllSaints would suit those looking for a grittier, urban aesthetic.

In summary, You can just go with the flow, or you can set your own path. AllSaints is a brand that is all about making choices that are right for you. They do not follow trends but instead create clothes that are meant to be worn.

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